18 thoughts on “Americans Guess Australian Slang

  1. As an Australian, trying to put a lot of these words in a sentence without using the word c**t was so hard eg that c**t was munted, oi c**t pass me the durries, what a cooked c**t, that c**t takes yonks to get ready and so on…


  2. I'm Aussie and I've never heard half of these words 😅 though it was funny when one of the Americans kept saying "yonks of time" and the Aussie is like, "No, just yonks" 😅

  3. where did they find these slang words i live in australia and iv never heard some of these fang as in pass it to me iv never heard of u should of had fang it

  4. With the exception of ‘fang’ this is one of the few Aussie slang videos that actually had words I have legitimately heard people use.

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