America Endures Another Mass Shooting & Jaboukie Explains Why Guns Are Gay | The Daily Show

America Endures Another Mass Shooting & Jaboukie Explains Why Guns Are Gay | The Daily Show

Guns in America. Over the weekend, after yet
another deadly mass shooting, the question once again
on everyone’s minds was, “Is there anything
that could have prevented this?” Now usually the answer to that
question is complicated. But in the case of the Odessa
shooter, it’s pretty obvious. New details of the deadly
mass shooting in Odessa, Texas. Officials revealing now, the gunman evaded
a federal background check to get the firearm
he used in the rampage. The gunman who killed seven
people and injured more than 20 bought the gun he used from a private seller,
not a licensed dealer. Authorities in Texas have said the gunmen failed
a gun background check in 2014. And tonight, several
law enforcement officials tell NBC News that’s because he had a disqualifying
mental health issue. But a private sale does not
require a background check. Okay, this is just
ridiculous, people. If you fail a background check
in America, you can just go buy a gun
from a private seller who doesn’t have
to do a background check? That doesn’t make any sense. Can you imagine if they had that loophole
at the airport, huh? The TSA agent is like, “All right,
step into the machine, put your hands over your head.” And you’re like,
“Actually, I got my ticket
from a private seller.” The TSA agent’s like,
“Oh, oh, yeah, yeah. Well, in that case,
go through, go through, yeah.” I mean, the solution
to this problem is simple– universal background checks. And it’s not a fringe idea. 93% of Americans support
universal background checks. 93%. You know how high that is? I don’t even remember
the last time my phone battery was at 93%. But because
the president avoids gun control like it’s his other daughter, universe background checks
are stalled in the Senate. Luckily, though, while the White House is
thinking about other measures, they have this proposal
to stop mass shootings. The White House is working
with the Justice Department on a new death penalty bill. The White House wants
to expedite the death penalty for people who are found guilty of committing these kinds
of mass shootings. And today, the vice president’s
chief of staff confirmed
that the Department of Justice has drafted legislation
that would do just that. NOAH:
Okay, I’m-I’m not sure that the death penalty
is the right response. I mean, half the time, mass shooters have
already written a manifesto about how they can’t wait to die
for their delusional cause. In fact, if you really want
to deter them, there should actually be a law
that if you’re caught, you have to read your manifesto
live at the Apollo. Yeah. That would deter people. It’s like, some kid
on stage is like, (high-pitched): “And that’s why
I believe, uh, the white race “to be, um…
superior and, uh… Oh. Oh, boy,
this was a huge mistake.” (laughter) (applause and cheering) So… while the Trump administration
is dragging its feet on real solutions
to gun violence, action is being taken
by America’s real leaders– the corporations. In the wake
of the mass shootings and growing pressure to act,
the nation’s largest retailer, Walmart,
has announced big changes when it comes to the sale
of guns and ammunition. MAN: Now the retail giant
is talking steps it hopes will curb
gun violence– halting the sale of ammunition
that can be used in large-capacity clips
and military-style weapons, stopping the sale
of handgun ammo and ending all handgun sales
in Alaska, the last state
where it still sells them. Another big change– Walmart
and the grocery giant Kroger now asking customers
in Open Carry states, please do not bring
your weapons into their stores. That’s right. Walmart won’t sell many kinds
of ammunition anymore. And they don’t want your guns…
inside the store. (applause and cheering) Yeah. So from now on,
people who go to Walmart are just gonna have to tie their
guns up outside like a dog. You know? Just be like,
“Who’s a good guy? “Who’s a good guy? The A-R stands for
Adorable Rifle, yes, it does.” For more on the latest push
for gun control, we’re joined now by our
senior gun safety correspondent, Jaboukie Young-White, everybody! (cheering, applause) Trevor. Jaboukie… clearly, Americans
can’t count on the government to take gun control seriously,
so what can be done to address gun violence? Oh, Trevor, Trevor, Trevor,
you silly little bitch. -(laughter)
-We don’t need gun control. We just need to decrease
gun ownership. Okay, but how do you decrease
gun ownership without gun control laws? Easy, Trevor.
We just need to make guns… gay. -(bells tinkling)
-(laughter) (cheering, applause) Okay, wait. Wait, wait, wait. I-I don’t understand. As far as I know, guns
don’t have a sexual orientation. Well, not at the moment,
Trevor, not yet. But I just read this study
that says a lot of straight men don’t recycle
because they’re worried it makes them look gay. So we just need to harness
that same toxic masculinity and just direct it toward guns. You know, sweet, gay guns. (laughter) But how do you get guns
to seem gay? Well, I mean,
’cause guns are gay. Like, right off the bat,
guns are what? Long. Hard.
The best ones are black. -And…
-(laughter) (cheering, applause) And where do people keep
their guns, Trevor? -In the closet.
-(laughter) You know,
I get what you’re trying to do, but for Americans
who own firearms, guns aren’t just, like, guns. It’s a community of masculine
hunters and freedom fighters. Yeah, and we need to point out
how gay that sounds. Like, the right to bear arms. I love bare arms, too. (laughter) You’re gonna have to pry me
from his cold, dead hands. You know what I’m saying?
That’s safety right there. And even the names
of gun laws sound gay. Concealed Carry? That’s, like,
every user name on Grindr. (laughter) The law might as well be called
Ass Breaker 37. -(laughter)
-You know? And Stand Your Ground? That sounds like
a Kelly Clarkson gay anthem. ♪ I’m gonna stand my ground ♪ ♪ Because I’m out and proud. ♪ Like, it works. -Okay, okay. No, you know what?
-It works. -(cheering)
-Yeah. -It works. It works. I think…
I think I understand your plan. Like, you’re gonna make it…
you’re gonna make guns gay, so then straight men
won’t want them anymore, so they’re gonna give the guns
to gay people, and then the gay people
are gonna hand them over -to the government.
-Mm, no, no, no, no, no, no. Gay people keep the guns,
and then we run the country. You know what I’m saying? ♪ I’m gonna stand my ground… ♪ Jaboukie Young-White, everybody!

