American & Japanese People Swap School Lunches

American & Japanese People Swap School Lunches

I’m not gonna lie I think that it’s time for America to step his game up what’s going on hi I’m David and I’m representing America hi I’m Blake and I’m American Pam me who I’m from Japan and today we’re gonna swap school lunches my school lunches in Japan they’re called cue Shoku I loved it it was pretty good school lunches as I’ll remember I mean I probably wouldn’t like them as much now as I did back then I would just eat like four burgers every day or like eight slices of pizza we had this thing when I was really young called the cheese zombie which was just like two giant pieces of bread and a bunch of like melted American cheese oh yeah I mean I liked it I liked it we had this thing called UFO which was literally a giant goes up that was shaped like a UFO and it had some meat and vegetables inside that sounds way better my favorite was I get pie we say it’s a bread it’s Friday tons of sugar our food has a lot of sugar in it right oh maybe it’s less sugar less sugar right I would like to see the stats on this let you just walk lunches let’s do it let’s do it oh this is the American lunch Wow we got a swab now this is crazy all yours looks way better that’s salmon that looks fantastic is that miso soup oh that’s crazy in a school lunch I’ll be excited to go to school so we have carrots and ranch which I think that’s pretty standard the green beans is also pretty standard apple slices we don’t necessarily get healthcare in the US but we got apples this is like a manwich sloppy joe we got this from the freezer pride was cooked four days ago cheeseburger we got to tell you Taj you usually can’t mess up tater tots I’m excited meditated hogs but I don’t know what’s going on with this book I mean it’s not brioche and then you got an S quick cuz you got to have your chocolate milk that’s if your mom didn’t give you money to go to the vending machine get a coke you know what I mean so I would really like to know what you have on that tray though right we soup corn soup it is definitely a thing in Japan and you can even buy it in vending machines during the winter that’s crazy I never seen a super vending machine before pineapple salmon there’s some in their schools coming up which is Japanese fried chicken some key to key there is usually a vegetable and we got milk I don’t know about her but I’m ready to swap she could take this yeah I want to swap I didn’t want to stop then I can I better keep my salmon yeah it’s still frozen burger burger that’s not a sloppy job the hamburgers deadbeat brother don’t try a bite of this I want to take you from you you know that’s your main part I want you be able to finish that that’s pretty good I could eat this every day this is great I wanted to find out what kind of meat it was I took a bite I still don’t know it’s probably beef I don’t think we could get a turkey burger in like a US school lunch it could be a be on no definitely you’re the salad is not that bad it tastes better than it looks okay it’s probably the dressing probably the dressing so what’s all in this so that doesn’t look like a vegetable there’s one of the maybe YUM what is this yeah good how like a bull bar yeah so this is gonna be like so dope yeah the dirty Road Oh No sound of sweets I’m gonna say Japanese lunch is a kick in American to the house right now where is it tastes like I was thinking it would be like a seaweed or something but it tastes more like a saute vegetable that I haven’t had before it’s so good well this is good Yuji I don’t even know what good is so now I know I got the good one it’s gonna make the taste better so what you do is you dip the carrot in the ranch I’m not gonna lie this Japanese fried chicken might give Kentucky a run for his money so see also you see how she went in with the fork an Americans not going in with the fork we’re going in fingers just get in there kind of interested to see what this corn soup is talking about that’s good yeah the miso soup is amazing it just seems like they take a lot more care right it takes more time this is like a nice light fulfilling lunch I’m gonna have to say I guess I was just ignorant to the fact that Japan had amazing school lunches out of everything that I sampled I’d say the corn soup the hijiki and like a Japanese fried chicken was amazing that was a good lunch that I would make for myself on like a Saturday if I had kids I would rather than be eating that lunch I still love Japanese lunch that was like so much dedication it made me so happy when I was kid yeah I am all about the Japanese lunch definitely feels like home although I do like tater tops there you have it Japanese lunch with a side of tater tots everybody’s happy [Music]

100 thoughts on “American & Japanese People Swap School Lunches

  1. 日本の給食とは違う…まず食器が変すぎる

  2. its funny because. . . they made US meals look decent lol there was always a main food which looked like . . not the best but not the worst . the veggie is always a mushy mess . and the fruit ? apple sauce or orance slice. SLICE . sometimes an apple . of course milk . out of the carton . not NESQUIK . sometimes you get some tots. if you got a slice of pizzza thats all you got . and the pizza was saucy , cheesy, cardboard . if you got a pasta meal you got like a little roll with it :/

