AGDQ 2019 Panels: Behind the Scenes of Volunteering at GDQs

AGDQ 2019 Panels: Behind the Scenes of Volunteering at GDQs

just to introduce everyone I'm real kun tech volunteer coordinator this is muffins head volunteer coordinator I coordinate them I'm Ted I do the donation volunteering I'm a dope bean I do the host laundry I'm Church I do the check-in volunteering I'm angel I do the photo and camera volunteering and the guy you can't see walking in the back of the room as dark man and he does social media and panel volunteering he'll be done shortly yeah cuz he had us reorder the panel so he could go first we're not changing the slides though oh it's reordered right thanks I've been home sick for a few days just disappoint me here we go all right dark man looks hungry this so yeah real quick just want to talk a little bit about social media volunteering so for those watching this at home congrats you can beat off so a volunteer that's cool so yeah so in addition to the on-site volunteers we do have off-site volunteers as well and I'm just gonna let this off right here because this is really not Gordon perfect so yeah so you can volunteer at home we usually post applications like you know a couple weeks to a month before the event starts so pretty simple we're just looking for people that have some kind of like social media experience you don't need to be like somebody who like you know works for a company or something like that just somebody likes using Twitter a lot and knows some good basic manners basically on Twitter or other social media channels so yeah that's really it's not that complicated in terms of what you do as a social media volunteer it's really simple you post a lot of memes a lot of all the time I love memes but ya know seriously we just basically post throughout the event most of the time it's on Twitter we do some Facebook's I for now just do the Instagram who knows what will happen in the future but yep that's pretty much it if you enjoy kind of hanging around you know posting what's happening within the event you really love just like seeing the runs watching the stream all the time while kind of tweeting about it or Facebook posting about it this is kind of the thing for you usually at most they'll be like twelve hours a week in terms of like a four hour shift so three days a week for 12 hours total so it's not too bad so if you do have more questions about that you can always reach out to me on Twitter I am the dark man 78 or discord darkman 78 yeah that's pretty much it for me so yeah I'm gonna go eat now cuz I'm hungry thank you dr. Angela panel so I could be alive during it so just to briefly touch on what he talked about main thing of this panel here is it's our goal to make volunteering more accessible a lot of people look at volunteering and it's a scary thought so we're here to explain it break it down into smaller pieces that are easy to understand and also just make it clear that it's not as hard as people seem to assume what he mentioned is true we try to limit the number of shifts that people get whenever possible to make sure that you still have time to enjoy your week here since most people are here on vacation we don't want you to be working the entire time in the actual exception of a few people who actually do want to be working the entire time here they tell us that we shift them more but you can always give us your preference so our standard rule 4 is no more than one shifts in 24 hours unless you're one of the people that aggravates us to no end and insists on having more shifts that's pretty accurate so next up we're going to make tech the scariest of the scary less scary so of course we have to start with the task bot meme it's required and then a silly picture just to get the point across the tech is not as scary as everybody thinks we had some tech people in here before I see one still at least not you Mehdi when is the last time you were attacked volunteer please okay so that's not relevant anymore still not relevant and so as these two pictures get it across for people who walk backstage for the first time or see our switcher box it can be very intimidating but the point is it's not the entire picture you're looking at all of the jobs for tech can be broken down into very simple parts and if you're so lucky enough to get one of these shifts this marathon you're gonna be sitting there on stream Tech and your entire job is to make sure the stream doesn't explode for three hours and posting memes yeah reposting memes some of the twitter because they they hit the stream tech dashboard we'll talk about that in a little bit but when you're on one of these shifts we encourage people to maybe bring a phone or a 3ds or something and just look up at the stream every couple minutes and make sure it's still on because that's pretty much what these shifts are it's the easiest shift you can get at a gdq but we just want to break down the shifts every tech shift has these three goals when the stream is running you're basically just making sure it doesn't explode it happens from time to time but thankfully not very frequently but having a volunteer whose job it is to be a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing when the things do explode the help with us setting up the next game getting everything right and then the producer is the main one that handles the third part but if somebody absolutely needs some information that make sure it gets passed along to the relevant people so monitoring the stream you're gonna be looking at OBS you'll see that on the bottom right there's no drop frame counter because we moved it just because we thought your job just need to be very slightly difficult it's now on a separate PC but this is mostly the role of the stream tech to look over the stream and make sure it's still running you have to look over the second PC for frame drops but the other thing is just looking at the video feed if anything's wrong sort of raise your hand or stand up and go grab the producer and listening in stream audio through the headphones if you hear something that sounds wrong in the headphones or you're not sure you just call for help you're like hey is that supposed to be like that and then somebody will come over they'll take a look at it they might have to hear it as well then they'll make a judgement call they always prefer people to come over and ask if something is wrong even if it's not over them sitting there kind of just not being sure and not saying anything so setup we've got this lovely thing on the stream tech dashboard it's a checklist it's your best friend if you're not sure at any time what to do during setup as a tech volunteer you can always look at the checklist you'll see that it's split between stream tech duties and stage tech duties so for either tech all they have to do is be like wait a minute what else was I supposed to do and they walk over the PC they look at it and they're right get right back to it some of the tasks are handled by others the audio engineer producer gives you okay and the camera and the host in the audio do the ads but if you look back at it we'll show it again later there are checkboxes that the stream tech can't do and it's handled by other people and they turn green when they're handled whenever things ready the producer would be like okay we're gonna get started that's when they press that button the bottom left to cycle the recordings and that means we're ready to start like I said before coordinating with others is basically the job of the producer but if you have something that you feel really needs to be brought up you talk to the producer because they're they're mean they are your main contact or if it's something you feel not quite as important you can ask the stage tech and the stage tech will probably just bring it up to the producer anyway but it helps if you're still feeling a little bit uncertain the producers job is to make sure that everybody is working together as a team so they're running around talking to the different volunteers coordinating them basically and that's why I fell off the stage at sgdq 2018 I mean true he's not wrong so even though people like me occasionally fall don't be afraid to ask questions it's not your fault we have backups for this stuff the nurse fired me for the week I wasn't allowed to work so sometimes things go wrong you see in the bottom right setup took 36 minutes but that wasn't anybody's fault on the volunteer side so just because this happens it doesn't mean that you're doing something wrong this instance is a good example of this because we had some strange tech issue that we still are not 100% sure what caused it we wanted switching a power strip and that made it work which doesn't entirely make sense so we had some problem on our end the volunteers did the right thing they called for help we got the senior tech staff down here and they started fiddling with things eventually that means they switched the power strip kind of a why not decision