100 thoughts on “America Endures Another Mass Shooting & Jaboukie Explains Why Guns Are Gay | The Daily Show

  1. Fucking idiot. "Dont bring your legal guns into our stores because mass murders have brought guns into our stores. So don't you dare think about protecting yourself as a legal gun owner."

  2. Well if u ain't a felon than u can own a gun and most the time the gov will call anyone crazy to control them. So 2nd amendment is very clear and the day the gov trys to take anyones gun away that ain't a felon well then it will be our duty as free Americans to stand up against a tyrannical gov and take away their power to govern. Don't underestimate free Americans,like Washington told us God made us all free and the right to bear arms is every person's right that ain't a felon, fuck I had a x gf say I pushed her and it never went to court but if the gov tryd telling me I can't own a gun cuz of a lie a crazy bitch said, I would tell them like I'm gonna tell u trevor Go Fuck Yourself

  3. My gun ain’t gay because I always COCK my gun to shoot my man-sauce in the V target of my lady. My gun creates life and never ends life. I love my gun and my lady love it even more.

  4. The Colt 1911 made by John Browning. That’s right, when you shoot it, you’re shooting another mans load, and that’s gay.

  5. Okay, Walmart doesn't want guns in their stores. So far, so good. But … what if someone shows up with a gun anyway ? Can they actually deny people entry, when the state's law grants that person the right to carry their gun out in the open ? Genuinely curious, because i'm not from the USA.

  6. How does taking guns away from people help? Taking guns away from all is just saying we can't tell who is crazy.
    A man runs his truck into a group of people do we take your truck? It is wrong to punish gun owners for someone else's irresponsible act

  7. Step one take the guns. Step two strip freedoms of speech. Step three set up a communists dictatorship. Step four source all the money out. Step five collapse the country. It happens all over the world in other countries wake the fuck up people. Trevor is a fucking puppet

  8. I agree with private sellers not being allowed to sell or at the very least a data base should be made available where info can be inputted to see if the buyer has failed check in the past.

  9. Notice how a none of the mass shootings are anywhere near New England just saying you Progressive buttholes like to pretend that the rest of the country is better than the older part of the country, ain't no mass shootings up here. And I live in the state with virtually no gun laws compared to most of the rest of the country and there are zero shootings of any kind the only time there is any sort of violent crime involving a gun it's always and isolated domestic dispute over here

  10. Like Hasan Minhaj once said: "the only way we can make the government enforce strong background check on guns is to convert the guns to Islam" 😂

  11. At the end he just made the whole point of why we need guns and why 2A is so important. “No, WE keep the guns and rule the country”. Looks like history is not a strong point in America anymore. Murder is sad but put feelings aside and just remember “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”!! All these politicians and people on tv turn a serious matter into jokes and debate for their profit, not yours. They all have some form of security. Like somebody driving a 2 ton truck pulling a boat screaming about melting polar caps

  12. Reduce gun crime 1. Accused of a gun crime- NO BAIL. 2. Convicted of a gun crime-NO PAROLE 3. Commit a gun related murder- DEATH PENALTY.

  13. I guess he's saying white guys who collect guns and shoot tin cans in their backyard are gay. What does that say for black and Hspanic guys who go around shooting each other. They must really be gay. Somebody should go and tell them STOP BEING GAY!!

  14. I don’t think that a universal background check is going to work because most of the mass shooters don’t have a record

  15. If loving and having guns is gay, then so be it, yeah im extremely gay 🌈🔫

  16. How about stoning them to death? For those who don’t know what I mean, stoning to death means throwing stones at him until he dies! Let’s see if they’ll still be waiting to die. Or crucify him

  17. This is crap. Walmart is kowtowing to the left. It’s a PR move that just lets some people feel good about themselves.

