On 8th Aug, Russian Cold War-era Tu-95 bombers
have been intercepted. The incident happened over arctic Beaufort
Sea’s international air space, north of Alaskan and Canadian coasts. As per reports, a pair of USAF F-22 Raptors
and two Canadian Forces CF-18s conducted the intercept. These were supported by a USAF E-3 Sentry
AWACS, USAF KC-135 Stratotanker and C-130 tanker. All these aircraft are under the control of North American Aerospace DefenseCommand or NORAD. Viewers may note that NORAD is a combined
organization of the United States and Canada that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty,
and protection for Northern America In this video Defense Updates reports on F
22 & CF-18 intercepting Tu 95 Bear bombers. Let’s get started This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
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bonus tank or aircraft and three days of premium account. Aircraft navigating close to rival’s border
in peacetime is common. These exercises are generally aimed at collecting
data regarding the enemy’s air defense, to update tactical maps as well as to check
the rival’s reaction time. The information is cataloged for future use
and can help the commanders to plan a war strategy in case a conflict breaks out. These missions are also conducted to assess
own readiness and capabilities. Both Russia and America undertake this type
of exercise several times a year for different regions. There is no reason to believe that the Russian
had anything different in mind this time. The “Air Defense Identification Zone”
or ADIZ where the intercept happened in international airspace extends 200 miles from the U.S./Canadian
coastline. The airspace is always monitored for security
reasons. U.S. territorial airspace begins only 12 miles
from the coastline. As per reports, the Russian aircraft stayed
well clear of the 12-mile U.S. air space limit during the encounter. It is interesting to note that this is note
the first time this kind of encounter has happened. Only a week ago, radar surveillance had picked
up two Russian aircraft when they entered the ADIZ. At that time they were not intercepted. Before this, another confrontation had occurred
in May when Russian aircraft entered the ADIZ for two consecutive days. NORAD Commander Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy
stated, “NORAD’s top priority is defending Canada and the United States. NORAD operators identified and intercepted
the Russian aircraft flying near our nations.” He added, “Whether responding to violators
of restricted airspace domestically or identifying and intercepting foreign military aircraft,
NORAD is on alert 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.” The Tupolev Tu-95 also named as “Bear”
in the West is a large, four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform. The bomber was designed by Tupolev aerospace
and defense company. First flown in 1952, the Tu-95 entered service
with the Soviet Union in 1956 and is expected to serve the Russian Aerospace Forces until
at least 2040. It is powered by 4 Kuznetsov NK-12 turboprop
engine. The aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of
516 mph or 830 km/h and has a range of 15,000 km or 9,321 mi. It can carry unto 15,000 kg or 33,000 lb of
weapons. The Tu-95 has also seen many upgrades that
include better avionics, sensors, and weapons package. The latest modernization of the bombers provided
it with the ability to carry Kh-101/102 stealth cruise missile. This upgrade saw the installation of four
underwing pylons for up to 8 Kh-101/102 cruise missiles as well as adjusting aircraft’s main
weapons bay for cruise missiles of size the Kh-101/102 The Kh-101 missile is an air-launched low
radar cross-section missile. Kh-102 is a nuclear version. The Kh-101 has a 400 kg or 880 lb high-explosive,
penetrating, or cluster warhead and the Kh-102 has a 250 kT nuclear warhead. The missile has a maximum speed of around
Mach 0.8 and is estimated to have a range of around 1250 miles or 2,000 km The CF-18 Hornet is a Royal Canadian Air Force
(RCAF) fighter aircraft, based on the American McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet fighter. F/A-18 Hornet is a twin-engine, supersonic,
all-weather, carrier-capable, multirole combat jet, designed as both a fighter and attack
aircraft. In 1980, the F/A-18 was selected as the winner
of the New Fighter Aircraft Project competition, and a production order was awarded. Canada was the first export customer for the
Hornet and replaced the CF-104 Starfighter meant for air reconnaissance and strike, the
McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo meant for air interception and the CF-116 Freedom Fighter meant for ground
attack. The Canadian Forces began receiving the CF-18
in 1982. The original CF-18 as delivered is largely
identical to the F/A-18A and B models. A total of 80 CF-18s, consisting of 62 single-seat
and 18 dual-seat models, were delivered. Many features that made the F/A-18 suitable
for naval carrier operations were retained by the Canadian Forces, such as the robust
landing gear, the arrestor hook, and wing folding mechanisms. F 22 is still the most potent fighter jet
in the world even though more than 2 decades have passed since the first one was produced. It is to be noted that even today F 22 can’t
be exported to any country as per American Federal Law which is a stark contrast to other
fighters including the F 35. F 22 Raptor is the first operational aircraft
to combine supercruise and super-maneuverability. Supercruise is the ability to have sustained
supersonic flight without having to use the highly inefficient afterburners. With this F 22 can intercept targets which
subsonic aircraft would lack the speed to pursue and an afterburner-dependent aircraft
would lack the fuel to reach. F 22 incorporates super-maneuverability which
makes it a capable dogfighter. In AN/APG-77 radar, F 22 possess the most
powerful sensor ever mounted on a fighter. It has a range of around 400 km against 1
m2 target. The radar changes frequencies more than 1,000
times per second to resist jamming and have Low Probability of Intercept meaning that
the enemy has no warning that a radar lock has been achieved against it. F 22 Raptor is developed from grounds up to
be stealthy. F22 is the stealthiest fighter ever build
& has very low RCS (Radar Cross Section) of only 0.0001 m2. It can be armed with AIM-9 Sidewinder & AIM-120
AMRAAM air to air missions. Tu-95 is a fairly large aircraft and has no
stealth characteristics. This makes it hard for the aircraft to penetrate
well-defended airspace. Tu-95’s upgrade was meant to address this
and this is where Kh-101/102 missiles come in. Kh-101/102 missiles provide it with the ability
to hit targets from standoff distances. So, though pretty old, still Tu-95 is actually
a potent adversary. CF-18 Hornet and F 22 Raptor are versatile
fighters and once detected, Tu-95 has no chance against these especially since both of these
can carry AIM-120D. The AIM-120D is the latest development of
the AMRAAM missile family designed and built by Raytheon. It includes a two-way data link, superior
navigation through GPS-enhanced Inertial Measurement Unit, much larger no escape zone, improved
high-angle off-boresight capability and is thought to have a range of more than 105 miles
or 167 km. The missile will have no problem in locking
on to an aircraft like Tu 95 which has large Radar returns. It is safe to assume that in wartime, the
Tu-95s will be escorted by Russian fighters.


