Americans Clueless About Evil That US Commits Globally — The Political Vigilante

Americans Clueless About Evil That US Commits Globally — The Political Vigilante

hello everybody you're watching the political vigilante my name is Graham Elwood a great way to support the shows that go to since day one Tim very much appreciated oh when will Americans realize we're not the good guys this was an op-ed piece that was in truth ting calm truth the link is in the show notes below I love truth dig they do good stuff there Lee camp was a contributing writer there Chris Hedges writes there they do they do a lot of really good stuff and this really goes into the breakdown here especially as we're ramping into another war with Iran we've been trying to get to war with Iran since they deposed the Shah in 1979 about and this is a valuable thing I don't think a lot of Americans realize because the corporate media talks about oh we've got these evil dictators in all these countries and no one's talking about all the evil stuff we're doing all the bombs we've dropped all the ruined the lives we've killed and families we've ruined and schools and everything that we've just destroyed for profit for oil for power for resources like we keep thinking we're that we're the liberators from world war ii we're not it hasn't been that in a long time I mean literally World War two I mean justified everywhere else we've gone where we shouldn't have been it's author talks about it he's like it because he's older and he's like and can you imagine in the 70s if you would have told people in the 70s that in you know 30 40 years America would be in war all over the place it's crazy this isn't but first there's this there's this article from The New York Times which says this talking about Tehran American intelligence the military officers are working on additional clandestine plans to counter Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf pushed by the White House to develop new options that could help deter Tehran without escalating tensions into a full-out conventional or according to a current in former officials and this is the point that this that this author brings up when it comes to Washington's never-ending war on terror that one phrase you're not likely to find and such media coverage will be American aggression it's always Iranian aggression what we've surrounded Iran with bases we have Iraq and Afghanistan on either side and we're just like waiting to swallow them up this is what we do it's like and not to excuse any of the stuff that the Iranian government has ever done any of their aggressive moves or any of the things they've done against their own citizens not excusing any of it but we just push people and push people again I'm not excusing what the Chinese government has done but when we do military naval maneuvers in the sea and in the you know the Sea of Japan like right off there sure what would how would we do that how would we respond if the Chinese or Iranian Navy was you know 25 30 miles off the shore coast of California here we're just tooling around in the Gulf of Mexico come on come on Mexico is one of our allies we're just helping them out can you there's no way we would tolerate that we almost went to World War 3 because Russia was sending ships to Cuba back in the 60s it was the Cuban Missile Crisis that's the closest anyone's ever gotten with their Navy to our shores and yet we do this crap off everybody Shores all the time we flex our muscles and then we wonder why they act with aggression and then let's look at our history right let's look at our history Saddam Hussein specific to Iran right so let's let's go back so in 1953 Mossadegh was was a democratically elected leaguer he said he was gonna nationalize the oil we said no the CIA got him out we put in the Shah of Iran it was a brutal dictator for 20 years Shah gets thrown out because under the Shahs brutal dictatorship it helped fundamental Islam flourish the Ayatollah was a young man who saw the Shah torture like family members that's how he got radicalized we helped create that guy we helped create radical fundamentalist violent Islam we hope to create that right so then when the Shah is thrown out by the Ayatollah and there's the a hostage crisis they take the embassy and hold them hostage we men back Saddam Hussein in the iraq-iran war now we're said we're really like can't use chemical weapons you can't chemical weapons are bad you write Syria Assad used them against his own people Saddam Hussein used has them used them whatever oh wait Saddam his use of chemical weapons against Iranian troop concentrations that American military intelligence helped him target we help Saddam use chemical weapons in the 80s against Iran how are we the good guys again the American media never says American aggression look what we've done and look where we are today u.s. special operation forces deployed 249 countries in 2017 that's approximately 75 percent of the world we deployed our military to anybody deployed their army on our soil if Russia or China was doing that we would be outraged if Iran was doing that is Iran sending their troops to over to 75% of the world again I'm not excusing anything bad that they've done but look what we do we think we're so great we has perhaps 800 military Garrison's 800 bases over 75% of the world u.s. naval patrols most of its oceans and seas on which us honor unmanned aerial drones conduct assassination strikes across a surprising range of countries our drones knew that we flew one probably into Iranian airspace and they shot it down and we claimed how it was and it was just a surveillance drone what there's kids in the Middle East who were growing up with PTSD from the sound of our drones that's the United States we're not dropping candy bars and American flags we're not dropping schoolbooks we're not dropping medical supplies were dropping death one of the reasons I got an electric car was every time I was filling up my gas car I felt like I was pouring blood in the tank because that's what we have to get to get oil we can kill staggering numbers of civilians destroy cities uproot populations create hordes of refugees with our never ending Wars across gradle met Middle East and Africa and then we blame the refugees that we created how dare they want to come here after we blew up their country America needs to wake up share this with your friends show them the stats people in other parts of the world view us is the evil bad guy because we are we're the only ones doing this we out spend the next 10 countries combined with our military okay I'm not excusing any aggressive stuff Russia has done is doing same thing with China but were the worst and we're helping if we weren't so aggressive with these countries be that aggressive I doubt it if we came with peace and we said we want to help we have we're the richest country in the history of the world we've taken care of all of our American citizens there's no more homeless people we have free college tuition we have the cleanest drinking water in the world we have Medicare for all we have $15 because we have a green new deal we put every American to work because we're gonna save the planet and we want to bring that to your country do you think they would be aggressive with us you think they'd want to blow us up if we said we're gonna lead the way with peace and saving the planet with a green new deal because we have limited time some people say 20 years some people say 10 some people say 5 some people say 2 no point in getting into an argument over which scientist is right but we all know the time is limited be it 2 or 20 years our time is limited and America should be leading the world on saving the human race with peace America could be this benevolent like father grandfather parent grandmother mother like come we can take care of you like Lady Liberty will take care of you give me your sick you're tired report we're gonna fix and save the world and we could be this beacon of hope for the whole world not people don't need to come here we could spread it we could not spread our bombs and our terror in our whore and our greed but spread our are like the idea of America in my opinion is perfect the Constitution the Bill of Rights these are brilliant political documents we could be spreading this everywhere we need to start here in America we're a sick country we're like a country of abused people we're abusers and abused and we are in denial about how awful we are and we could be the light that shined the way for the rest of the world but we got to wake up to the reality of who we are first we got to admit the fact that this country is founded on genocide and slavery and fix that and take care of our own people and then get to work on saving the planet and get the whole world to join us that's my view of the world you're watching the political vigilante support me at Rockland dot-com slash grandma with slash grand Melwood and join Ron 'click own and I on the road for all of our tour dates but one of Vegas July 27th we're in in September we're in the middle of the country we're going to Omaha Sioux Falls Madison Minneapolis and Iowa City go to Grandma Oh calm for all my tour dates thanks for watching you