because there were a few issues with the power strip earlier in the week it might have been the cause or it might have just been a coincidence but it's a good example of it was such a strange problem that the stage tech and the producer probably wouldn't have thought to do it on their own so that's why you call for help the main reason we want to drill into your heads to call for help is we want it to be moving up the chain as fast as possible if you don't know how to fix it you can try one simple thing ask for help producer might poke at a thing and then they call in the senior Tech's I don't have to add a lot to this one I just wanted that picture in here and this is really important because people don't think about this but we value people who ask for help higher than people who are very confident that they know what they're doing because the people were very confident that they know what they're doing often don't ask for help they sit there and they struggle with it for 10 minutes because they think they can fix it on their own sometimes they can but other times when they hit a wall they will often not ask for help so being that person who knows when your own in over your head and you need assistance is something that I is a tech volunteer want more than an expert in the field unless the expert in the field also knows when to call for help and then that's amazing stage tech they get this scary little picture but that's a lot simpler than it looks because this is a replacement for our matrix you see at the bottom you've got inputs at the top we've got outputs you touch it and you drag it's smart all it does it will prevent you from making decisions that don't make sense if you try to drag HDMI to CRT it'll think about it for a few seconds decide that doesn't make any sense and then say no because why would we ever want to route HDMI to a CRT any other time if you route an input to an output that art is already mapped they don't just override it and that's all you have to do if you look on the left side that's where we plug in consoles we have three main types of connections and they're all labeled if you want to learn more about stage tech and actually plugging in the consoles we our orientations are always open and you can walk in and get taught about it but the other thing is stagetext do is they keep the shelves tidy we have a big shelf with consoles and cables and we keep it orderly so that during setup we can find everything we need easier if we have to sort through the cables and be like okay where's the Genesis cable I knew it was here before it takes to set up take a little bit longer so keeping everything by its console helps that a little bit we're using them to help inventory our tech shelves this event may or may not happen again in the future and if we've got a long run and we had a for example nest that was misbehaving during a run we'd give them this mess all the cables will involved and may be another's nests and have them just hook it up to one of the TVs and see which part was the problem was it this mess was that the cable swatch swapping all the parts out to find which one of them is causing the issue it's just an easy thing they can do so then we can hand it to our tech staff be like hey this cable needs replaced or this Super Nintendo is misbehaving and maybe one of them goes to try to repair it or we give it to worldline because sometimes they repair our consoles there's one of the things to a check does you get to handle fancy wet wipes oh yeah we have the medical grade wipes that we use to wipe down the headsets on stage because that's just a let's prevent the GD flu measure and the important thing with that is make sure you wear the gloves if you touch the wipes too long it'll dry out your skin it'll be uncomfortable but it's not really gonna do any long-term damage the more important thing is if you get some of it on your skin and then you're tired and you like rub your eye that's gonna be a bad time so if you get any of that on your hands don't touch your face tell the producer go wash your hands we don't want to mess with it so this is the dashboard this is the lifeline of the stream Tech and again I can look a little bit scary we're just gonna break it down into parts this is the schedule editor it shows the current game and the next game is he in the bottom you can edit current and edit next at any point if you need to change any of the information here you just click that button there are very easy fields to edit and you hit save if it's a multiplayer run like if it's a race or co-op there's up and down arrows to simply rearrange the order of the runners on the screen you don't have to rewrite any of the information it's just very easy to understand here is the current current it's a very slightly different now but one of the recent checklist iterations this is the main place you look – during setup okay which of these haven't done yet and if you're not sure if a task is done you just asked your producer you should be in the area this is the timer box the timer is very robust you can make a lot of mistakes with the timer and it makes sure it's not actually a mistake if you hit the finish button too early the timer is still running in the background it'll turn into a resume button and you hit the resume button same thing with the forfeit button if you have a race going and you hit the wrong order you can edit you can resume the person that you accidentally finished and then finish the correct person to edit their time every iteration you can do of making a mistake with this timer is fixable unless you reset it and that requires a confirmation dialogue so unless you literally hit reset hit yes without even looking at it and they're like oh my god I shouldn't have reset it that's the only way you can mess up with the timer everything else is recoverable this is a list of upcoming games and you'll see there's an interview here that's how you know when we have extra things like ads or interviews interviews are handled by the interview producer now when they're ready they switch the interview and they switch back to the rig screen when they're done so stream tech doesn't even really need to do anything with interviews they use that time to set up down here are a bunch of options most of these are gone now I think it's just a milestone tracker now but that'll be on most of the time and every once in a while the producer will tell you to don't turn it off if you enter your shift and it's off and it's been off for a while you can ask the producer if there's a reason there might not be or it could just be a tech issue and we just have it off temporarily Twitter display as she was talking about before when our social media interacts with tweets when they like some retweet them they'll appear here and you have the option display them on the stream we just want to make sure we don't flood the stream with with tweets because it will cover up our sponsor overlay we do want our sponsors to have time to have advertisement during her runs and it also draws a little bit of attention away from the run so pick the best tweets you can queue them up in order really quick and it'll displays a slideshow one at a time and I'll go back the main thing is sometimes you will get tons of tweets sometimes you'll get no tweets when you have tons you don't need to show them all just pick the best ones and if you don't get no tweets you don't need to worry about it our social media fluctuates on interaction depending on how is going long runs where people just get really focused they're not looking at their Twitter they're just watching the run so you'll see those are the empty ones and fan art when we get tweets that include pictures it goes over here these can only be displayed in the break screen and it follows pretty much the same rules as I said before this is a very quick overview of how just all the parts are pretty simple and you have somebody like the producer there to help you guide you through each step if you want to learn more in depth about anything most of the volunteer roles have open orientations what's the one that doesn't audio is the one that does not have an open orientation but everything else you can show up for an orientation even if you're an attendee just learn how it works just to see if you're interested in it for future events and in case it wasn't clear asks for help when you need it please hi I'm Church I do check in so check-ins pretty simple it operates as the event desk for the event so we ask answer questions give directions stuff like that general event information like where rooms are stuff like that but the main job we fulfill is giving out badges for the event for people who have registered several months ago it's pretty simple check ID make sure it matches give them the badge if you have any issues there's a staff member with you they can help you that's pretty much it Thank You Church you can go back to cherry and I I'm totally not on shift right now isn't this you – no