  1. Thank you for telling us that a TU-95 can't win in a dogfight against an F-22. I always thought that a TU-95 can win against F-22 by dropping a bomb on top of it. 😉

  2. I think last time i saw a news i guess it was fox news or cnn that US allowed russia to fly their bomber " into and out " america. I guess that was LA or somewhere along california. But the russian bomber didnt have any weapons on it. I guess there is an agreement for US and russia for these kind of operations? Or did i get something wrong?

  3. I really wonder what the F-22 has that it's such a secret that they cannot be sold to any other nations?. But I think I figured it out, it has a seat with a toilet built into it, I am 99.99% sure that the built in ejection seat toilet is this huge secret. Supposedly there is a grill and a beer cooler behind the pilot also, it's grill by wire so it does everything automatically for the pilot.

  4. Word on the street is the F-22 pilots paid off a Russian General to fly the bears in at least twice a month. The F-22 pilots wanted more time flying the baddest fighter jet in the world.

  5. It will continue on….I bet the Russians are keen to see what new planes Canada will get and how they'll perform within NORAD. The worst thing that could happen is Canada ends up with F-35's and there sent up to intercept while the Americans send up there F-22's. With one incursion the Russians can easily collect the signatures of both the F-22 and F-35 with some old TU-95. They should send up an Armed T-38 Talon Trainer Aircraft or a Cessna spotter plane next time, lol. If the Russians can't collect anything new from doing incursions they'll just stop.

