9 thoughts on “All eyes are on the country's capital

  1. This is not a stupid political rally, this is the formal inauguration of the President of the Republic. It should be at the Union Buildings where Mandela was first inaugurated

  2. Why a stadium and not union buildings. Loftus belongs to someone who will get a lot of money for that. Corruption has just begun.

  3. Aaahhh South African likes to show off…to me this unnecessary bathong. The country is really in crises. If this can happen in 2wks so as delivery service (( 2wks? )) well you ANC enjoy unemployment and dirty water. Now I am minding my Life. Ijo..itjhu…

  4. Breaking news Lindiwe Sisulu will be elected as first Deputy president ; after she was saw do walkabout accompanied the president for prep of presidential inauguration

  5. THANK YOU O'so MUCH Mr.Kim Jon Un ANNNND Mr.Vladmir Putin for the help in making this Country GREAT again !!!!!

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