America: Anything Is Possible | Joe Biden For President

America: Anything Is Possible | Joe Biden For President

This is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary
career in public service. Somebody who has devoted
his entire professional life to service to this country. He revitalized
American manufacturing as the head of
our middle class task force. He fought to make
college more affordable. He suited up for
our cancer moonshot, giving hope to
millions of Americans. Joe’s candid counsel has made
me a better president. He led our It’s On Us campaign
against campus sexual assault. He championed landmark legislation
to protect women from violence. He led our efforts to
combat gun violence. He could not have been
a more effective partner in the progress that we’ve made. The best part is he’s nowhere
close to finished. VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN:
America is an idea. An idea that goes back
to our founding. That all men are created equal. It’s an idea that’s stronger
than any army. Bigger than any ocean. More powerful than any
dictator or tyrant. It gives hope to the most
desperate people on earth. It’s about decency. It’s about giving no room
or solace to hate. We are seeing appeals to populism,
nationalism, and xenophobia, in a system dominated and rigged
in favor of the powerful. Everybody, everybody, everybody
is entitled to be treated with dignity. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: He
has never once forgotten the values and the moral fiber that
made him who he is. VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN:
This country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers and CEOs. You built this country. The great
middle class built this country. That’s the story of America. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:
When Joe talks to autoworkers whose livelihoods he helped save, we hear the son of a man who once knew the pain of having to tell his
kids that he had lost his job. When Joe talks about hope and
opportunity for our children, we hear the father who rode
the rails home every night so he could be there to tuck
his kids into bed. When Joe sticks up for the little guy, we hear the young boy who used
to stand in front the mirror reciting Yates, determined to
vanquish a debilitating stutter. When Joe talks to Gold Star
families who’ve lost a hero we hear a kindred spirit, another father of an
American veteran. Somebody who’s been forced to
wander through the darkness himself and who knows who to lean on
to find the light. That’s Joe Biden.
Resilient, loyal, and a patriot. VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN:
I was raised, you were raised with the notion that in America anything is possible. It instills in every single person
in this country the belief that no matter
where they start in life, there’s nothing they can’t achieve
if they work at it. I am more optimistic about America’s
chances in the world today than I ever have been in
my whole career. We’ve got to stand up. We’ve got to get out of our own way.
We’ve got to lift our heads up. And remember who we are.
We are the United States of America. There’s not a single thing
we can’t do.

100 thoughts on “America: Anything Is Possible | Joe Biden For President

  1. We said it when we reacted to his first ad, and we'll say it again. Joe is literally Kyle Kulinski's parody of a corporate democrat.

  2. You'll need stored food & water, weapons and ammo, gold & silver coins. And, be sure of this, the Democrats will be out to confiscate your weapons and your gold. If they do, rich men's dogs will be eating far better than you.

  3. Bless You Joe! God I loved this video,bring us back to our values,close this division and unite us again!

  4. Objectively creepy Uncle Joe "“has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”- Robert Gates

  5. Creepy joe the pedophile

    Collusion with Russia and China both to make he and Hunter rich

    #metoo where are you !!!

  6. Lol had to use old Obama sound bites 😆😆😆establishment Dem. Joe bragged about pressuring Ukraine to fire their Prosecutor General (Viktor Shokin) because he was investigating his son in fraud and money laundering in the billions. Biden’s son became CEO of a natural Gas company called Burisma Holdins during the same time Biden visited Ukraine (back door dealing) his son never ever worked anywhere near natural gas industries. An investigation is underway. He’s screwed.

  7. Obama on Biden: "He revitalized American manufacturing as head of the middle class task force." This kind of self-congratulatory BS can send people in such a rage they might vote Trump again.

  8. They had to come up with a new video after the (greatly disliked) disaster his first campaign video was on YouTube . They are desperate .

  9. In the US everything is possible, even people admiring a pedophile and wanting him as a president

  10. The epitome of the Leftist neurotic-psychotic collective.
    This artist isn't even an American! He's Danish! You know, as in Denmark.
    Sheesh, even their phony baloney is phony baloney..

  11. No way ever….destroyed America with your policies and fractured society irreparably with identity politics…no way ever again…

  12. Bank owned Joe “the corporate ho” Biden is a Republican posing as a left of far right candidate. LOOK AT HIS DAMN VOTES!! He’ll lose to Trump in a landslide. The corporate media is over sampling old clueless geezers to prop this turd up in the polls. Meanwhile, Bernie polls in double digits against Trump. But the DNC knows this; they would rather have Trump than an actual progressive who fights for workers!

  13. Kick the Oligarchy is the teeth: Bernie/ Tulsi 2020! Banister owned Joe the corporate ho will lose in a landslide against Trump. While Bernie polls in double digits ahead of him!

  14. True Progressive here, and I would NEVER vote for creepy bank owned Joe the corporate ho! He’s just another establishment neoliberal War loving neocon, owned by the same twats who own the RNC. The DNC promotes rigged polls because they would rather lose to fellow corporatist Trump than win with an actual progressive who fights for working people. #BernieTulsi2020

  15. cool add, alot of cliches and platitudes, but what I'm not hearing is what policies do you support? I'm going to be honest you "corporate Democrats" played cliches and platitudes game in 2016 and lost…..

  16. Trump, Trump, Trump we all know this stuff, jeez. What about the people, nothing but platitudes. Hillary failed and so will you, we don't want to employ the corporation, thanks kindly.