  6. Those poor, old CF-18 had to fly from Cold Lake, AB. That is hardly a timely intercept, especially with ancient equipment barely holding together.

  7. If I was Russia the TU95 would be loaded w sensors and IRS to get the most perfect image of the F22 as possible to copy it. Honestly

  8. What's the big deal here. Everyone intercepts everyone else. Otherwise the defense guys would kill themselves out of boredom.

  9. I wonder why didn’t the USAF use the F35 instead of the F22, At least our boys got your back well with the outdated CF18.

  10. Why did the US build the F-35 if the F-22 is the stealthiest fight to date? I think that stats on the F-35 aren't accurate for a reason…..

  11. What is amazing is that the Tu95 is still flying. What Russia is really doing is bringing a mobile air museum to our coast.

  12. In the video, it looks like the Bear has it's auto cannon pointed at the American jet. I'm wondering if that's normal?

  13. you mean it took two planes, one fourth generation and one fifth generation stealth, to intercept one three ans half genenation propeller airplane? what amazing scientific technology

  14. okay, I'll be honest…War Thunder is a pretty good game, you guys should try it. Been playing it for over 5 years now.

  15. Two Raptors and two Hornets, along with 3 support planes takes NORAD to "intercepted" one Tupolev bomber in international airspace? Wow, what an incident!

  16. Wow! We kicked up all this dust for an old ass Russian bomber. One F 16 would've handled the task. All the tax payer money wasted. I can't believe these fuckin boomers are still air worthy. 🙈

  17. I guess there is going to be a part 2 to this, where F-22, and CF-18 actually intercept a TU-95 … I love watching the CLICK BAIT CHANNEL … Lots of good information, but never what the description claims … Sorry guys, I gotta unsubscribe this time …

  18. United States and Canada has no business snooping off our own shores, they do it just to provoke countries in the Middle East to fight each other thanks to the trouble making Jews

  19. Hope the Russians have learned something new about the F-22 Crap&Junk,Those CF-18 can shoot down even Mig-29SMT…

  20. Tu-95 built with tech stolen from the B-29 US bombers forced to land in Russia during ww2….These are the Russian version of a spy plane. Cram packed full of equipment meant to probe and access defenses, response etc. They SCAN the aircraft and radar installations with the hopes of using the signals and other info such as radar bandwidth and amplitude…Russia never had an original idea that wasn't some Dr Evil type crap…

  21. BLA BLA old news
    Let’s merge Canada and the USA and watch Russia just shit in its pants and shut the fuck up they are listed in the full of shit countries right up there with Iran and the former Iraq

  22. Wow, serving up news (bait) & switching to advertising violent video games of war. About time we end war and realize life isn't a game to end and keep playing, killing, dying and keep playing. It's not working for reality's continuance

  23. Was hoping that it was a video. Instead it's 3 pictures panning. Please just upload them on some online album, not on youtube.

  24. Wow, it's been 63 years of age, the Bear still stay young and like to wander off without rusty problem and Viagra …

  25. It's older than the b52 and still holds a speed record for a prop plane but it is not going to out run or out maneuver a raptor or an old hornet ,click bait crap

  26. I'm about to unsubscribe because all of your ads are getting very annoying you just keep putting more and more and more in them

  27. Wow! Two fighter aircraft catch up to a bomber.
    Pity,you septic tanks couldn't beat a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan and the DPRK sent you spiralling back to the negotiation table!

  28. where is the interception news? this channel has biased way too much lately. considering to unsub. I thought you were not propaganda channel. I am considering that decision.

  29. As Canadian we have no time for your stupidity. First of all you brought us a problem with China ,secondly you fuck up our economy, so finally you want to bring us war with Russia?

