America has outgrown its ‘Judeo-Christian’ label. What’s next? | Eboo Patel

America has outgrown its ‘Judeo-Christian’ label. What’s next? | Eboo Patel

When I go to college campuses, one of the
ways I like to open my talk is I say, when the Mayflower Pilgrims landed on the eastern
seaboard and they approached Plymouth Rock, they dusted it off, they saw etched on the
stone the words, “Judeo-Christian nation.” And there’ll be a long pause, and all these
19-year-olds who did really well on their standardized tests will like look up at me,
like, “Wow.” And then I’ll slowly start shaking my head. And you can hear the ripple of, like, kind
of a chuckle in the room. It raises the question, if that’s not how
we started to think of ourselves as a Judeo-Christian nation, how did it happen? Did Thomas Jefferson write it in the Declaration
of Independence? Did God give it to Moses on Sinai? How did this notion emerge? Well, the story of that is actually an even
better story than the little Plymouth Rock fable that I told. In the 1920s, at a time that feels a lot like
our era now, massive economic and social shifts, agrarian society to an industrial society,
the country to the city, profound social and economic polarization, technological leaps,
et cetera, et cetera, you had the rise of really ugly racist movements and xenophobic
movements, mostly in the form of the KKK. And not only was the KKK anti-black, it was
anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic. And in 1928, the first Catholic to run on
a major party presidential ticket appears, a man named Al Smith who was the Governor
of New York at the time, and the KKK torpedoes his candidacy, largely with anti-Catholic
weapons. And a group of great Americans emerged out
of that and say “We can’t have this. With the growing Catholic and Jewish populations
in the United States we can’t be a nation that excludes their contributions; that’s
crazy.” They build an organization called the NCCJ,
and they start doing a set of civic projects across the country, tri-faith dialogues, minister,
priest, rabbi, going to different campuses and different cities and to different military
bases around the world, the era of World War II, to talk about the importance of what they
called The Brotherhood of Man Under the Fatherhood of God. And as a part of this, they decide a new narrative
is important for a country that long thought of itself as a Protestant nation and so they
invent a word. And the word is Judeo-Christian. It’s an invention. It’s not theologically accurate. Jesus is a central player in Christianity,
he’s maybe a good rabbi in Judaism: discuss, right? It’s not historically accurate, it’s not like
Jews faired especially well in Christian majority societies for much of history. What it is is a genius civic invention. It is a term that helped us welcome the contributions
of Jews and Catholics. It did really good work for 70/80 years. We now live in a nation with several million
Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus, growing groups of secular humanists, atheist, agnostics;
we’re a long way away from Jews and Catholics being the new minorities. What comes next? What’s the next chapter in the great story
of American interfaith cooperation? I think its called “Interfaith Nation.” I think it centers the idea of America not
as a melting pot, but as a potluck that welcomes the contributions of all communities, our
Muslims, our Bahais, our Jains, our Sikhs, our Jews, our Atheists, our Zoroastrians our
Evangelicals. The only way the nation feasts is if every
community contributes.

100 thoughts on “America has outgrown its ‘Judeo-Christian’ label. What’s next? | Eboo Patel

  1. No it hasn’t. That you think it has because you live your life in the humanities department in a liberal university campus doesn’t mean the US has passed it’s Judeo-Christian identity.
    On the contrary American identity is cemented in it’s white christian identity. The others will allways be considered part of the out group, the invaders, the foreigners (add label), the ones who never built up the nation, the slaves ect.
    That’s our reality. Accept it or struggle eternaly.

  2. These people need to learn that atheist/ism etc is not an identity, the only thing we have in commun is that we do not believe in god.

  3. While the American's think of themselves as Judeo Christians religious Jews don't even recognize Jesus as a prophet.

  4. Become Scientific, start exploring and finally graduate to move towards the Eastern cultures – Hindu culture. (Science + Logic basically)

  5. The term "judeo-chiristian" is completely inaccurate – it's Judeo-Christian-Islamic. There isn't any difference between the three from an objective standpoint.

  6. How about an Enlightenment nation, since our original Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written by people steeped in the Enlightenment? Do we need more than the Constitution to consider ourselves one nation? You're welcome to state your policy preferences based on your religious faith, as ever, but the rest of us are entitled to push back with roughly "Yeah, but that's just your religious presuppositions, and we don't share them. Meanwhile the Constitution assures us THESE rights."

  7. Religion in general is outdated, for far too long people had their lives dictated by a book(s) thousands of years old that holds no relevance on the intricacies of modern society.