that's me oh that's you okay yeah so this is a new thing we have now that we're trying out and it seems to be going really really well uhm so previous events we've just had a room or everyone through their board games in with no oversight people just bring their games to play and for obvious reasons the bigger they vote got the worse this got so people go home with the wrong games I know there was a really fun triangle of everyone taking the wrong exact same copy of the game just things like that so we're trying to make sure people actually get their actual stuff going back and all everyone takes care of the things that they take out this time so we had the board game librarian and what they do is they check in and out games like a librarian but in reality they mostly actually spend their entire shifts playing board games or explaining board games to people for that have this huge stack of board games behind them they're like I have no idea what any of these are you have a nifty nifty sheet when you're there that tells you a brief plot synopsis how difficult games are and their estimated game length so you can kind of give very easy advice for what people should play and yeah you got to meet a bunch of new people because I try to pair everyone up with someone so there's a shift so you have a shift buddy in case no one is around so you have someone to play games with it's really just scheduled gameplay yeah you sit there you play board games people walk up you might talk to them give advice check out a game every now and then and make sure people aren't like trying to walk away with game as though checking them it that's we're pretty sure people are gonna need to bring this stuff back because they can't really leave the event very well without what we take from them since we take their license so if they do manage to figure out that this board game is you know more important than this license well we have their contact information and this is the other one is enforcement so we try to have at least two enforcement volunteers on schedule at all times what happens with this is also fairly simple you make sure people have their badges if anyone is acting up very poorly you tell staff you're not required to actually interact with any of these situations do you have your badge yeah it's in my purse hi to be clear by telling the staff it'll usually just be mean pinging them on slack you don't have to track down a path and be like oh my god you basically use fancy adult this cord and tell someone and ping staff members that something weird is happening there's a drunk person okay stop we'll deal with that hey this guy looks like he's asleep in the practice room okay I'll go wake him up you know it's just stuff like that where it's just the staff will take care of it you're basically an extra set of eyes and occasionally hands if we're gonna be honest because you're gonna be picking up a lot of empty cups hey this person just ignored me when I tried to bench that check them and just walk straight in was it me yeah actually if I do that you do get mentioned the kudos by the way in the evaluations she's sick I'm really sick oh yeah darkman is still hungry hopefully that's being satisfied here you go angel thank you so photography it's also lumped in with camera operators meaning the interview section and the main stream camera so let's start so starting with photography the purpose of photography is to you know you know take a moment of the runner while they are at their you know while they are at a moment where you know they may this could be their only time that they're gonna be on stage in front of this many people so we want to give them kind of give them something back and kind of capture that moment when they are you know you want it running another thing we do is we also help social media with their quest to find memes and push you know these these sort of panels here like for example you know there would be a photographer down here taking photos of this kind of panel to show people but you know we're all over down here so too much in terms of like telling what to do but we work in tandem with social media we have a slack we have a really nice computer that we've built for editing so you know there's no need for that you know the high ink equipment we also rent Sony mirrorless cameras I'm not sure if anybody shot meritless cameras before professor like these professional cameras I brought my own down here they're like this big they're really light and they're really awesome and you know the lenses are also very light so when you shoot you shoot exactly as you see it meaning I can train a whole lot of people on how to shoot because it's it's a it's a lot less shooting and peaking a lot more of just hey let's sit here and let's shoot together so if you ever had any kind of just like niche for photography or if you ever felt like you hey I wanted to you know I want to do something great like this please volunteer like it's not as scary as it sounds um I will take my time I'll make sure that you can shoot on par with everybody else before I set you on your own like I've talked a lot I've talked to a lot of volunteers and they say that's the best part is learning how to shoot professionally because everybody a lot of people they take photos but maybe you just don't know what it takes to kind of get to that next level so if you want to bring your own gear you are more than welcome to we do ask that you edit on our computer during the event is it is kind of our photos but at the end we'll release it and you're more than welcome to use it for your portfolio or anything like that sort of thing so if you're like hey I want to just build my portfolio and get better photos by all means please you know come on down we'll help well you know mutual gains here but you know one of the benefits I think of my shifts is you get a lot of creative freedom meaning my omote my minimum is I just want a photo of the runner while he's running hurry or she is running you know looking great that's the minimum and if you want to take one photo of perfect for a rod and per ship while you're doing a shift you sure know I'll get you through it but you know you have a chance to you know you're playing around with you know about $10,000 worth of equipment that we're letting you use we have another you know pretty high-end computer at least high-end for my version some people have been like hey it's just needs more RAM yes just download more ram just download more ram yeah 3d printer here you could print where I'm oh thank you see solutions but you can also you know go around and start taking photos of the next big thing like you could be I think years ago I was taking I went down to the owner of the tournament room and it was just full these guys playing Zelda and link to the past and I was and they were all super excited you know they had they had their computers out they had spreadsheets out and they were doing it I was like hey what's going on guys and they explained to me this is randomizer so I got you know ice talked to them they kind of explained to me how randomizer works we push it up through social media and you know years later look how big this has become you know like you never know what and the next connect it couldn't control super metroid run will be and i think the important one is honey percent honey percent yeah and like social media will just start like you know painting like hey there are people playing ocarina of time right now with their hands dipped in honey we need photos because right how the hell does that work so we had to go right so we went down there I went down there and there sure enough there was four people in front of CRTs with pins on their laps just completely covered in honey and occasionally somebody just walked by and just matter at all their hands and they were just sitting there controls completely busted right I don't know if you know they did a Nintendo 64 controller is not meant to be played dipped in honey I did ask the controllers were already broken first okay ooh so they're putting honey on something that's already not working and hoping that the button still continue to work sure that and the stick the stick was just like gone right it was it was it was getting stuck what was that this this action is very you can actually look back on our Twitter and find it I think it was two years ago to agdq yes yeah agdq two years ago honey percent on your time they couldn't deter Ning was difficult rolling was was sometimes it worked I don't know the I think most people just got to the Deku Tree and just kind of got stuck on things and it's great you're taking photos you're waiting for people to kind of show reactions right you you're getting close-ups of these grazing you know dribbling of honey you know looks like you know kind of these food porn things were but instead it's a controller right but but yeah that was kind of a fun thing and you know this you know we like to know about this sort of things and you