  17. Alot of people like Bernie but he's not it. Everytime I hear Bernie's name I can't help to think of Weekend at Bearnies the movie 😂😂😂. Joe is the only one who can crush Dump

  18. Let’s get it on! #Biden2020 Your nationwide lead in both the polls and fundraising is well-deserved.

  19. Platitude filled garbage for easily deceived serfs of the establishment. Banker owned Joe the big corporate hoe is a no go.

  20. Oh Biden You running for President 2020 what a Joke. How Women, Young Girls or possible Gays. Oh oh
    That’s the worst of all are you taking the Place of Bill Clinton. Lol

  21. So Creepy Groping Joe wants to be president. The only question is, are the American people dumb enough to vote for this creepy banker's puppet? 😂


  23. He only came out to support gay marriage when it was "cool". Also Joe Biden said said about how hard things are in this nation with "white male tradition" Well my question is why does he not step aside and let a minority be teh head of the ticket? Because we all know the white liberals use minority voters and that muslim rep from Detroit even said tthat how democrats are to minorities. .

  24. A man of wisdom, experience, respect and genuine spirit is former VP Biden. A man of the Senate,
    this is a good and decent man. Not perfect but continues to strive for all in this country. With the hope of restoring honor and decency to the Office of President and for America around the world, he has my vote!


  26. It's been reported the artist depicted in this was not even american, he is Danish lol timeline 3:07

  27. Biden is not perfect, but he has the best chance to defeat the orange clown, so Biden 2020 all the way!

  28. As an African american you should not vote for joe biden..
    Joe biden launched his campaign after 2 major people of color events. She the people & Al sharprons. He hasn't even asked the POC/AA community for there vote he just assumes he has it because of barack obama for which they did nothing major for African Americans and people od color. He also has put not serious policies out there like Elizabeth Warren who's been concistent.. don't be fooled.

  29. Biden, your time has come and gone. Step aside and allow someone who is going to bring radical change to Washington step in. We need a real reformist. Someone like BERNIE SANDERS.

  30. "Anything is possible?"
    Ok. Provide us with Free healthcare, free college tuition, affordable housing, reduce the number of incarcerated people/reduce funding to private prisons, push for the GND (the GND is an investment to this country,) end big corpo money, no more useless wars and I'll be set. Otherwise #Bernie2020

  31. Dear Mr. Biden, I am an interior carpenter and heard you needed some new closets built in your house to hold all the new skeletons you need to hide. The cost is $500,000/month in Ukrainian and $1Billion in Chinese money. I will take checks from the Biden Crime Family but please hurry before they RICO your ass. If it's too late I can build coffins as well.

  32. Was seriously considering voting for BIden to get Trump the Con out of office. But after reading today that he does NOT support federal legalization of Marijuana, I cannot support him. He is too old and too old-fashioned for my taste. I'll go with someone who has a younger outlook on life and not tied to decades old ideas that no longer fit our 21st century world. Sorry Joe, but I can't support you based on this one idea.

  33. I love Joe Biden!!!! I am absolutely supporting him  He has more integrity in his little pinky then Trump has in his whole body.

  34. Yeah, with Joe Biden we can finally get Paul Ryan's Social Security bill. Seriously, Biden and Ryan agree on it, look here:

  35. anything is possible EXCEPT pedo joe winning the presidency after his 3rd attempt, especially considering his incestuous kids probably should be locked up for 25 years to life…according to the Biden Law…

  36. AND if he’s SO against anything “trump-y” why is he on record as being in favor of a 700 mile…walk/fence 🧐

  37. to all you biden haters out there this is what the real joe biden is all about

    yes he is the best candidate to beat trump for the republican party nomination

  38. With all due respect
    But you can’t invigorate the indoctrinated
    All I can do is wish you best of luck
    It’s your funeral for you and DNC

  39. I know this much. . .You won't EVER see a pre teen girl within a 1000 miles of Joe Biden's outstretched arms throughout this presidential race.

  40. Sleepy Joe gets 125 people to his rally by giving out free T-shirt’s. President Trump has 70,000 people requesting tickets to a 20,000 seat auditorium for his rally’s. Who do you think the American people want as their next president?

  41. Joe Biden has a Boat of Labor endorsements, in back of him. Those labor groups Vote in Primaries. I think in the actual primary voting, he will take the lead.

    The 1st Debate ended up as a sham. Kamala Harris stole (snatched) the Moderator role, and started Questioning, Quizzing, bullying Joe on stage. That's wrotten & Terrible.

    See new article called: "Kamala Harris Won the Democratic Debate by Fudging Her Record." Dishonesty, Tactics of slandering. She advocates for legalized Prostitution (pimps Profit from Kidnapping, increase Human Trafficking), possibly Legalize Marijuana. Brags – She INHALED. She launched a pre-meditated, cunning slam of senior Joe Biden, framing & slandering him in the Public Square (Live TV debate). A younger person slandering a Senior citizen (past VP) is cruel, calculated, mean-spirited. * * When the Voting starts, Joe will take the lead. Warren & Harris are using the Debate stage as a Beauty contest, not honest to answer simple questions given to them. These Debates seem like a Dog & Pony show. When Voting begins (in 2020), the truth will come out. Self-proclaimed saviors like Warren & Harris don't stand a chance.

  42. With Joe, you just have to "Hold your nose and swallow" according to his wife. Who does she think she is, Monica Lewinsky?

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