  30. Sigh! AGAIN you report that the F-22 is more stealthy than the F-35. Wrong! General Hostage, formerly of ACC, and General Bogdan have both said the F-35 is more stealthy than the F-22. … As for the law that made it illegal to export the F-22, well, don't read too much into that into that dumb law by Congress, as the F-35 is superior to the F-22 in almost every category except for aerodynamic performance. … And yes, you are totally correct that the F-22 is a superior interceptor, because it can super-cruise at 1.8 mach without afterburners. No one can touch the f-22 in this area.

  31. I am sorry. Love the ideas and concept of your channel but the grammar is atrocious. This sounds like it is written in another language and then translated into English. Very hard to listen to.

  32. That's right and the Russian plane was over, let me see? international water and airspace. That's right the Russians were a serious threat to The US and her allies when a bomber was flying a routine flight infringing no international laws. Paranoia and fear mongering is what this is. Oh and some thing else Russia is breaking agreements and placing land based missiles on American boarders, not. Yet America is innocently placing missiles all along the Russian boarder countries under the false pretenses that North Korea are the problem. I rest my case.
    Pull my other leg that one is sore now.

  33. I learned something new today. The F22 is a superior aircraft for air to air combat to a Turbo Prop Tu-56…not common sense at all..probably educated a lot of people with this one bud. Who’d of ever thought a F22 can put down a turbo prop.

  34. The F-22's are the baddest airplane in the air and have the best technology so enemy aircraft have no chance against it in most cases and should be on the run before they see it. Once they see it their chances of escaping is zero to none if the pilot chooses to shoot down the enemy aircraft and their weapons are superior to any other also. The F-18 is another bad ass aircraft and is loaded with similar weapons and the only difference is the F-18's have their weapons on wing stations. The TU-95 is a very loud airplane and can be heard by submarines under water and is very slow by modern standards.


  36. I'd say the federal reserve is a major part of this. Abraham Lincoln cheated the federal reserve by passing a bill allowing access to necessary funds from the federal reserve for wars. To pay for everything war related, as well as payment for the soldiers. That pissed the fed off.
    Eventually over time, the federal reserve took that idea, and ran with it. Perpetual war calls for unlimited printing and exchange of dollars. But it's difficult to get wars started, seeing as how the federal reserve isn't government owned. It's privately owned. You have to find, a way, to infiltrate our democratic process. Well, you print money for the country. It's easy to get, and disperse to buy your way anywhere if you approach the right looking people after a physiological assessment.
    It is my belief, the Federal Reserve is responsible for all of this. When other countries stop using our US dollar for trade, they also kick our central banks out of their country. Time to either assassinate him, or get that countries citizens to do it by using sanctions to starve them of food and medicine, so they DO revolt.
    It was clear in the roswell crash, their reach, or contamination of our government, wasn't that extensive at time. Because a part of the military they didn't own, released a press statement in newspaper form about a flying disc being recovered in Roswell New Mexico. Days later, the story was changed. It was clear, in that moment, the Federal Reserve realised they needed to extend to all areas of our government.
    The military industrial complex has found a way to spend 800 billion dollars a year in "Defense". The only way the federal reserve would be ok with giving away free funding in treasuries like that every year, is if they're willing to do it, dare I say, encourage it. To print more and more dollars out of thin air.
    Our government keeps us broke. Clinton passing NAFTA, allowing China to steal our middle class by taking all our companies and granting them free trade back into the country to still make the same money. Because it seems to me, our government NEEDS us to be broke. They need as many of us as they can, to be broke. So we BORROW. Loans for cars, houses, school, furniture, and other things.

    The American dream is painted in 30 year old movies as getting a loan to buy a white picket fence house and brand new Volkswagen.
    The federal reserve, is responsible for ALL of this.

  37. Beaufort Sea pronounced "bowfort" not "beeyoufort ". and I never heard ADIZ pronounced like that before, always " add iz" but maybe I am wrong. NOT wrong about Beaufort

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