15 thoughts on “Allie and Harry | Their Story Season 1 | The Society

  1. The last time they're talking is heartbreaking, Allie's idea of another version they are being friends and Harry's agreeing to that saying anything possible, let them save each other 😭

  2. Harry is Allie’s Damon they both are polar opposites yet so similar, they both are troubled and are going through sh*t and both need saving. They can either drown together or help each other swim up to the shore and I have a feeling that in the next season Allie and Harry would be each other’s anchor

  3. I read somewhere "let them save each other, let them be each other's hero" and i couldn't agree more. They need each other and I can see Harry falling really hard for Allie, being in love for the first time, true love. I hope in the next season. Beautiful beautiful video, I cried a little bit. I love them.

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