know we don't we're working all the time so it's fun to see these kind of great photos being shared like hey you know there's honeydew people dripping honey on their controllers there's uh you know mike uyama playing Terraria with connector something like that stop terraria thank you Turanian subterranean yeah see thank you i'm Shh don't ask me about these so that's that's that's what you do you're kind of sharing the experience to everybody and we remember like memorizing more realizing these event these moments and capture and you know what sometimes they're real real subtle they'll just be there for like half a second the runner just kind of breaks their stoic look that they've had for about six hours and just smile or just laugh right and then it go right back to it and if you capture that moment right yeah boom like you might have you know you might have made their brand-new Twitter profile picture or their new banner or you know they use yours like a Mitch firepower that's that his black-and-white photo that's mine I took that years ago so it's not really I don't do it for you don't you don't do it for the glory he do it just you know to give to give something back and this is like one of these positions where you can really you know really you know do that we're not trust me we're not as critical as TAC you know they they they make the state they make everything around here but you know we're that next the next level of just like capturing moments that you know something that that that video just can't capture so that's that part and then camera operator which is a new position that we start I don't know if we have a slide for it or not we do not okay great so camera operator which is which I'm what we're seeing and we have so far has been managed by Richard who is currently out and that is adjusting cameras and it can I said he just setting up the interview cameras and the main camera as well as kind of doing kind of the price stuff with the camera pans and all that good stuff so if anybody has any kind of AV background or if you kind of if you touched live TV production or you just like shooting things you know I mean you'd like to recording and you kind of have the base and you don't you're not afraid of touch cameras please it's a great position you know we are very easygoing we'll teach you you know we'll get you where you need to be so we we definitely need these kind of volunteers because you know without cameras without people behind the cameras we can I can't function so please take a look at that and you know it's it's not as intimidating as it seems I've personally I think I think what Alan does way more intimidating all those cables no thank you like but will you teach me how to mean I cannot that's a dark man he's hungry okay that pretty much does it for me my orientations are open if you have any questions I also you know please ask me if you have any questions you know DSLR if you want to like kind of know what my well what kind of what my skill level has to be and by the way I had the bars not very high like I will take anybody and I will teach them how to take photos shoot photos on a professional level it's much easier than you think it is it really is and yeah she's actually she's actually one of my one of my photographers I think Ted I put a camera on your hand at one point no no no you do camera stuff yeah you do he does help with camera stuff you know everybody just comes comes by just wants to learn and people just sit in on and it's great kind of a great skill to know so please don't be afraid to try us out but you know you know kind of give you another perspective of GDQ you can see everything you know so thank you very much that's me so we'll keep it going okay and this goes along with making me a bit more pretty which is what he does we now have stylists it sounds complicated it's you know makeup artists that know how to do hair and stuff but realistically it's something basically anyone can do but we do for them is since we have these fancy lights now they make people's faces shine a lot like reflecting and if you have people that get embarrassed by this that makes them a bit more uncomfortable so what we do is we basically just put powder on their face it's anti shine it's clear you can't mess it up it's really just that simple Rico just don't get in someone's eyes and you're fine and then there's combs if people want them but typically people already have their hair set so the biggest thing you do is you get to meet and talk to the runners and commentators because you might be asked by the host to get some information such as what is a good time to read donations I couldn't contact this person in the downtime between events and they'll be like oh well you know during this cutscene that's fine and then you just pass that along to the host the other thing you do is you just there's a really easy spreadsheet I don't know if people notice this year but we now have commentators in the descriptions it's the stylist that collects those so we can put them together should I show it so yeah it's really just you know has the game name and the names of the commentators this literally ought is that's the most easy it's about sheet that we have I'm pretty sure it's pretty easy yeah oh donations my my turn what do we do uh well basically we look at every donation that gets donated to PCF for doctors that boards for sgdq so every single donation we get whether it's blank the memes the jokes the good the bad you name it we see it I mean it someone a regular donation volunteer or head donation volunteer we'll look at that throughout the entire event I think if you go to the next page it shows kind of what it looks like yeah so we get donations this is what it looks like you know just random statistics agdq generally averages 40,000 or more donations throughout the event so we see 40 thousands of those and we make one of those three options on the right there we have approved comment sent a reader or host and block comment it's literally all we do if we approve it goes to the website great everyone can go and look at it if they want send of the host pretty self-explanatory you think hey this is a great comment and I want it to be read on air and then block comment is just for in offensive material you know vulgarities harassment stuff like that the charities who represent our have to be neutral stance so anything that out in the world that people consider controversial we have to keep that in mind when we represents we represent the charities that's really all we do it's pretty pretty straightforward but we have interesting statistics based on all of this so like yeah we didn't put it in that just go talk about it reactions okay so since gdq has in been in existence with c gdq we have received over at the beginning of the event over three hundred and seventy nine thousand donations that's just quantity like that's how many and currently in the event were actually over four hundred thousand total donations now through gdq to the events to the charities typically agdq will get more they get a little over 40,000 an event whereas sgdq's anywhere right now between 30 and 35 thousand donations and that's just pure quantity and then now we get to the random things that the church gets to missed out on and his meme so an over over 3,000 donation comments we've had greetings from Germany yeah so and Arby's to somebody mention Arby's because in 293 times people have put Arby's in their comments then we also have Haber essentia although he's not here right now people people have called his name over 250 times mostly for puns Blair's thing he's almost as popular as Arby's yeah he's getting close okay almost almost also fun thing just the Trump just added a little note to the greens from Germany only seventy percent of those people are actually from Germany so if everyone remembered sgdq Pepsi man is awesome right yes we've had 615 comments talking about it and this is probably one of the more interesting ones as is our biggest bid war on going through all the events as savers kill the animals and in it's been a bid 16 times his first bid was in sgdq 2011 earlier they said it was 82 huge 2012 that's not that was incorrect so and it has raised two million seven hundred sixty-four thousand sixty dollars and 23 cents and this 16 bids it's done so quick question how much does Tom at into that I add a ton into that I was only like four hundred and seventy dollars so but it gets gets a little more interesting than that so currently save the animals' is winning in the overall bid war over these 16 bids this was at the beginning of the events I was this could have changed since there's a say first killing this event as well save the animals has 1392848 which is currently winning by the way I know save is currently winning yes okay so save is still still ahead but rejoice rejoice for the people that want kill the animals in the bid wars kill his won nine times to seven so and then this next one was a request