Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic

Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic

– (piano music) – [Women Speaker] Air
pollution consists of chemicals or particles in the
atmosphere, that pose serious health and environmental threats. But what causes air pollution? And what does it mean for our planet? Some air pollution comes
from natural sources, like volcanic eruptions,
wild fires, or allergens. But most air pollution
results from human activities. Such as energy used in agriculture. There are different types
of human-made air pollution. When we burn fossil fuels to
produce energy they release greenhouse gasses into the air. This emissions such as
carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and
fluorinated gasses trap heat from the sun in earth’s atmosphere. Leading to a rise in global temperatures. This creates a cycle where air pollution contributes to climate change. And climate change creates
higher temperatures. In turn, higher temperatures intensifies some types of air pollution. For example, climate
change increases smog, because it forms in the
presence of high heat and increased levels of
ultraviolet radiation. More frequent extreme
weather, such as flooding, contributes to damp conditions
and therefore a rise in mold. Warmer weather also leads
to longer pollen seasons, and therefore more pollen production. Smog, is a type of air pollution,
that reduces visibility and has serious health effects. Smog can be divided into two categories; sulfurous and photochemical. Sulfurous smog is made up of chemical compounds called sulfur oxides. It occurs when burning
sulfur baring fossil fuels, such as coal. Photochemical smog, also
called ground level ozone, is a result of the
reaction between sunlight, and nitrogen oxides, and
volatile organic compounds. Nitrogen oxides come from car exhaust, coal power plants, and factory emissions. Volatile organic compounds
are released from gasoline, paints, and
many cleaning solvents. Smog not only creates a brown
haze that reduces visibility, but also harms plants, irritates the eyes, and causes respiratory distress. Another category of air
pollution is toxic pollutants. These are chemicals such
as mercury, lead, dioxins, and benzine that are released
during gas or coal combustion, waste incineration, or
burning of gasoline. In addition to adverse
environmental effects, toxic air pollution can cause
serious health problems. Such as cancer,
reproductive complications, and birth defects. While air pollution has many consequences for our planet, there are solutions. We can limit toxic pollutes,
smog and greenhouse gases, by decreasing the use of fossil fuels. Such as in transportation, manufacturing, and electricity generation. Reducing air pollution, not
only contributes to a cleaner environment, and better human
health, but can also slow the rate of global warming. (chime music)

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  1. Look at us “the most intelligent” species on this planet are destroying the nature. What’s the point of being successful and having money if you don’t have nature, if you can’t breath fresh air, if you can’t swim in oceans, seas or rivers because they are polluted and many other things…We must understand that we can’t live without nature, if we don’t fix this problem with the water and air we will get more sicker and more sicker.

  2. I can’t believe people are falling for this , Global warning is a myth, every year the sun gets older and brighter , so more heat is transferred to earth which resulted more heat on Earth. So it’s not humans fault.

  3. In late afternoon on October 3, there had been a yellow smog engulfing the South Bay in Los Angeles County where oil refineries clutter. The air was so bad that it made me cough non-stop & I felt like my throat was closing on me the minute I stepped out of the house. The whole area was like a movie shot edited with yellow hint all over, very eerie like it was the end of the world. But it was air pollution because my throat's reaction told me so. I had to take the allergy medicine and use an inhaler. Don't let the fake news fool you into believing that the Democrats-owned state of California has better air. It is not true. Democrats passed laws to make it look good on paper against air pollution, by creating unnecessary burden for the average person, e.g., forcing relatively new cars to pay for smog tests, meanwhile, you saw a lot of the metro buses bumping out black choking smoke or grandfathered older cars that are pumping out the same choking black smoke everywhere. New cars always passed the smog test because they are made with smog control. Mandatory smog tests on relatively new cars did nothing to improve air quality other than enriching the government with more testing fees and the licensing fees from the smog test centers. You rarely see new cars pumping out black smoke. Yet the big polluting old cars and the buses seem to be exempted from the smog test law and are allowed to freely pump out black choking smoke wherever they go. The average people are made to pay the unnecessary fees to smog test our cars just to get the almost defaulted "pass" paper. Meanwhile, the Democrats made other laws to either not include emission from oil refineries from the "clean air" measure, so they can self-congratulate themselves, or they passed other laws to allow big polluters to buy the credits to pollute. In addition to having bad air, we also have to suffer in crimes from all criminal gangs from all over the world, and we have to spend our taxes to pay for free healthcare for all illegal immigrants and the foreign criminal gangs who are enjoy their sanctuary granted by the Democrats.