    I don't need a book to tell me that I need to donate to charity or be good to people, I already do those things.

    But somehow donating to charity now makes me a socialist liberal according to nationalist Republicans because "I'm giving free handouts to people who don't work for it", how screwed is American politics when hardcore right-wingers consider moderate Republicans a liberal? Seriously WTF?

  8. :-/ This guy…. First off the concept of 'America' is HEAVILY drawn from Puritan, Quaker and Native American philosophies. You can make up as many PC terms as you want, there is no understanding or separating those three influences from American identity and politics. Second… Nations require a common identity and ideology. As it is the US ideology has been a haphazard duality from the beginning. To suggest that we start thinking of ourselves as a "potluck" as opposed to a melting pot, is to invite further division and disintegration of the country. Melting pot implies that those who come here adapt and supplement their own ideologies with our own. Pot luck implies that we have to change too? Why should we? There's only one place to be an American and that's America. If you want to be Muslim, or Latino, or European, or Chinese then live in those countries. I'm sick of watching my country slowly die because everyone wants us to be someplace else. I don't want to be the GOP's version of Russia any more than I want to be the Democrat's Euro-merica.. and I damn well don't want to be living in the Radical Christian wasteland the Evangelicals push for or shit hole the Nazi's living in Idaho want.
    For once can we stop trying to be someone else and consider what our values were before the twin towers fell and everyone lost their fucking mind?

  9. Wisdom will continue to diffuse through the evolving communication paradigm, just as it is doing here.

    I suspect even in our grand ol' US of A; in time those who gather to discuss whos invisible friend is more powerful will eventually find their proper place in our social discourse, as indeed is already happening in most of the civilized world.

  10. Well, that was mostly stupid: 1) being historically mostly a 'Protestant Nation' still fits the USBCM within the 'Judeo-Christian' urk label; 2) you don't need any kind of interfaith paradigm or (worse still) identity if the State is (allegedly) secular and enforces freedom of religion

  11. Conservatives have intertwined their religion with government. If there were no secular people to persecute or be persecuted by they would be fighting each other. They are simultaneously united and divided in Christ.

  12. The Left won't rest until ever last pillar that holds up the country that my forefathers founded and fought for have crumbled under their progressive hammer.

  13. Far leftists seem to think that the folks streaming across the border aren't hardcore Catholics. Actually, hardcore, anti-abortion Catholics to be precise. More hilarity in the clown world.

  14. Finally the masses are using their brains and doin some critical thinking… religion is gross

  15. u people are so stupid 🤦🏽‍♂️ u idiots just pulling all these weirdo ideas out ur freaking asshole

  16. I think you are much too optimistic about your inter faith nation. I see Lebanon, Central African Republic, most middle Eastern countries, Bosnia being copied in Amerika. But nice 👍🏻 try and cute little storytelling. It’s time to wake up now…

  17. What next? A Islamic-atheist nation.. that can be a thing right? I just want to see what it would look like.

  18. What's next for America after Judeo Christianity? Duh, next is autocratic cults of personality, we're seeing it right now.

    The Koch Foundation, lol, go away, you've altered enough of our opinions already.

  19. The detail is that Cristian and Jews are not at war. Unfortunately, most islamic faith interpretations pushes for it to be the only faith, whether by reason or force, and atheists identity is now mainly based on attacking religious people. Some beliefs are not suited for peaceful coexistence.

  20. This is a Judeo-Christian country because the values and principles enshrined by the religion of our forefathers are the same values that led those great men and women to establish a society of cooperation, order, liberty, and happiness. No other faith tradition on Earth has always taught that you shouldn't convert populations by the sword. Christian holy wars have only ever been waged over territory, to defend the freedom and safety of Christendom. Jihad is called to rid the world of those who would not accept Allah and the word of the prophet Muhammad. Christians believe in a government that gives people freedom, and intervenes only for the safety of it's citizens, no matter what faith group they belong to. All are welcome as long as they have the same values of liberty, and the same common understanding of right and wrong. Islam is in itself a form of government. It provides direction for the formation of Islamic states, and in great detail describes the laws of Sharia, and how those who won't accept your belief shall be put to the sword. America is a great country. To deny our heritage, and the principles that made us great, is to disrespect the men and women that gave their lives to make this place what it is. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We should not kowtow to despots, we should not police each other's thoughts and opinions, we should not sacrifice all that we have inherited, this great bountiful land, in the name of progress. Building of society should never require the rewriting of history. Christians made this country. It was Judeo-Christian values that made our country great, that saved the world on two occasions, and that will continue to be our compass as we push onward into the future. Nobody said you have to believe in Jesus. But you can't take away what we are and where we come from, just because you don't like it.