from dark man even though he's not here you wanted to know when the very first longtime viewer first-time donor donation came in and it came in in April of 2011 for actually the Japan relief done quick so it wasn't even one of the main events the first main event it appeared at was in agdq 2012 so and then I also asked cool Matty before I got up here this is not donation earlier just in general for volunteers we actually have a hundred and eighty-three on-site violence I volunteers here and then we have I was talking to some of our off-site people later earlier it probably around 60 to 65 off-site volunteers we have around two hundred and thirty or so volunteers volunteers and staff that are also volunteering or no I think that includes volunteers and runner volunteers and the on-site I did not count staff since we're staff also tend to volunteer during the event yeah that was already an environment Hey I host okay you right so let's say for donations there's a bunch of random statistics in there and they're just a few I looked up and obviously very interesting so speaking of hosts make you know whose host our last one here is the host volunteering um I actually feel like costa's Navis and more difficult of the group only because it's I think the execution is not a problem but it's also a little bit of acting and voicing obviously you're the voice that everyone hears they don't see you but they hear you and they question who's the random person speaking and why we read the donations so we do cooperate a lot our donation station or had donations even though they send us the donations for us to read we're still the really last like you know the proofreader and just in case anything is to happen we're at the last double check make sure that the comments are appropriate and then we also have to make the decision if we read it if it's unfortunately too busy that we might have to ignore a comment I know we never want to but sometimes depending on your shift there's a lot of you know races and like maybe some prime time you know runs going on that like donations gets really cluttered we have way too many and then there's certain times where we need to maybe block a comment if we do fine you know that one chance that it gets slipped through but it's really really rare I really trust my donation station that they do their job really really well and I do we also communicate with runners basically if we have incentives or goals that need to be met because it's basically we want to make sure we're pushing it making sure that these things are happening because the more that we're getting these incentives and goals happening the more that people are donating it's one of the reasons why were the voice or you know we like to let people know hey you want this silly person to wear a hat it's $1,000 for this guy to have a hat do I'm gonna wear a hat yeah and when we have like really silly gimmicks silly incentive stuff like that that turns into memes memes turn into funny donations and then we're loose stuff like that as in the more technical side it's gotten a lot easier it does feel a little overwhelming at first because we have a lot we have a laptop that has er like our ad blurbs prize information instead of information talks about our actual charity that we're running especially for those that may may not really know a lot about it but want to know more then we have our monitors where we have one with our stream layout one with our dashboard which you kind of saw what a dashboard look like on the tech side it's not quite exactly like that it's a little bit similar now it's a little bit easier paying attention what's going on where we're at and then when we need to play ads now we're in charge of ad breaks and enter in basically playing those videos stuff like that but now everything is tall machines now it's all technology it's just push a button and let it do its thing and it's pretty simple like that I feel like the most difficult thing though about hosting it's you got to be willing to talk it's about pronunciation being clear it I don't want to sound discouraging it may not be for everyone but at the same time don't ever feel bad to give it a go we always do an audition in the begin oh you have it up there oh thank you there it is I don't know if you had it up there so that's our dashboard right there so top left corners where we can put our name on there it only shows during the break when they're doing setup for the very longest time everyone has always asked who is that person that's talking on the mic I don't see them so they therefore do not exist but I want them to exist and know who they are and maybe follow them so we put our name on there now for that you're also in the YouTube description yeah that's you and then we have the information of like the how we are so far on our money goal on the very bottom right there you have our challenges I'll show you what it is so like say for instance you know oh we want just at a spot incentive okay we want to get a spot it needs to raise a hundred thousand and it'll show you where we are at the moment when it's finished if it's met the goal already before like our cutoff it'll be highlighted green I've never seen a red I don't even know if we do red anymore cuz I've never seen it so we've done a pretty good job of keeping all our incentives and goals met on the bid wars that's gonna be more like one versus the other so like save or kill the animals and I'll say what is an elite or file names which is another meme popular thing to do where people like okay I want to name this character Arby's and basically there's a list that you'll see and if there's more there's a section where you can pop up another window that shows exactly everything that's on there and then it surprises prices you don't see anything on there but it just tells you what is going on at the moment it will adjust in time depending where we are in the shift then you have your run down which is the exact same thing as tech it's just going to show you what games going on what's gonna be going on after whether it's an ad break or an interview a breaks are very important because there are videos which it just plays automatically you don't have to do anything but then there are images which is just a still image and we have to talk about the actual sponsor so if we have like something like say fangamer I have to I have a blurb on my laptop it tells me just a couple of things and I just talk about it say hey van gamer shows shirts and merchandise and cool stuff and you can join here go to this link blah blah it's very very important that we are you know being there for our sponsors that's why we do that and then it shows the gaming in the middle nothing really you can touch it's just there so you know what's going on what's the game who's running it where we're at the time also has a timer there the very right is that interview and ads obviously it's blacked out because it's not set up but it's that no ads on my laptop I do not have the ads on my lap yeah that's fine yeah we just have a test server running yeah that's fine it's just it's pretty simple it plays it goes automatic it goes to the next one if it's a still image it will still do a countdown timer but when the thirty seconds is up you push the button to continue to the next ad it gives you time to read your blurbs so it's not like you're rushing oh my gosh I can't finish the I gotta do this in three seconds on off time do not worry you have the time to do it it goes to the next if the image is the last one it will tell you to finish the ad break and it will automatically go back to the stream layout first set up oh my gosh that's the thing about hosts there's a lot but there's it's not as complicated as you think it is yeah you're forgetting the most important thing on it no the top middle the top oh yeah take a breathe that's what you have to do one of the things about hosting is there's a lot of things going on you gotta be communicative with your runners I always suggest people that to check out the runs before the event most people have them on art which most people have them on YouTube to kind of get a feel of how the run is gonna be so you kind of know hey you know what this is a perfect time where I could read a donation there are times where you may not be able to read a donation it happens it's not much you can do about it I just did a cup head run just the other night and I only got to read like two donations and that was it but at the same time there was great commentary there was so many things going on in the game so they were explaining things which is great once again it's about having that connection with a runner and the commentators because sometimes like at nights is a really popular time where they're not talking they're not really explaining anything it's late they might be tired hey TMR ATM for a donation real quick yeah there's a time donation no it's got that no I don't get a choice I think a lot of it is acting because you can't