America, America, God shed His grace on thee, and crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea. I’m Nate McMurray, and I approve this message because we are tired of name-calling and corruption. We need someone in Congress that’s going to protect healthcare, fight for farms, and support small business. I’m Nate McMurray, and I’d be honored to have your vote.

12 thoughts on “America.

  1. Like it but you have been given a gift from the political Gods. Next commercial should be nothing but raw audio of the FBI reading Collins indictments. Being above it is nice but a little hardball works too.

  2. When given the choice between a criminal and a candidate who's party is a loose conglomerate of radical leftist fringe groups. I'll take the criminal. Even if you had the best ideas in the world it wouldn't matter, your party will call in their chips and you'll have no choice but to be along for the ride. No thanks.

  3. Due to your spamming of ads like the others.. I hope you get cancer like the rest of em' too. Another corrupt politician.

  4. If I can remember most conservative minded people and many independents who voted for Trump voted for him giving him benefit of doubt as he may be good as he says or he may be bad but on the other hand seeing Hillary as definitely being crooked. Why can't we give the same benefit of doubt to Nate as Collins is what we can see. We have to abandon the party lines and put average working Americans in office who truly represent us if we want the thins to get better. BTW, I did not vote for Trump and do not 100% support him and neither do I disapprove him 100%. Regards!

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