35 thoughts on “Americans Clueless About Evil That US Commits Globally — The Political Vigilante

  1. Today's USA is run by Israel. And Israel was established by the Rothschilds. Rothschilds want to control all natural resources in the

  2. Today's USA is run by Israel. And Israel was established by the Rothschilds. Rothschilds want to control all natural resources in the

  3. Two words…petro dollar. Amerikkka depends on the system. Any perceived threat is met aggressively. #REALCHRISTIANSWALKTHETALK

  4. Two words…petro dollar. Amerikkka depends on the system. Any perceived threat is met aggressively. #REALCHRISTIANSWALKTHETALK

  5. U.s and u.k have dark history, since when our democratic pm mossadegh removed from power ( that was first hit of u.s and UK because of oil ) and remove Reza shah from power because of oil and replaced his son m.reza pahlavi and again removed m.reza pahlavi and replaced with religious government and so much other things now the question is can we like u.s and trust u.s.a?

  6. in 1998 , asia was hit by major economic crisis. South East Asian nations were hit the hardest. Who caused the economic crisis in Asia ? Answer: USA.
    The purpose was simply to undermine Asian countries' economic growth and independence to the US power, which was deemed as a threat to the US soverignity in the region. It caused political & economic chaos in the region.
    Due to the economic crisis, many people died of hunger, esp. in Indonesia which was hit the hardest. The price of any products, incld food rose to 250, and even 300% all of a sudden.
    And that is the starting point of my complete overturn of how I view the US.
    The US has caused too much destruction & killing fields in the world, and that is done by their military & political power to supress any nations or regions in the world.
    You have the right comment when you say "everytime you fill your fuel, you feel like spilling blood"…..and that is true.
    How many millions of lives in the world have been sacrified to fuel the US greedy economy.
    But now look at what happens in the US. Most american have to work shift 2 or 3 times everyday, but still hardly cover up your basic expenses.
    Majority of americans have to work like a horse, but they are never getting richer. In fact, no matter how many job shift , they are getting poorer and poorer.
    Who got rich in America? Only corporations and politicians.
    The most dangerous enemy of the US is NOT coming from outside the border, but it is coming from inside……your own government.
    So, that is why many asian nations now are building alliance with China . We have stopped looking a the US.

    China helps build our nations without economic & military threats like the US.
    China and other asian nations sit equal based on friendship & benefits that bring us mutual economic growth, instead of being milked like a cow by the US.

  7. I am not clueless. The atrocities and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US are an indictment of the entire central banking system, every political puppet who obeys them in every country, and the Western world. The US could not do what it does without the complicity of other countries. Iran has not attacked another country since Biblical times. They are remarkably peaceful people, considering the insults, the threats, the sanctions, and the piracy they have endured for decades; all because they would not sell out their people for slaves, and their rich resources for pennies. The US has fomented hatred and bigotry around the world and in our own country for as long as this nation has existed. Enough is enough. There is a collective madness growing in this country. It's getting worse. This is not going to end well. This country is doomed.

