36 thoughts on “American Psychological Association declares masculinity an "ideology"

  1. So..if I don't like chicken.. Or disagree..with I will be call CHICKEN-PHOBIC?.. ?😫 If I REQUEST…to CUT.. may hand…You..or a " Dr." will call me CRAZY!!!! But if my gay friend request to cut or mutilate his Peenis…. He is Ok?….😐…. 😂😂 TOLERATION…star with EACH OTHER RESPECT…I respect… That you " CHOSE". whatever..We don't care. What …😶 then people HAVE to RESPECT…back…that is a way to a REAL " toleration" no body have the right to IMPOSED weir..IDEOLOGY..regarding,Sex, Politic,taste, Religion.or Teach..Amoral..Lies..to no.body SPECIALLY. children…or to. a minor bc..ist call Chield-ABUSE….Example: Nobody can give / Offer…cigar to a minor is ILLEGAL even if the minor…."Requested" .. They are not ADULTS…don't care CONSEQUENCE…. Witness .Dr. Michelle CRETELLA.. Awesome..lady…awesome EXPLANATION….

  2. Have all the people that are in control of important organisations all been cowed into submission by the extreme lesbian feminists and Soros paid up and controlled idiots ? These people now paying the police to be " thought police " to crush our free speech and to ignore quite serious crimes ! In the UK the prospect of the police knocking on your door because 5 minutes ago you just said something conservative on social media is very real and getting scary . Two people phone the police , one has just been robbed and the other has just been offended by something you said and it's not the robber they are suddenly pursuing it is your door they bashing down and you they are dragging away .

  3. Allowing people who publically express their bigotted HATE of MEN to have access to their health care is criminal, and they need to be held CRIMINALLY responsible.

  4. I’ve been following this topic since the APA release and one thing that hasn’t been mentioned is how sexist this is. Not just against men but again women who display these normal traits. Woman can’t be competitive? Women are never aggressive? Stoicism is a man-only trait? This is nonsense. What would Amelia Earhart say? Can Serena Williams chime in on this? What say Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State? I assume a calm, or stoic, demeanor would be required when negotiating treaties with foreign governments.
    And let us not forget a hit movie was made about aggressive girls….
    this should be just as offensive to women/feminists, unless they believe their biological sex makes them meek and mild, complaisant, unambitious and overly emotional.

  5. From APA guide:
    "Although boys and men, as a group, tend to hold privilege and

    power based on gender, they also demonstrate disproportionate rates of receiving harsh

    discipline (e.g., suspension and expulsion), academic challenges (e.g., dropping out of

    high school, particularly among African American and Latino boys), mental health issues

    (e.g., completed suicide), physical health problems (e.g., cardiovascular problems), public

    health concerns (e.g., violence, substance abuse, incarceration, and early mortality), and

    a wide variety of other quality-of-life issues"…

  6. I'm sure there's a few Women that have negative issues with Transgender Men ,and Transgender that have issues with lesbian woman. Go figure. And everyone except these experts have issues .Right…. Well I'm a straight male and the world will have to deal with my Toxic Masculinity. LMAO…

  7. The Left: "They can't stop being gay, they were just born that way."

    Also the Left: "Stop being Male. That's bad."

    Wtf? Double standard much?

  8. If we ever have to fight a war in the future I guess we're going to have a bunch of pansies for soldiers. Better run up the white flag. Its all part of an agenda. They really want western countries to be weak.

  9. . . . it is worse than that. the APA is not merely projecting their ideology on men. They are promoting a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. put it this way. they are persecuting an entire class of persons by defining intrinsic essence as a construct to be repressed

    the thing about men becoming more like women is that WOMEN DESPISE SUCH SOY BOYS CUCKS and weaklings

    So much for psychologists claiming to understand human nature

  10. The APA 's claim that masculinity is an ideology is of course pure projection from fools who have bought into feminism.
    Feminism is an ideology. Masculinity is a biological fact which some men accept or some men, as I did – more fool me – reject because of feminist guilt put on us as teenagers, in my case over 40 years ago.

    Is this kind of transparent slop all they can do? well of course it is. For I imagine that First Officer Spock should have said, if he did not, that no falsity can be [validly] proven.

    So, except for those weaklings who chose this crap and those unfortunate boys unable to resist it given their youth (as I was in the 1970's , perhaps we should be pleased at such slop coming from such minds which clearly refuse to know any better

  11. When is someone going to call b***** on this. Or is it going to just go by the wayside and hurt men even more.

  12. Traditional masculinity is why we won the second world war and we are all not speaking German and there is black people and Chinese people and other races if it wasn't for those masculine men there would be nothing but Germans right now we would all be Nazis.

    But now the left these progressives are the Nazis time to defeat them again with masculinity

  13. That is what happens when you let the mentally ill get in a potion of influence, or become the prime minister .

  14. I've been seeking help for years and I've been treated like utter shit, looks like it's gonna get worse. Might have to kill some doctors.

  15. Last year they classified pedophilia as a preference not a disorder. They have zero credibility anymore.

  16. My reaction was "punch them in the face", then "lock away to protect the society from their insanity".

  17. Remember the left wants forced equality. They can't stand that a group of people with the same opportunity might have advantages over another group…they need to be ruined and equalized. This satisfies their insecurity they experienced in childhood…where they discovered that they weren't the most popular in school, they weren't the best looking, they weren't the most talented in sports, they weren't the brightest, they weren't what their parents said they were, Special. They then develop narcissism as a coping mechanism and use Government to get even (As Obama was quoted as saying). From the HOA to City council, Community organizing, to state government to Federal government, the leftist goal is to force equality to satisfy their inferiority complex. In other words it's a mental illness

  18. Psychology…? Like a diploma from clown college.

    Sounds like this was thought up by people who detest physical work.

  19. Isint being a Muslim an ideology? We still get force fed to accept it so deal with my masculinity im gonna go eat bacon and go to work to provide for my wife and kids ✌

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