    AMERICAN SCHOOL LUNCHES WERE GOD AWFUL . my middle school was decent though, only because on fridays it'd be pizza day and they'd have a constant flow of dominos pizza and we could buy boxes at a time if we wanted and every friday i did . and they'd offer canned hawaiian punch :3 ugh so damn good . otherwise, i kinda of stopped buying school lunches so i could save for boxes on friday . i'd either steal 'em or i'd roam the cafe and people would feed me . some did for kindness some did to come to me on fridays for a slice of pizza lol i was fine with that .

  3. all the people complaining about the us not caring about their students and stuff
    and here we are in india with no lunch provided by the schools.

  4. When I got packed lunch i brought Japanese food and they would say eww Evan though they were eating soup with a juice on the side with a granola bar with raisins

  5. Of all the school lunches in the world you just have to choose to compare US to Japan lmao Japan literally kicks any other country's school lunch into embarrassment, where I come from we didn't even have school lunches, if your parents don't bring you food or give you money you don't eat until you're home

  6. What schools did the guys go too? When I went to school, we got a lukewarm, cardboard-thin square cheese "pizza" and milk pouches (sometimes with the rare chocolate milk pouch).

  7. I went to New York City public schools. Literally all the food was frozen and heated up. We had lots of canned fruit in syrup. And we they set up a huge tub for kids to pour out their leftover milk.

  8. WTF, Japan be putting salmon in kids lunches, I'm an adult and I can't afford salmon very often lmao. No wonder Japan 10 trillion dolars in debt.

  9. This reminds me of the Japanese TV drama "Chef ~Three Star School Lunch~" where you can see how much effort they put in to make kids' lunches cheap, healthy and tasty

  10. Hey buzzfeed can you guys please blindfold people and give them non organic fruits and foods and organic and see if they can tell the difference because to me there’s no difference in taste

  11. Back in school everyone used to hate on the school lunches. But my parents never gave me money to eat elsewhere (all my classmates went to get junk food or candy for lunch) and I actually enjoyed most cafeteria food. Water was always a free refill and you were allowed to get as much salad and dessert as you wanted. And two portions of lunch if you asked nicely. I didn't appreciate having warm meals for lunch most weekdays enough. Now that I'm at uni and everything is SO expensive…damn. I want my school lunch again.

  12. Hey, people in other countries get A FULL ON MEAL CONTAINING REAL SALMON AND SOUP when America has terrible processed chicken…
    And I mean real food!

  13. you guys cant compare american school lunches with the rest of the world. thats like comparing garbage to food.

    and we literally wont let kids graduate middle schools because somehow, those kids owe a school lunch debt.

    let me say that again, A SCHOOL LUNCH DEBT. WHAT IN THE WHAT WHAT?!?!?!!

  14. La comida de mi escuela es un asco.
    Hay veces que en la comida salen piedritas, moscas y muchas cosas locas.
    Dudo que alguien entienda mi comentario.

  15. Everybody be whining about America’s school lunch btw did you guys even hear what ms Obama did to the lunches our are you guys just oblivious

  16. I don’t understand how they liked school food in America I used to like school food once I moved to America I stopped eating school food y’all got some nasty school food sorry-

  17. i’m watching this and boy does that american school lunch still look better than what is served to me as of right now, i know it’s the district you’re in but 😳

  18. Portuguese here. The more I see stuff about american food the more I realise how bad it is. School lunchs in Portugal are proper meals, with soup, bread, main dish ( proper cooked food) , salad and fruit!

  19. My school district, we get one burger, 8 fries, and a fruit that hopefully isn't bad. Often the fries are stale and the milk is almost certainly mixed with water.

  20. Everytime I watch a buzzfeed video it really makes me think the Americans are living in some dystopia and there is no divide between the wealthy and 'out there' and pure unadulterated poverty.

  21. In my US school we had like cardboard pizza with the fakest cheese and a bucket of oil on top and then mushy beans and half assed sandwiches and I WENT TO THE RICH PEOPLES SCHOOL IN MY CITY LIKE NAH THIS AINT IT

  22. When That black man took that first bite his face was 😧 my life has been unfolded and it was horrible…….until now!

    Attacks the rice

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