  8. "for profit, for oil, for power…" ONE NATION UNDER GOD (violation of constitution) disgusting isn't it all tht scheming and double speak, all that havoc and devils work and then posing like the exceptional most virtues nation and people… (!!?) all other nations combined have 30 extra national military outpost USA has 800+ …clear aggressor… I weep for our boys who have to deal with protecting puppy plantations for CIA… a real disgrace

  9. both paries are corrupt to core horrendous abuse of power & people need to wake up… "Looking good no.9, Looking good." "where is your dignity" chump oops I mean trump is a political dummy that have been installed to land USA into sunset.

  10. Americans are clueless? No whites are well aware of the vile and disgusting policies the U.S. Whites history from past to present is just vile and disgusting

  11. Honestly, I would like to think that America is the good guy. Shit at times I even wish we were but we're not and that actually hurts me to my soul. I grew up feeling proud to be an American but after traveling to certain other countries that pride has become shame. There are countries out there that hate us with a passion.

  12. I did not think i will never an speak the truth about the problem we have in the world today you awesome man!

  13. It’s not that American people are evil, it’s the people who are in control of the American military industrial complex are evil.

  14. Saddam used a chemical weapon that the Nato country Germany sold to Saddam. March of 1988, the regime of Saddam Hussein – at the time a
    Western ally – committed an act of genocide in a Kurdish city near the
    Iranian border, using chemical weapons manufactured in Germany.

  15. The USA is Zionist Israel’s whore and Donald Trump is Bibi’s pimp! Why are there dual US 🇺🇸/ Israeli 🇮🇱 citizens in key positions in Trump’s cabinet? 😲
    And yes, the CIA, other US agencies, and the Israeli Mossad planned and executed 911, with the help of the Saudi scapegoats/patsies to jump start perpetual wars in the Middle East as the behest of the rogue, Zionist regime per the “Project for the New American Century.”
    Yes, US foreign policy is reprehensible and outright disgusting!

  16. World War I
    was created to prevent united force in Europe
    was created to prevent united force in EURASIA
    Why USA is the greatest empire in History ?
    Because it managed to defeat raise of ALL potential challengers in the world.-

    When you have no challenger in class you can fuck any girl you want

  17. those who control
    control the WORLD

    John Halford Mackinder
    So what ?
    so its imperative that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America

    Zbignew Brzezinski

  18. War is in your brain. A football game is a battle. An election is a fight. Always two sides, nobody plays for fun. Changing your use of words will change your way of thinking. How many lives do you expect to get? Enjoy this one.

  19. Of course the American public is very ignorant about the goings on in the world. They rely on Fox news and other news stations that offer news that suits them. If only there were people with more common sense, at least they would be able to control the excesses of their evil government.

  20. Did you hear the facepalm news today that Trump nominated John Bolton for noble peace prize for his TREMENDOUS EFFORTS for bringing peace to Venezuela, Iran and Isreal….. The lie is so insane and tweeted in White House Press it makes America look like a big joke.

  21. You have a good point but just think that if we pull out every single troop out of Korea and out of Japan do u think there will be peace? I bet South Korea will be invaded and all around the world will be taken over. You can't see the big picture just saying

  22. true story you all suck dicks and make a living phelching and are low life commie cum guzzlers that forgot saddams second in command complained to 60 minute reporter they had to use a soccer field to behead their own citizens and as far as taking their oil – we didn't! So go back and fuck your mothers. lying shit bags.

  23. Before helping Saddam against ِAyatollah which the U.S. certainly did, the U.S. have brought Saddam to power by supporting the Ba'ath's party overthrow of Abdulkarim Qassim who led a successful revolution against the Hashemite monarchy (the Arab Facade) backed by the British . Qassim went on to declare Iraq a republic and announce his intent to nationalize 99% of the Iraqi Petroleum company, which of course maddened the British and Americans corporatists and their counterparts elsewhere.

  24. The people all over the world are always talking about how we need to worry about the evil & wicked "NWO" tactics to run the peoples of the world by evil elites but the Truth is that all this is already being exactly done by this country's (the US corporation's world domination currupt leaders) who Are the "New World Order" that is taking over everywhere all over the world by force, or else, and in the process doing so by fooling everyone (here especially), that "we are the good guys" ?!
    And then you wonder why peoples of other countries are acting out against(harming) any/all that go on vacation (to other countries), Gee I wonder why? But your travel agencies arent talking about that, at all, because all they look & see are the monetary profit$ that must be made, by sending you over there!? And don't forget how recently many americans are doing things that they are not suppose to be doing, while visiting over abroad!
    Not very good relations coming from here, where many feel that they are entitled to many more special treatments by those of other countries?!
    You people need to Wake-Up, and see everything for what it really is?!
    Thank your leaders and their currupt main media for keeping you ignorant at this?!
    Soon there be no place , outside the US where you'll be able to go travel any longer!
    Thanks for speaking on many Truths about America!

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