  21. Let's unite under the philosophy of the one thing that Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Wiccans, Zoroastrians, Shintoists, Taoists, Agnostics, Deists, Sikhs, Jains, Druids, Asatrus, Druze, Satanists, Rastafarians, Mormons, and Voodoo practitioners can ALL agree on:

    Scientologists suck.

  22. "Interfaith cooperation"? With Muslims running patrols in NYC? Are you kidding? You think "Coexist" works? I thought it did, until I saw and continue to see how intolerant the left is of other beliefs, including many comments on this clip.

  23. This video's content was fine but I was I the only one disturbed at seeing the Charles Koch Foundation plastered at the end of the video? So much for this channel…

  24. Are there any good suggestions of books to read more about the socio-economic history of 1900-1930 or the industrial revolution?

  25. Not sure how much credence should be given to him on this topic as he doesn't even know how pronounce Judeo-Christian. Or perhaps he is just being disrespectful?

    America's founding documents incorporate Judeo-Christian values hence the nation being identified as Judeo-Christian. I guess his education was, and research skills are, so poor that he missed that.

    We are still a polyglot nation based on Jedo-Christian values that welcomes people of all religions, and no religion. All nations, including America, has a right to expect citizens and immigrants to conform to the body of laws that the Nation has established.

  26. What do dews contribute? Besides the destruction of social cohesion through promotion of degeneracy and the destruction of economy, wealth and prosperity through dew owned media, government and banks. f**k them. Its either dew or christian. Not dew-christian. Dews hate christians and just seek to use christians to make themselves wealthy. Suffocate them

  27. Only difference is u werent having a war with Catholics and Jews when u accepted them into America. USA is in a strange time where they bomb muslim homes in Arab nations and then expect peace and integration with Muslims inside America. Not gonna work and ur country is fucked from the inside. It is better to promote and market faith in reason and DMT spirituality rather than multi faith bullshit belief systems. Coz America will just end up being a bunch of opposing football teams who hate each other as opposed to a united party. And as u fight each other China will take yo ass!

  28. "What next?" Send anyone who is trying to sub-Jew your culture back to isreal immediately..

    They're all going to be fucking off back there soon anyway because of the end times prophecy..
    When that collapses? Just say you can't come back in! Simples

  29. George Washington was a Freemason. Freemasonry isn't bound by Christianity. Belief in a higher power is and so is being male.
    Please Google search 'Freemason George Washington Memorial Museum.' So America didn't start off as a Christian Nation.
    We have Freedom of religion. No, one can make or force you to believe in God or Jesus at gun point. That would be very unAmerican, if you did that. And it would be a direct violation of the US constitution.

  30. Always remember where you came from – Americans shouldn’t that. Melting pot or potluck, we come from different backgrounds, but we make “America” what it is now. No matter where “we” now come from” – it’s good not to forget the roots.

  31. Interfaith communion? Good. Let's have christian white supremacists, radical islam jihadists, jewish supremacists altogether in a battle royale. I'd pay to watch that shit .

  32. America has had an abundance of Christian AND Jewish influences from it's birth… Jewish culture/religion has always played a big part throughout all of European civilization… Even Christianity had it's start in Jerusalem… Jews didn't just appear in North America in the 1920's… It was just easier for Jewish people fleeing the war to come to North America because many of them already had family or friends in North America who have been there for generations upon generations and helped build the country and it's culture from the get go. Not unlike African Americans who despite being brought to NA under such terrible conditions and getting treated like crap for way too long still contributed to the culture immensely… Nothing against this dude but he needs to stop trying to manipulate the viewers of this video like he did his students. I get that he likes the idea of Judeo-Christianity being imposed but it wasn't.

  33. Watching this from Europe, I'm amazed that someone in a developed nation still believes in God. I don't even know anyone personally, who still does that 😮

  34. What about a nation built on reason and evidence instead of giving superstition free reign. You could call it a rational society. Just a thought.

  35. So, you are saying that it is good for American Spirit that individuals come in but retain their separate group identities? And, are you implying that the American progress is because of these group identities?

    Think twice, my friend. The progress is in Spite of this voluntary segregation.

  36. America was not built on Judeo-Christian culture any more than Saudi Arabia was built on Judeo-Muslim culture. The US was built on Christian foundations alone.

  37. Protestants are Christians. The pilgrims were Christians. Only the judeo part came later. Like it or not, this is a Christian nation.

