Americans Arrive In U.S. From Wuhan, China Amid Coronavirus Concerns | NBC Nightly News

Americans Arrive In U.S. From Wuhan, China Amid Coronavirus Concerns | NBC Nightly News

36 thoughts on “Americans Arrive In U.S. From Wuhan, China Amid Coronavirus Concerns | NBC Nightly News

  1. Every year over 900 000 people in US get sick with pneumonia and 50 000 of them die. 33% of them have been vaccinated. But no, MSM will yell about 12 people with coronavirus in US and 28 000 people with coronavirus in China. 🙀🤔🙄

  2. So the people with no signs are quarantined but the baby with the wuflu is in a local hospital infecting everyone

  3. If anyone is interested in learning about nCoV-2019 please visit Dr. John Campbell channel for in depth look at the virus and the symptoms. Thanks.

  4. Surprised they letting them back in. I would have took them to an Island or something. too risky for others to get contaminated.

  5. Why are they sending these flights to different locations in the country? Seems like it increases the risk of an outbreak in more than one location :/

  6. When you see Airline Crews work in full Hazmat suits, "You better take it serious!"
    Everyone needs to just stop eating out and stop traveling,
    Unless it is necessary until we see if this virus has a peak
    and fall off point! 🇺🇸❤🙏

  7. Welcome Home, as if you were my brother or sister. Ignore the hees and haws afoot. Get some rest and proper nourishment; kick your feet up and relax. You're home, and you ain't going anywhere.
    The ones talking garbage; getting all panicky, are really worrying themselves sick. Maybe WE ought a quarantine THEM, and REALLY give them something to worry about.
    Panic ONLY works when one is suffering from a panic attack. Any doctor will advise you to calm down and take deep breaths because the oxygen is not getting to your brain.
    People in a panic over worrying? Sounds to me like the guy hiding in his exes tool shed because her drug dealing cousin is looking for him.
    We know not the hour of our return flight to heaven; which is why it is so important to do the right things for the right reasons always in all ways righteously.
    If you're in that tool shed smoking the kracken, you're flight is just pulling into the jetway.
    The only ones allowed to worry and panic are:
    1. All rats.🐀🐀🐀🐀
    2. Roaches when the lights come on.
    3. The unfortunate souls discovering that the condom broke, try'n it on.
    4. " ", in flight.
    5." ", staring down the barrel of gun.

  8. There is reason to panic. There are an estimated half million illegal entries into the United States each year. How many of them are carrying this virus? Blame these illegals, along with people who didn't want the wall when these illegals start infecting our American seniors with this virus and our seniors start to die

  9. How careful is Mexico, Canada, Central and South America on this issue? If there are any countries being careless it could spread across all of the Americas.

  10. Bro the virus stays in the air for 5 days without incubation and anyone comes from wuhan and doesn't show symptoms has the ability to spread the virus.

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