3 thoughts on “American Foreign Policy In The Post-Cold War Era

  1. This man has no credibility. He actually says that George Bush Jr. was more qualified to be president than Barack Obama. My goodness!..smh

  2. Another American academic avoiding all of his nation's blame… surprise surprise. And he talks about the ignorance of others, pot calling the kettle black?

  3. Trump is playing dumb. These people being blind to it is hilarious. The Obama Administration is already cashing in on Trump's rhetoric.

    This guy is a coward. Even at 1:05:40 he suggests, essentially, that Trump's strategy for getting the ME states to deal with the problems might work. Rag on Trump, then suggest his policies might work without explicitly stating that you are referring to Trump's policies. He thinks we'll have less latitude going forward because he doesn't want Trump in charge. None of these brokeback politicians or academics are going to grow spines. They sit, hunched, in their chairs, cloistered in their Ivory Towers rewriting the same US strategy books over and over decade after decade. Where are the academics saying we should ally with Russia and drop NATO? Where are academics saying the US and Russia should be attempting to split OPEC up and isolate Saudi Arabia? No where. The US/UK policy wonks are eunuchs. They're not intellectuals. They never have new ideas. They simply reproduce the vomit from Chatham.

    Here are Mandelbaum's his positions summed up : "We should do everything we've been doing, but we should be successful." Brilliant.

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