  4. Viewers, please look into chemtrails as a source of air pollution. If you don't know what it is, please research it. Please don't ignore this source of air pollution without researching it yourself.

  5. If we have high IQ'S, why would we kill ourselves, why humanity hurts each other? Let's be United in the world. Seems backwards too me.

  6. Money causes this. Ask and receive would make bikes and electric vehicles like pedal elecyric RHAT Racer and Elf pedal electric vehicle be all over the place. Ask and receive need to be
    world wide. Don't fear it. It takes faith to obey that. Jesus wants to see faith on the earth when he comes back.

  7. Im thinking of commitijg suicide right now because i don’t want to experience this. No joke. Im crying today, and i cry everyday

  8. I think it is very serious now in South Korea too. Thank you for easy understanding video about air pollution.

  9. This is killing me. Now I kill you. It is far, don't you think? How many dimensions have to be felled with carbon?

  10. Show less
    The problem with people in Europe they only see their surrounding environment thinking, if around me is ok then I will save the environment eg Electric vehicles cutting C02 emissions but no one is doing research to how much C02 is being made to produce electric vehicles and lithium batteries its like we are burning a cigarette from both sides. We are digging a bigger hole as batteries need to be recycled MEANING WILL BE PRODUCING TONNES OF C02.LEAD AND OTHER METALS IN OUR ENVIRONMENT.

  11. Why NG not saying anything about Firecracker air pollution?? according to NG do Firecracker produce oxygen!??

  12. How to change the world? It's simple. Just remove all houses, grow trees everywhere and also remove cars and all that. We are meant to be animals of nature but we ain't 🤔🤐😞

  13. If you see this, do avoid this terrible lifestyle make sure to:
    When your having a shower, have a quick one to not waste water and if your not using the water and your pointing it in a another direction or the water is on and your doing something else, TURN IT OFF.
    Another thing is to not use plastic, please do not use plastic, don’t waste your food, grow a lot of trees plants and flowers, do not chuck rubbish on the ground! if you see any rubbish on the floor pick it up and throw it in the bin! Buy a reusable bottle and don’t use plastic bags, cans, plastic cups, plastic plates.
    Please do this, we don’t want an unhealthy world!

  14. I don't think we humans will be around for much longer if we keep polluting the land, air and sea at the current rate. We show utter disrespect for nature and really don't deserve to live on this beautiful planet. Our day of reckoning will come soon enough. I think we are at the tipping point already. The world may survive but we won't.

  15. More global warming propaganda. Co2 & methane are not pollutants & very loosely considered greenhouse gases.

  16. it amazes me how i watch kung foo movies and such and think of the chinese as such a humble and respectab le culture…then u watch real life and they pollute and poison eachother out of greed…at what point did there monarchy totally lose its way….maybe i thinking of the japanese and there old ways

  17. Ughhhhh. These videos annoy me sooooo much. Everyone thinks that pollution is the worst thing ever and the world is ending but it's really no big deal because everyone is too blind to see it's just the liberals lying to get money. The only places where air pollution is really heavy are China, India, and Pakistan.

  18. Its disappointing to note that globally we are all taking this issue with less seriousness, affected more by our economic and financial situations. Until we actually start losing much more than we seem to have bargained for… Its a high risk scenario our brains are accustomed to, instead on the risk-fear RUN mode.

  19. Problems with all this is we go from one pollution to an other we all put solar panels on our roofs and drive electric car. We will cause same or more pollution as electric vehicle batteries take tonnes of CO2 and other gas to be manufactured used and recycles meaning we are worse off we will use more of the world resources as well. Tonnes of CO2 to male solar panel.

  20. If we dont do anything… We all are done for.. the only thing we all can do right now is pick up litter/ not litter and pray to God we can get through this 😭

  21. Trump's policies of allowing even more neurotoxins in our environment will add to the diminishing IQs of a population that is already brain damaged and will probably end any chance we might have had to be the great nation we once were.

  22. Am I the only one who likes pollution . I love pollution 1000% 😉😇😉😏😏😈😈

  23. I think every one who saw this should tell workers to not use plastic or anything like that because I we all could die u never know

  24. Obviously the reckless human activity, throw away culture are behind the rapid change.
    Human activites are industrialization, deforestation, extensive mining.

  25. Air pollution can be stopped, any air pollution can be stopped, we have removed its device, the hundred percent is Sehore.

  26. Stopping air pollution will not allow a government school in big confusions because the lack of air pollution does not answer the problems of big diseases, so the government will never allow the air pollution device to be launched.

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