  18. What if in the future they have this device built in on guns, and it can deactivate the gun with another device given to the police. So anytime there is a shooting, anything in that range can be deactivated. And still functional for the use of self defense

  19. If anything the fact that this guy circumvented a background check only proves that criminals don't comply with the law. The war on drugs has been around since the 70s, and our government spends more and more money on border security, yet the influx of illicit drugs increases. It's absurd to think prohibition of types of guns or firearm features is going to reduce violence or save lives.
    The ultimate authoritarian goal is to turn the rights which the Bill of Rights was written to protect, in to privileges that will be lorded over by a bureaucracy. To them the truth is a nonissue. That is why they lie about the complete ineffectiveness of gun control. It's why they lie about the capabilities of firearms and deceptively mislabel weapons in order to demonize guns and gun owners. It's why they bombard people with censored data and expurgated stats. It's why they refuse to have an open debate about the unfettered facts and the whole truth.

    It's disgusting how tragedies and even kids are being manipulated and exploited by an anti individual rights agenda. They're using fear to evoke peoples' emotional attachment to their propaganda, which is purely based on lies and half truths.
    The truth is violent crime and homicide rates, which includes mass murder and mass shootings, are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. Kids today are not living in a time where they are more likely to be murdered. But they've been dupped into believing this utter fantasy by anti rights propaganda and the incompetent puppet media, who peddle this lie every day.
    Not only were the violent crime and homicide rates in Australia declining years before they implemented gun restrictions and bans but saw a trend reversal and increase shortly after their implementation. The reality is that neither gun bans or restrictions have shown correlation to reduction in overall violent crime or homicide rates, and violent crime and homicide rates in the US are at one of the lowest points in over forty years. That's why anti 2nd Amendment advocates don't show data on trending overall violent crime or homicide rates compared to gun possession or availability rates. It doesn't support there false anti rights narrative. It doesn't matter even if you have ZERO gun crime or ZERO gun homicide. If overall violent crime or homicide rates go up or continue as previously trending then ZERO lives were saved.
    The bans and restrictions being proposed will do nothing to save lives. They have already been proven completely ineffective. The deadliest mass murders aren't even perpetrated with guns. Removing one method of violence without removing the propensity for violence will save ZERO lives. They are nothing more than a means to undermine the 2nd Amendment and move the US closer to complying with the European Firearms Directive. As long as weapons exist and people have the right to life, then people have the right to be armed in defense of life.

  20. I don't COLLECT guns, I have an ARSENAL. We'll see all you sweethearts when the Civil War kicks off…… don't come crawling to me unless your PRO 2A, you will get no help from me. Fucking SHEEP. WOuldn't know EVIL if it was on your doorstep serving you the PLATE OF SHIT YOU EAT OFF OF DAILY. Holler…

  21. A great creative project that should get your attention. Guns in the hands of prominent gun advocates are replaced with dildos.

  22. Walmart sells GUNS????? Sorry, i'm not from the US and i thought Walmart is like Carrefour and only have anything other than many kinds of GUNS.

  23. We should surgically remove both arms and legs of mass shooters and keep them alive and crippled to live out the rest of their lives. I think that would be an appropriate punishment.

  24. Illegal immigrants do the same exact thing he’s talking about. They ask to be let in, then they get denied, then sneak in illegally, and the dems don’t care.

  25. hmmm my comments are getting banned for pointing put the cold hard fact that a mass shooting is 4 or more people shot in one event, and using this definition means that bleep men commit 75% of mass shootings. interesting. i wonder why this is considered too offensive to be posted? its literally a fact. the gaurdian reported it, and the person who compiled the data was a bleep activist trying to bring attention to the bleep victims of mass shootings. i guess the word that starts with b and rhymes with slack is hate speech.

  26. I think it's interesting that if guns were made legal again in Germany or Austria, most Americans would have a problem with it. Even though America had since it was founded only about 20 years without involvement in a war, while its way more over here.

  27. I am a responsible firearm owner. I follow the laws. I hunt and I have hand guns and a shotgun for home protection. I am also for universal background checks. What’s illuminating here is the not so subtle way of arguing for the complete disarming of America. There is a sane path to upholding the 2nd amendment while also minimizing the dangers of uncontrolled and unstable and flat out evil people. Rights obviously come with responsibility and a measure of regulation. But the anti-gun lobby thinks it’ll be a utopia if the government takes away a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. If the government is allowed to take away one right then all the others are fair game. Think about that liberals before you start sermonizing about what a great country this would be if the 2nd amendment is repealed.

  28. I love how the whole crowd was like, wait… are we, are we cheering for Walmart rn? And the dude who started the clap hesitated like he heard the news wrong "no one else clapping? Did I misunderstand? It sounded like a good thing, oh wait no it was." Continues clapping

  29. MAKING MONEY,  NRA VS CAR SAFETY: The insurance industry came to understand that injured people cost far more to fix than damaged cars. So the designs changed to protect the passengers at the expense of the vehicle structure.  We can see the improvement. But in the gun industry the NRA understood the opposite reality.   The more people who are killed or injured by guns the more frightened people will spend buying more guns.   So today cars are better and guns are worse.

  30. Hey Americans, listen to this;
    How many more years do you folks need to understand the solution that was explained so clearly?

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