read a donation then you can really read a donation I have a five dollar donation from Angell that says good luck good greetings from Germany last night turns in Waker we had and the old man says it's dangerous to go a great job with that so a lot of it is having energy like I said acting in that sense a lot of people want you to be the monkey that dances hey can you do a pull yeah give us the voice give me a push and the people are happy sometimes those can go out of hand though like the walls I have 25 daughters for you oh yeah if you go to that YouTube videos there's a comment that totals up every single donation of a animal or person yeah it's there this event he got some donations on host asking him to do the daughter's thing he read one of them and he ignored the others because he didn't want to keep making fun of himself and that's his prerogative you can always decline being a monkey so remember that the runner is I mean objection not you yeah exactly and sometimes runners are okay with that sometimes other runners they're not they feel like it's a little bit more distracting like I said that's where you have to have that kind of communication with them or you feel like okay I think we've crossed the line we get it that's the joke we had that with cheese with the orbs but he was like really happy with it so he wasn't you know in like I said if he ever had said you know what I don't you know that's enough whatever kind of thing then we would just drop it and then go on our merry way Bobby was doing David Hayter impersonations during a Metal Gear Solid oh yes he's got the voice for it so but they're all like on the couch you know giving a positive feedback like those are really good David Hayter it's personation so then donations came in snake impersonations I think we're about good for questions since we're basically talking yeah yeah if anyone has questions you're welcome to ask thanks for cutting me off well that's where the that's what they gave me questions about anything for us as a volunteer team instead of like specific questions to our departments hi so mother you mentioned that the board game come according to managers a new role here at agdq2014 disclose and discuss that has kind of been in discussion or being considered for future gdq events um there we for the past couple we've had we've added like one role for example I think enforcement was st hugh 2017 i think because i think it was that hotel was the last marriott i thought and we had the stylist at it in that we honestly don't really know what we're gonna add until we had the staff meeting afterwards by and large a lot of volunteer positions we create come about via necessity so it's something where how do we improve this and either you know people like we need more people or it's hey this is a good idea let's try it but those are kind of just things that come up in this is feedback during the event and we're like this is a great idea let's do this next time and because obviously doing in the middle events a lot harder just to set up a full position in area for something that you didn't think about before the event so I don't think we've there's been a position that what has been created that we didn't say sit down and say hey this is something that needs to happen so like a tech for example was ryokan it used to just be one tech person if you wanna know I mean it used to be myself yes runner and omnigamer running the stream for very much the entire event and then having to like con somebody to come over so we could go sleep and then it was down to one person shifted for every five hours I think and then I went to two people and then we were these three hours and then we actually had to define what each of the people were doing so it was it's been a road to get to where we are now for it there's been a lot of trial and error I think as we're getting bigger that there has been like adjustments with some of our volunteering it's not so much like oh you know we need a different kind of volunteer position but it's changed its it's gradually changing so we don't know what it will be but once again we don't know until you know something comes up and like the board game people going hey a lot of my games got messed with I don't think we'll be bringing board games if you don't fix something so I mean librarians yeah yeah so just doesn't know we don't actually own any of the board games in the board game library they're all brought by attendees most of them by world nines Mike or twinge he brought like three oh did he break his car no he just didn't want to bring a ton that's very test test okay I believe I heard correctly that a lot of the roles for volunteering can we can at least learn on-site Adobe nine why auditions are necessary for the donation filtering stuff is that also auditioned or can we preview it or how does that one work so there are two positions for donations we've the regular donation station and head donations there's no audition required for donation station generally speaking throughout the events I have anywhere between thirty and forty donation volunteers per event and you do regular filtering ahead donations is generally something that I kind of vet people from the donation pool of volunteers and I reach out to them usually in between events or at the event kind of give them extra training from someone more veteran people to then look for new head donations it's rare that I would take somebody who's never done donations before at all and make them had donations just because there's quite a bit more tasks and responsibilities involved you can you help the other t people there you have to be able to answer questions if something on the regular donation breaks you would kind of be the first person to help them as donations but there's no audition required I think the only spots we require audition is via this hosting and then I think we also require some we looked at like some portfolio portfolio work for audio tax yeah we haven't touched audio at all for a reason it's uh we're trying to make volunteering so not scary yeah and basically all every volunteer submits an application and they select which stations they would like to apply for one of the main things I tell people is fill in the miscellaneous comments field I get way more applications than I can use so if you weren't comments are blank I have no idea why I should pick you so just explain what your mentality is why you want to volunteer for which station and yeah my station stagetext they get picked from veteran stream techs just because they have more responsibility and we want to run them through stream tech a couple times just to see how they handle stressful situations first but there's no auditions you just send in an application thank you you're welcome hi so you mentioned the number of volunteering and the time I noticed when I came here Saturday there was a huge number of people in the stream room doing setup I was set up tied in is setup involved with volunteers at all and what are their optional or requirements so we basically we require NDA's for volunteers now for anyone that goes backstage which means that we try to have set up volunteers be only those that have volunteered in other positions as well just because paperwork is annoying but basically what happens is a week or two before the event I send out an email be like hey the world dine truck is coming at noon on Wednesday who's gonna be there and set up duties basically involve moving heavy objects doing tedious paperwork such as making sure all the badges printed correctly or making sure the or this event there was a lot of checking and board games and weighing them in that sort of deal so it's the actual tech parts are mostly handled by staff at this point like for wiring sometimes just ask for these at the other points yeah like hey I need you to take this cable and walk this direction with it or could you get down the cables that sort of deal so it's it's not um it's a lot of it's a lot more manual labor than the other positions are so we just basically just send out an email with a general schedule and I ask people to tell me when they're gonna be able to be available for that if they feel like it so that it's an optional portion you're not required to do it at all or tear down either one that's entirely up to people if they want to help with it thank you you're welcome I'd suggest if you are filling out the volunteer form to fill out your preference for which department you would rather be in because you know there's only so many people who can do who want to take photos so there's only so many people who can do you know different different departments but it helps us quite a bit if you tell us that you'd rather be in one department or the other because you know we'll try to accommodate as much as we can for your preferences because you know we don't want you guys doing something that you're miserable and but if you happen to put in like say photography as a oh maybe you know maybe I'll do