All The Lions I found in Europe

All The Lions I found in Europe

Este verão eu fui à Europa Um dos meus objetivos era encontrar leões Para um vídeo que eu desejava fazer e acabei com mais material do que eu sabia como lidar. Esses foram todos os leões que encontrei enquanto estava em Paris somente a primeira cidade da minha viagem… Neste ponto eu tinha apenas mais uma cidade para explorar Barcelona Obrigado por assistir!

100 thoughts on “All The Lions I found in Europe

  1. I had been wondering what would of happened to you for a month and you were trying to find some fake lions? LOL Keep up the good work

  2. Lions were a big crowd pleaser at the gladiatorial games. The Roman's brought lions from Africa so they could get rid of their prisoners in style. Makes sense that their influence in all over Europe.

  3. Guarding the gates and the rising and the setting of the sun. Got 2 questions, did you see many fasces in the doorways and is this the beatles?

  4. I'm a Pole living in Germany and I see lions all the time, but I never think about it. I didn't realize there are THAT many of them. After this video I will keep my eyes open

  5. I know you didn't include England in this, but it's a similar story. Is it any wonder C. S. Lewis take in all this adornment and one day think; "Maybe this is God"?

  6. these are all the lions I found in Europe
    just in Paris
    😲Damn, okay I see you Europe
    on just my first trip in one city
    😱Pikachu face

  7. Aight this is cool, but if you haven't been to Europe, please understand that he saw all those lions because he visited the sort of places where the lions are (churches, castles, inner cities, etc.).

    Personally, I probably don't see more that a couple lions a day outside.

  8. If you think about it, Europe is probably the continent with the most amount of lions while at the same time having no lions

  9. I'm from Finland.
    Not only our coat of arms has lion on it but our national ICE hockey team is named "leijonat", which tranlates to "lions".
    For such a northern country, I've always wondered why. Still our national animal is bear.

  10. You're lucky that you didn't visit the Netherlands, especially before 2000, when we had a lion on our Gulden coins.
    The Dutch have orange and lions as their national symbols.

  11. Me as a teen: Lions are great we should put images of them everywere.

    Me the first time I traveled to europe: Y E E E S S S s s s s s s

  12. Man, so happy for you and your Eurotrip! I hoped you enjoyed a lot!

    I really love the editing of this video and the another one related to lions! In England, a lot of football teams has lions in their crest, as well as the national team.

  13. This video seems very cool for people outside europe, but as a european this is more like the most boring school trip

  14. Make a video like that with the insect agriculture but about the seaweed agriculture. This is also good for the planet because it saves lots of land

  15. The Lion is the symbol of Babylon, and represents Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, love and war.Apr 26, 2012

     paying tribute to Babylon

    Ancient History Encyclopedia › eu › …

    Lion of Babylon [Detail] (Illustration) – Ancient History Encyclopedia

  16. If I were looking for some lions in Europe, I would go to the city of Lviv (basically, the city of Lions). There are ~4500 lions, and about a 100 of them are on a single building.

  17. i was expecting a video about the origin of these lions and why so many lion statues across Europe not a montage with irritating music , sorry a dislike for me this time Edited shiit i didn't notice there is an earlier video about this subject followed by this video sorry i removed the dislike

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