Amalon ati nkundwa cyane n'abagore //Dj pius we ngo ni Diamond w'i kigali

Amalon ati nkundwa cyane n'abagore //Dj pius we ngo ni Diamond w'i kigali

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honorary community moon event event Osama Dragutin yeah Nineveh Sarkozy Kuno music into cavora sound in Tokugawa Libby transistor decoration Adagio decoration mezzotint Sonya example ossuaries yeah

18 thoughts on “Amalon ati nkundwa cyane n'abagore //Dj pius we ngo ni Diamond w'i kigali

  1. amalon turamukunda cyane.gusa twakwifuje ko amalon na dj pius bakora featuring kabisa kuko yaza ari umuriro kweri

  2. Salam Irene, sha nukuri ngewe narumiwe ,ibya izo x wowe ntubizi mn na pys ujye umugira inama mn.
    Thx for your work mn.

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