it I was like a far distant third choice and then it becomes your first choice and you're not too happy with the position and you know we didn't know so yeah we have our own internal order that we have selections for it so that the skilled positions get filled first and then the ones that need the most bodies um so if you don't put your preferences you're just going by ours yeah especially if you're one of those people that just says yes to every position don't be like that hi hey you guys doing good thanks for putting on the panel first of all and a question for Etta bean I was just I was just curious when you're going through hosts auditions do you have a chance to listen to everyone and are there okay so okay over the years what it used to be before used to be oh send us an audio clip of you talking about yourself though like that yeah butters read us a chapter of Game of Thrones now we do an actual video where we do ask a runner to basically play a portion of their run of a game and it's usually about like six eight minutes or so and we basically kind of have you go through a you know live kind of simulator so to speak of how it would be like if you were actually doing hosting at the event we get a lot of auditions geez how many did we have this time over a hundred yeah and they were another nine minutes each yeah and the people every single person on the vond on the host judgement panel listened to every single audition hello respective gdq hosts my name is oz Dre and I'm gonna take you on a journey on Celeste Mountain a little birdie told me that still horses the greatest of all creatures yeah yeah we go crazy you hear the same introduction it's over and over again it's not the easiest especially cuz do not get me wrong there are a lot of talented people but we can only accept about 26 or so it doesn't seem like a lot that were exciting but it is and it's helpful but at the same time like we're reading about over a hundred auditions there are tend to be people that kind of sound the same so it can be a little develop that's why we now have a lot more people involved for the host judgment so that and it's not completely I guess you would say bias because obviously when you just have the same people doing the judgment then obviously we're going to be picking the same people but we also want it to be fair I do feel like we always have a good amount like half veterans half our new people and unfortunately it's it's not the easiest because I could have someone that has the most godliest voice but can do a horrible job when they do hosting life and I've had that happen alright had people were like they do it and then they didn't really want to do it anymore and then we have people who were not sure but they're like they're maybe not as so confident in their audition but then when they actually do their hosting shift they're amazing they save us and stuff like that I'll admit when I did audition I was not the most confident very nervous had this wonderful thing that we came up with called the beam protocol that was basically someone sitting next to someone to make them feel better during their shift yeah definitely I know next to her I think that for her once yeah at least three different people that's it but yeah and when when they did that with me and when they had me do my host they're like wow you do a really really fantastic job and I actually thought I did really horrible and so it's there's a lot of judgment going on with auditions but I just encourage people to do it because you just never know and you may not feel like it I've had people that did auditions and then after they emailed us saying you know what I do the audition it was fun but I don't think this is for me and it's it's not may not be for everyone just to make it clear we have like a panel of judges and we have a couple staff members but we open it up to volunteers to help us it's basically a volunteer who doesn't want to host it's like you will not be able to host if you help us judge for this event and then they help us by scoring and we take all the scores we look at them if somebody is an extreme outlier like if they're rating everybody just tends and not actually judging them we might throw out their scores but we have enough I mean I'm lying if that happens and they're all the same that's fine the problem is when when they're clearly pushing one or two people with their score differentials that are very odd so we do look at that and we remove those scores then but we have about 20 people that start off and out of those 20 maybe 10 to 12 will actually be able to finish and get through all of them this event I think it was 18 hours of audio to listen to very much more appreciate what you guys doing the selection process now so thank you for fielding the question yeah the other thing is if you do send in a hosting audition and we do grade it you are welcome to email us once we've sent everything out I send out an email saying yeah you were selected or boo you were rejected it's not actually but you're rejected it's like I'm sorry you weren't selected you're welcome to reply to that email asking for what your scores were and we can give you feedback also if you do get rejected don't ever feel I guess would be the word butthurt about it once again once again when we can only choose 26 about and you have over a hundred and ten auditions necessarily – anything wrong yeah it's the other people were just better that doesn't mean you didn't do a good job some testers didn't get the lottery yeah exactly you're qualified you hit every check in the box but we have almost we have 20 or 40 we have 40 of you we have to be a good example from this event since I know this was supposed to vote publicly skybilz did not initially make it as a host and I don't know if everyone knows her she's with a standard host every single event the only reason she was able to get in is because we had a drop because she was literally the next score down so just that sort of level of these are people that are always there and yeah it's still very very very close I think everyone God in this event was within two points of each other out of 50 thank you thank you you're welcome does anyone else have any other questions can be about anything volunteering lies history or anything like that to you if you don't know don't feel like talking publicly you can always email us if you email volunteer at games done quick it goes to all of us and Church in Darwin so we will always be able to answer your questions that way in a more private setting if that makes you feel better there's someone no I'm sorry cuz the question so what would you say in general makes a good quality volunteer someone that listens and knows when they're wrong I would say someone that takes feedback really well and comes to us when they need help I know I drove that in really hard but sometimes that's not even during the event it's just afterwards like hey this little part of volunteering confused me was I doing something wrong did I handle this the right way because that type of feedback lets us know that maybe we can change our processes like okay we can make this part a little bit more easy to understand and we don't get that feedback unless the volunteers talk to us about it I think in my department for volunteer it's taking the time to research asking questions about how things are to be any kind of basically asking asking questions questions questions cuz there's a lot and sometimes you know I'm not always there or other people aren't always there that really do host like muffins and they're not sure what to do or what you know what to do in a situation stuff like that so it's basically asking a lot of questions is it's very helpful especially since you know they're not sure if what they're doing is correct and it helps them learn and that helps them become a better host in the long run another big thing for both donations and hosting is follow your gut if you don't feel comfortable with something there's probably something off so with the comments that are going through even if you can't articulate why yeah I mean a lot of what makes a good volunteer you know volunteers that we pick time and time again when they apply it's really simple you know people they they set aside time to volunteer for us and they give us their availability we schedule it with an you know reason most first-time volunteers we rarely have more than three shifts all week if you're here all week you know for four hours like document set twelve hours a week at most and just you know follow through with the schedule we give you if something's wrong with your schedule message beforehand before the event so we can fix it but then at the event just work your schedule and show up on time and stuff like that you know it always seems like basic knowledge but it's a hassle when you know we expect somebody to work we'll say for 11:00 to 3:00 and then they don't show up at 11:00 now the producers trying to figure out where is this person that