AMERICA: A Foreign Policy of Oil (The Pickles Report Episode 1)

AMERICA: A Foreign Policy of Oil (The Pickles Report Episode 1)

welcome to the pickles report the this is the first episode of the only political show on the internet was a 12 year old house this will be a brand new weekly series covering both American and Canadian politics for my left-wing social democratic perspective today the today's episode is called America a foreign policy of oil throughout the the US government in recent days there has been many calls for war among neoliberal s'en both political parties war with two countries specifically Venezuela and Iran they cite many reasons from dictators to WMDs there is one reason they never they forgot to mention oil the lifeblood of an industrialized world they cite humanitarian reasons for invading these countries like Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela which and Iran's no Sharia law but you know I find it very hypocritical because I mean Sharia law for example there is horrible human rights abuses horrible suppression of women's rights and gay rights and the rights of other religions in Saudi Arabia which is apparently the United States his best friend and you know in Venezuela they talk about how oh no Maduro has this dictatorship now oh no he rigged the election and yes he did and I do believe very strongly in democracy but if you want to cite a humanitarian reason for invading Venezuela there is also a humanitarian reason for invading North Korea Saudi Arabia Syria the Assad Syria Egypt all these dictatorships that are our best friends will be not living on us on Syria but if you want to in if you're going to invade countries because they have dictatorships invade China invade that even invade Belarus fellow it's so hypocritical it is so stupid this but you can see the the reason they don't they care about Iran and Venezuela is because Iran and Venezuela are huge producers of oil when Hugo Chavez nationalized the oil industry there to help the people of Venezuela there were attempts on his life by American backed horses because he nationalized the oil industry because socialism is bad and so now Nicolas Maduro has this continuing Hugo Chavez's legacy and I am NOT say I'm not defending Venezuela's government the crisis in Venezuela right now is horrible and obviously Venezuela is not the best model of a country to go after it is not a great country right now but it is hypocritical of the United States to say humanitarian reasons for invading Venezuela and Iran when there are humanitarian reasons to invade other countries the United States are friends with but the United States and friends with those countries because they give them oil when you put Chavez nationalized the oil industry he kicked out all the other governments the United States was furious now that Hugo Chavez is dead Nicolas Maduro has taken over the United States is trying to is planning a coup d'etat and that backing Juan Guido they cite and they do claim they claim it is because it's to protect democracy or something stupid like that but no it is not it is to protect oil I hate this so much it is I'm sick of this war mongering and fear and I just I can't it's so stupid so you know what Trump if you're going to invade Venezuela invade North Korea in Vega invade Saudi Arabia invade Israel there he Benjamin Netanyahu is running an S no state in apartheid government invade all these countries that have worse human rights abuses than Venezuela Saudi Arabia is a brutal dictatorship so is Egypt so is North Korea so invade everywhere that has a dictator not just Iran in North Korea and Iran's government is not nearly as bad as Saudi Arabia they do have elections those elections aren't necessarily free and fair but they do have elections I understand Iran does have Sharia law it is a theocracy and it does have horrible human rights abuses but it is better than Saudi Arabia in my opinion at least thank you for watching the first episode of been rants about politics in this mad at Trump and I'll be back for another episode next week

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  1. What do you think of this? Are neoliberals and neocons hypocrites or is there another reason why they're calling for war? Let me know in the comments!

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