Today I’m going to talk about some of
the most well-meaning people in America. These people tend to hold one or more
extremely well-meaning but highly misguided beliefs about how to best
support equality in America. But what they’re really doing is maintaining the
status quo without even realizing. Here are some of the top beliefs held by
white people who are convinced they are definitely not racist. But all lives matter. I mean it just
seems so racist to say black lives matter.
I heard that black lives matter was a terrorist group anyway. When your
neighbor’s house is burning down, that house needs water, not yours
a mile away. Saying all lives matter is implying that all lives in America are
equally at risk.The fact is that if all lives really mattered, we wouldn’t have a
need for a campaign spotlighting that black lives are not valued equally in
the United States. Why didn’t you just call the cops I would have definitely
just called the cops. I wouldn’t of put up with that crap for one
minute. I don’t feel like dying that day. The studies show that African-American
people are two to three times more likely to be killed by police than white.
Even if they made the call and are the victim of a crime, once police arrived,
it’s the black person that’s looked at as a suspect. You are the whitest black person I have
ever met. It’s so cool, it’s like you’re practically not even black. I’m I’m
blacker than you are. Saying you’re the whitest black person I’ve ever met or
you don’t really seem like any black people I’ve ever met
it’s racist and insulting… unless of course you believe that whiteness is the
preferred attribute. Look my dad’s cousin stepbrothers
friends aunt was black so, it’s all good. You don’t need to explain that you’ve
dated black people and that you have a black friend and you’re one 200
non-white. Nothing’s gonna prove that you’re one of the good guys except one
thing: your behavior over time. Oh my god… I love
your name it’s so unique I’d love that more like you’re thinking oh crap no
idea how to pronounce this person’s name they’re gonna think I’m racist which I
do I’ll compliment their name I’ll complement it and maybe they’ll slip the
pronunciation in how about keeping it simple like you would with anybody and
say um my prancing your name right I don’t even see color accent raised like
that of course you see color it’s disingenuous to say stuff like that to
say you don’t see color as saying you don’t see them you might as well have
said since colors really bad I’ll just pretend that I I don’t see it saying you
don’t see color it’s a way to make white people feel comfortable
look people of color know they’re black or brown or indigenous or a combination
so you’re pretending that you don’t know this is kind of weird actually
maybe instead of saying I don’t see color white America can get educated to
the history and its psychosocial ramifications on thoughts and behavior
I’m sorry but maybe I’m the one having a fantasy right now this is what I’m talking about you find
yourself dragging your black colleague across the crowded room at a business
meeting so you can reduce them to the only other black person there
I mean you figure they probably already know each other
and heck they’re probably relatives if nothing else they’ll have a ton in
common this will be around the time that they inform you that of course they
already know each other they met at the annual black person’s meeting and you’ll
think they’re serious about this treat non-white people like humans just like
you because that’s what they actually are if you’re a white person and some of
these ideologies are hitting home please educate yourself because the quality is
going to happen with or without you when it feel nice to be a part of the
solution please support my attempt to educate white America by subscribing to
my angry soccer-mom youtube channel thank you


  1. The fundamental problem in White society is "Bullying". White Folks often accept and allow bullying is a norm, often told victim to work around and make peace with bully, instead of confront or punishing them! …and now you are surprise that you have the biggest Ass bull in the W.H..!

  2. The media has also played a HUGE roll in making the majority of white people racist. Like during the crack epidemic they portrayed Black people as being "Dangerous Violent Drug Addicts By Nature". But now that white people are messed up on Heroin and other Opioids it's: "These people are sick and need help and treatment NOT prison, They're only committing crimes to support their habit". Would have been nice if Black people could have had that same understanding.

  3. I learned about a difference between Russian and white American racism. Russians do not hate black people for being black like white Americans do. It is based on what happened in a history back to the Olympics in 80s – some blacks ruined it by their own actions and the Russians were not used to Africans and still today but it depends on where they study or reside or visit that can be alright. American racism is always based on skin colors all the time. European racism is based on cultural and behavioral conflicts, not skin colors. I had been in Germany for 3 weeks and I was surprised that a few Germans told me that blacks were hard workers as they personally thought. They disliked what the white Americans have done to black people. In my head, I was like asking them what about Nazi? To the Germans, Blacks are less issue than Turks. Strange!

  4. Thank You, I am Hebrew. I don't think a lot of white Americans will get it they are so brainwashed by this system and stereotypes of so-called black people.

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