could be in the middle of a you know what game changed whatever they're dealing with a bunch of other things and we just kind of lose track of that sometimes and it's just it's a lot smoother when people you know work the times they committed to and helped us out when they do that and I mean it's just super helpful for us but then obviously as well you know if you guys have feedback for us just let us know you know it's hard for us to know where to improve sometimes perspective is a big thing in terms of ideas and you know I've had people suggesting x' to me in past events for the tracker' for donations that have been improved over the years because you know beforehand we either didn't think about it or it wasn't something that bothered the people that were there so I was never a for us and obviously you can do that if you don't want to talk to us in person you can email us a volunteer at games on click comm or message us in person talk to whoever you feel most comfortable with for feedback and stuff like that and what's that oh okay yeah please come down here buddy excellent question young man yes you can take over the panel I just want to add something because it comes up quite often so obviously volunteering is awesome thing to do but some people also are interested and try to become staff later on as well and one of the biggest ways to get into being a staff member games done quick is volunteering I would say nearly every single person in our staff volunteered at one point or another so it's not a guaranteed road but is not a gerenuk but it is it is the number one path to getting there so if you're really serious about it you put in the time you really you really you know you go above and beyond that's what's really gonna set you apart from everyone else and that's what really puts you in for a potential staff position if we ever need it in the future I had the easy way I was around early when we started growing really fast and we need more people I was in just the right time with the right you know right spot right time sgdq2014 I believe we were in Denver and I just basically heme and all of the tonation station myself for most of the days and then yeah we created my position like for the next event so I did a lot of graveyard shifts that not a lot of people ended up showing for and then one day they were like here Hannah didn't want to do hosting anymore it takes a lot of time to do hosting yes it does this is why I have a department head for every single volunteer department I'm one of those shitty queues where you yelled from across the room at oh can you do this shift for us at four in the morning okay back when we could yell across rooms yeah exactly I went to sleep at 11 a.m. last night I got my position by working hard there was no there was photography and there was photography volunteers but there was no staff members so I took it upon myself to train the other volunteers I took time out of my schedule to come out here and then go above and beyond I act like a staff member even though was a volunteer within my boundaries of course you know you know we have other volunteers who try to act like staff members and they don't stay within their boundaries I get really grumpy with them right so yeah there's a limit right of course guys I mean you know you're not gonna sit but pretty much we have a saying like you know act like the next person you want to be right so I'll show up on time as we go so your case is very special though cuz you were around for years before we even had the volunteer Photography position all right but I had to work for that though because it was it was there was a lot of volunteers and I did the volunteer I did the the photography as a volunteer beforehand and yeah there was but there was never guaranteed that that position was gonna be something it was definitely something to file for I think it what Maddie says resonates with me the definitely resonates to me because you know a lot of these a lot of these staff members again they were around when the position was needed and it was created and guy cotton-like was in that same position there too but there were a lot of other volunteers at that she did choose from and it was Dario actually fell on Darkman had applied to poem at the time and doctrine didn't want anything to do with that kind of the point I'm getting at is if you're acting like if you're acting if you're acting like a staff member if you seem like us working hard putting in extra hours to really you know being available and putting it and putting in those and come and showing up early for your shifts and putting in the extra work like Edel does for all our stuff right without just say we don't need hosts saying that they would like more shifts this happens enough already and it dries out Oh up the wall yeah thing used to be something you know hosting I can't really talk for my the part I can't really talk for hosting Department but I know at least for the other departments and you could we're always using your we're always looking for more hard-working people they want you know that wanna put in that you know we want to be we want to throw you back it's a lot easier to throttle you back than it is to be like can you please show up to your shift so that the person who just did a shift and has to like run home doesn't have to stay here for another 20 minutes or we have to call in a staff member to cover your shift you know that's usually the worst part is when you don't do kind of your job your mess you're not messing us up because you know the stream whew we got redundancies we will continue to we will continue to stream your messing up your fellow volunteers usually so that's kind of where that's you know at night we had volunteers scheduled to be on late night they didn't show up during windwaker which was blowing up on donations so our head donation requested a second volunteer even though we only had one scheduled so they had started with zero volunteers since the other one hadn't shown up was not there but for a good reason they had a flat tire so they were late but still when you don't have someone there I had to stay a little bit longer but that's okay I think we were able to pull the stage Shack over who was also trained on donations that was the other night oh that was the other night my bad yeah last night was a long run last night yeah last night I don't know what a day is anymore I was a producer and it's my job to find replacements when that happens and so we went into this court in the volunteer channel by the way join our discord it's very helpful yeah if you're a volunteer and you're looking to pick up extra shifts if you join the volunteer if you join the gdq discord and get your attendee role it'll automatically put you into a bunch of secret channels with volunteer stuff in it and part of that is saying how we need people please yeah it's the best way to pick up shifts because I had to come onto that channel be like we're missing a donation volunteer and also had donations is requesting a second one and we had a donation volunteer drop by and a host offer to sit on the second one we wound up taking up their offer on it sometimes you can offer to cover for a shift you haven't been trained on but it's gonna depend entirely on which one it is whether or not we take the offer the head donations person wound up sending them both back to bed because they were both falling asleep but they covered long enough for someone else to show up and it was very appreciated basically the entire event if you're a backup you just basically be I'm usually awake during these hours you're like okay we'll call you when you're needed and sometimes it doesn't happen like what happened last night so sometimes you just got to make a quick decision luckily I was on those he was Asian when it happened so that was great otherwise usually I get pinged and I usually have to say hey can you ask them to stay a little bit longer until we figure out a replacement I'm not usually what happens so all right so is there any more questions I'm not yeah so with that I think we're just gonna wrap it up if you do have questions for us later and you people on YouTube you can leave it in the comments or you can email us at volunteer at games done 'quick calm and the right person will answer you so that hits all of us we used to just use that email just because if I'm asleep everybody else if I'm sick if he's on vacation it's always covered so thank you thank you guys thank you and for those of you kicking around if you want to play with any of the dashboards come by gallon

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  1. It was a nice overview but there was no enthusiasm. I know I would love to go and do this and I will someday, but this isn’t making me overly excited to do so.

    You are lucky to have the chance do do this! Let’s make it sound like that you believe it! Some of us are stuck hoping we get the chance some day.

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