Alex Jones shows little remorse in Sandy Hook deposition

Alex Jones shows little remorse in Sandy Hook deposition


100 thoughts on “Alex Jones shows little remorse in Sandy Hook deposition

  1. why keep attacking someone about an event that never happened at a school that was not even open. what first set me off about that so called shooting was the fact no one was injured everyshot was a kill shot

  2. CNN preaching about credibility, now that is funny!! Just look at the down votes compared to up and you will see what I'm talking about.

  3. Yknow if you guys actually posted real evidence instead of cut and out of context videos people would take you guys more seriously

  4. Sandy Hook was a psyop pulled off by the deep state to ban firearms. The evidence for it being a hoax is there for those with open minds and critical thinking skills! Most of what the main stream media promotes is weaponized propaganda! Just like the lie that chemotherapy is good for curing cancer!

  5. I love how Youtube is trying so hard along with the media to shield the general public from Alex jones. its as pathetic as a frantic mother yelling at her boys and telling them never to watch porn again yeah right lol.

  6. How is calling into question the details surrounding the event that day defaming the families or showing no remorse? If anything it is leaving no stone unturned so that the families can be certain they have all of the facts.

  7. CNN is in the exact same camp as Alex Jones, Russian Collusion was the biggest conspiracy theory of the 21st century.

  8. I wonder how much funds billionaire Ted pumps in the pockets of CNN to spread their lies about Jones

    Better yet how much money did they get for cutting him down even more since he’s been censured and we can’t get both sides of the story

  9. Alex Jones in a nutshell: I’m a crackhead that’s going to spread lies about something that actually happened.

  10. anyone that believes the sandyhook narrative, please explain this video. notice the glass is still in all the windows, so this is before the day of the shooting.

  11. Lumping Jones and his histrionics on sandy hook with the thousands of engineers, architects, scientists and pilots who carefully and systematically and logically explain why 911 couldn’t have happened the way we were told is unfair. Jones and those people are worlds apart and I have no doubt that history will read they were the adults in the room who faced the hard truth and spoke it. Finally by speaking the truth they honored the 911 victims and their families who were foremost in their calls for a real and honest investigation.

  12. No wonder those poor families have suffered so much. You have to only read all the EVIL in these comments to know we are literally fighting the DEVIL straight from hell. I hope Alex Jones loses everything he has and then some…

  13. CNN's news truck is a garbage truck. Their news studio is the landfill, and their reporters are the parasites ! -Who else could stomach this waste ??

  14. People need to look at the context here. Alex Jones is actually harassing people with his vigilante nonsense. CNN, while they may have narratives to spin, are not harassing anyone here.

  15. People need to look at the context here. Alex Jones is actually harassing people with his vigilante nonsense. CNN, while they may have narratives to spin, are not harassing anyone here.

  16. CNN are hypocrites of the darkest kind!… irrespective of whatever subject matter they peddle as fact or not!! They supported the Clintons! ….that speaks volumes!

  17. They sure are trying to shut down every channel playing the Alex Jones show… He must be over the target. KEEP TRYING SCUM!! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!!

  18. Alex lied and was caught. He lost the lawsuit. Defamation is still legally able to be tried. Have fun losing your shirt alex. You and your wack job cult deserve it.😂

  19. Come on conspiretards. You have ALL this evidence. You have a huge "woke" fanbase. You could single handedly present all the evidence that obama, hillary, and the dhs we're involved on a massive plot to destroy american civil liberties. Yet not ONE of you is willing to step into the judicial arena, put to rest every single person's beliefs on the matter, and throw the book at the lowlifes responsible for this.

    Are you afraid of actually being a threat to the government? Are you afraid your theories really are bullshit? Do you not understand how constitutional law and burden of proof work?
    What's the hold up!?

  20. How.bout them wars.CNN CHEERED US ALL INTO
    .how bout thet Girl crying to the U.N. and saying babies were thrown out of Iraqi soldiers..turns out the girl was.lying..and an actress and related to Kuwaiti royals..
    Sandy Hook was a hoax..
    So was.911

  21. CNN called him a professional liar. Alex should sue. And if people do shit its on them why is it on Infowars. It could be staged why the hell couldnt it be? We need to question. Everything. Why did this happen?…. If it did. Why? How? Let the man talk!

  22. imagine CNN talking shit on someone whose been accused of lying even though cnn are confirmed liars

  23. And he claims to care for people. Liar! People need to stop supporting these stupid conspiracy theorists!

  24. The fbi just noted that conspiracy theorists are likely causes of domestic terrorism and expects their attacks to ramp up before the next election.

  25. Objectively speaking, the First Amendment clearly allows Alex Jones to speak his opinion. Stating opinion as fact can get him In trouble, but in my humble opinion, Jones is clearly being blackballed, silenced, and CENSORED for political reasons. Preaching to the choir right?

  26. You guys are so full of s**t. Not to mention you still keep pushing this bs lie that AJ keeps saying that no one died @Sandy Hook. YOU ALONE are the reason why your ratings are going down the toilet

  27. Sandy hook was so staged Anyone realize every parent of vthe children were OLD!! Not one parent under 30 and 40 wtf

  28. CNN does not deserve to shine Alex Jone's shoes. Maybe they can clean his toilet. Over the years, Jones put out thousands of times more accurate information than CNN. The Mainstream propaganda machine of CNN and MSNBC (and the rest of the mainstream news) has always hated Jones because he unmasked their bullshit on a daily basis and was a constant threat to their propaganda lies. He has been so far ahead of the curve on getting out true information to people that it left mainstream looking like idiots and liars and it left competitors behind choking in the wake of his dust. CNN is so pathetic, they have to go back over 7 years ago to find something tp nail Jones on, one mistake and keep it fresh in the minds of the sheep, to whom they serve up their poisoned slop. Then they call him a "professional liar"! Talking about a case of the "Pot calling the kettle black!", that one takes the cake! CNN has intentionally lied to the American people for years. At least, it was not Jone's intention to deceive the people he reported to. CNN is guilty of betraying and attempting to brainwash the entire country. They pushed the lie about the shootings in Ferguson, race baited, intentionally fostered white hate, cop hate, and fed fuel into the riots. They have never reported on the good side of Trump, not representing or respecting the views of half the American population. They carried the lie of Trump's alleged collusion with the Russians, and instead of admitting their mistake, just let it pass, and moved on to the next attack, one after another in an attempt to destroy the President. Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Jake Tapper, Van Jones, Don Lemon and Brian Stelter are all a pack of lying, race-baiting, liberal democratic traitors to America. They can all shine the shoes of Alex Jones.

  29. Look at the thumbs up to thumbs down. It won't be long until they are forced to disable comments to spare themselves of what people really think about them. But what did they ever care about what the American people think??

  30. Tell me this isn’t staged

  31. 911 was an inside job, or at least there was people on the inside that were involved if it wasn’t entirely done from the inside

  32. 'Professional Liar'?! Jake you, along with the rest of your co-workers at your Unamerican network should take a look at yourselves in the mirror.

  33. I swear CNN is pure entertainment I almost died when I heard “ conspiracy theorist, and professional lier” 🤣😂🤣😂.. Alex Jones 😂🤣😂🤣…

  34. I dont give a fuck what these liars say… what alex has been saying keep coming true so yeah… keep covering up for the elites… the establishment is evil..

  35. CNN is a SHIT bowl of lies and ideological feces and urine.
    It boggles the imagination that these maggots like Stelter, Lemon, Cooper and Fake Tapper along with the rest of the cast of clowns actually believe they are any credibility at all by now.

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