  38. Most atheists weigh skepticism based on the scientific method, so if atheism is a Faith, science, skepticism, and critical thought should also be on your "interfaith" list…or may I suggest creating a more inclusive name.

  39. Eboo Patel, you have a pronunciation problem. It's JUDEO-Christian nation, as in JUDAEO. By the way, ALL words are human inventions.

  40. Never going to happen. Times have changed. The world has moved on. If you disagree, that's quite alright. Reality doesn't need your assent…

  41. Hopefully we can stop believing in fairytales all together and finally advance as one species.

    Religion has been the main contributor to most wars throughout human history. Not to mention repression and subjugation are all but encouraged by most religions. Its pretty hard to kill or enslave someone if you see them as "the same as you" from the get go.

  42. Am I supposed to believe this idiots story. Seriously, try this at any non-imaginary school in the world and even the freshmen will laugh in your face.

  43. Official Religious texts have messages in them like ''Kill the infedel.'' And not just one religion.
    And identity politics is a religion too. Its line of thinking follows religious patterns.
    Holy thought and concepts that are indisputable.
    Replace the word infidel with Nazi or bigot or white male (no need to proof you are a Nazi). There you go.
    Doxxing, deplatforming or worse. Demonisation. Othering.
    As long as there is religion or any other dogma people will be bashing eachother head in. Or at least wish to.

  44. This video is MORE PROOF that foreigners from Africa, South Asia & the Middle-East. HATE both JEWS and CHRISTIANS, the BUILDING BLOCKS of Western nations. People from India would PROTEST if someone made a video saying "India has outgrown its Dharmic-Hindu label" or people from the Muslim-majority countries would freak out if someone made a video saying "the Middle-East has outgrown its Islamic label" and so on. Non-European "Americans by birth" are the BIGGEST TRAITORS to America, albeit some notable/exceptional patriots. Nick Fuentes was RIGHT about tribalism.

  45. No it has not, the government simply wants it people to miss the truth, in God we trust is what kept your people afloat and prosperous, but its more convenient for people to let go of it, and easier for people to pin they're problems towards it with how steadfast the importance was placed on it by the "conservative generations" with all the Marxism and evil shit going around do your research people,the world is not as lack and white as you may wish to think it is.

    This world is bigger than you and your wants, and your choices have an impact, regardless, do whats right at all times, and you should be spared from your ignorance, for the content of your spirit.

    We are in the 3rd world war already, the war of souls.

    Just look to the filth of hollywood, and the practices behind doors that are unseen to the average zombie everywhere you go, and you may just realize.
    I'm not saying religion is the way, I am however saying, that there is something more to this existence than ourselves.

  46. why are we listening to you? You are a megalomaniac who has chosen to allow males to put their penises in your anus and in your mouth. You are trying to please a generation that believes that an extremely mentally ill man 45 years of age is entitled to use the bathroom with my five-year-old girl. You because you are sick and demented think that that's okay. When the Lord returns you will be exterminated like all your kind

  47. Who told him that America has outgrown it’s Judeo Christian values? the values remains
    Even though we have other religion moving in but the principle of Judeo Christian values remains the same, such as freedom of speech and love your neighbor.,
    the court systems and our Financial system are all based on the Bible on the Judeo Christian values so this guy is an Islamic and that’s why he is into changing countries name and its history. Just so you know everybody who think that they can change America , here’s what I got to say that AMERICA will never be an Islamic country.

  48. The founding Fathers were theists, as well as Christians. The "establishment clause" precludes the Feds from establishing a government religion that is supported by and promoted by the Feds, not eliminating religion from government.

  49. America is a pot luck that welcomes the delusional, the delusional, the delusional, the delusional, the delusional, the atheists, the delusional and the delusional to the table to establish a sense of ethics.

  50. The pot luck concept is what Canada has been promoting for some time now, making it one of the most successful countries at welcoming new citizens in large numbers. This has resulted in the highest social progress index in the world along with being the most educated in the world.

  51. Main takeaway here is that "Judeo-Christian" is and always was a lie/trick. Sadly too many people think it's a real thing and somehow has something to do with the "State of Israel" too which sadly has led to many negative things including the shocking level of influence AIPAC has over our government and the country itself.

  52. America has outgrown its ‘Judeo-Christian’ label. What’s next? The Fall that is in revelations in the Holy Bible !

  53. We have not "outgrown" judeo Christianity. More Americans are still Christian, and the United States was founded on judeo Christian values, and virtually all if not all of our early leaders all praised Jesus, prayed, etc

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