41 thoughts on “African-Americans Are A Big Threat To American Society – And Here's Why [Part One]

  1. I tried my hardest to pack it all into one video, but it became too long, so yes there will be a part two. This timeline is critically important to our history for obvious reasons. Thank you all for your much appreciated support. I humbly thank each and every one of you for watching. #IJHTMYT

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  2. if you want to know why people of color is the biggest threat to the world just listen to the police scanner in any city or would that be racist ?

  3. I really dig all of your content bro. I was wondering if you might be interested in an idea I have.? I'm native American. Who grew in deep South Louisiana. Nola. And we all know the atrocities that our people endured. So I had an idea about dropping some knowledge about something beautiful that came from from all that hate. Ever saw the Mardi Gras Indians? A new Orleans tradition. Wont go into details, but trust me, awsome history behind it.✌

  4. Australian white marxist thinks black supremacist racists could be useful for his marxist agenda, black supremacist racists fall for it like idiots. Hungry can I get some food, fake bitch pretend oppressed lie so boring now, your race card has expired – do you have another form of argument? Racist black power movement put Donald Trump in power, the international left wing no longer thinks black Americans are cool, just liars, frauds and tools of capitalism.

  5. It's not true, Africans we're constantly competing with each other, and when Portuguese showed up, and offered to buy some Africans and ship them out, the Africans said sure, you can have these Africans, We're glad to get rid of them. If the Africans would cherish the lives of their fellow Africans, and stop selling them out, and hang on to them, then the Arabs and the Portuguese wouldn't be able to buy them, and sell them to the White man. It's that simple, Africans, stop selling your people, and hang on to your own kind.

  6. Young man, you just filled so many wholes in the game and it's like, you know you are wealthy, but you haven't manifested it yet. Continue to teach "real" history. I am so intrigued by your videos and I am 51 years old. Keep teaching me. I come from South Caroline and my great-grandmother passed at 108 years of age. She had so many stories but I was not mature enough to ask the right questions. Keep teaching, please!

  7. Black history is equal to homeless history. Who gives a damn about it except that they have an ally with them called liberals who want the downfall of this country. Most of so-called black history is a lie to make them look somewhat human. We whites know it is propaganda written for them by socialists. Black history is a lie that brings with it a slight hint of a threat. Hey….lets have the "dreaded" race war and get this crap over with.

  8. Its sad how someone elses hate can make someone else hate. Even worse if youre watxhing some old as shit and hating people that look like them today.

  9. Blacks cannot even unite among themselves, blacks destroy everything and are always looking for excuses and handouts

  10. And those that order ewe aand ewe, drink blood. 1976 was the centennial mining claim, certiticate holder of the living claim. Eye borne to vetted Christopher the killer, bury my heart at wounded knee to tell you , that queen of spayeds is worth the wait. Castrate the minions. A virgin arabian queen. Void of islam. A fifty year old holy profit married to a six year old girl, would die in the united states prison system, where jesus is,

  11. As an aboriginal born in the land called Canada I will always support my brothers and sisters who were torn from their homeland for the good of the rich whites who invaded our land!

  12. Africa as a continent still has the most resources in the world the corrupt politicians sell out those resources to whites and Asians that's why those Africans travel to the US to start businesses because the economies in most of those African countries are awful I know this I'm African myself, the politicians are so corrupt they don't even bother hiding it the resources do not go to the Africans just like in the US they work for foreigners

  13. I like your execution of your spoken
    feeds***😀😀☺😄👍So Thanks again Dane***💛💛💛💜💜💜💛Good thorough and accurate…I just tend to know the truth when it is spoken.

  14. Who are the people of color?
    Who are the brown people?
    Who are you calling brown people?
    Who are you calling the black/brown people?
    We have been labeled negroes!
    Colored people!
    Black people!
    Dark people!
    Every name we've been called we adopted because they said so!
    We embraced because they said so!
    Adapted to because they said so!
    What is the true name of the Melanated ppl that are first on this earth plus natives of America, and the African Continent?

    Everywhere we go we migrate, multiply, dominate, and our numbers are as many as the sand! History continues to show the greatness of Melanated people. We continue to grow.
    South Africa
    Sierra Leone
    and all other African Countries are filled with resources, and the only reason some Africans are fleeing to the US is because they believe as Mexicans do "The American Dream," but that does not negate the fact that the AC is not resourceful. People from Europe, Asian, Japan, China, Libya, India all come to the US but that does not mean there are no resources in their countries. 🙄😒

  15. Truth in Love Journalism…Lovin It….Thank U Dane…Since historical history has been erased.or tampered with…You're doing a GREAT JOB!…I pray your continuous safety in you and your circles of influence. I say THANK YOU YAHAMASHEAH !***That is God in Jesus Name.😀✌👍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  16. there are 2 Black African American women in American history that were first lady of the United States of America. Michelle Obama the 44th FLOTUS & Mary Todd Lincoln the 16th FLOTUS. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he was a white male Democratic president married to a black woman and he abolished slavery and made slavery illegal.! Ever since then Republicans have decided that they hated Democrats and democratic presidents doing good for the country is bad and messed up in the president needs to go and Republican presidents messing up the country and calling it good is good the president needs to stay in office never be impeached and get reelected for another term.! And promoted a republican party Supremacy on voters supporters Mayors ,Governors and Presidents. President Bill Clinton was impeached for being favored by the black African American community and cheating on his wife while being Democrat if he was a Republican president he never would have been impeached in the first place, and Monica Lewinsky would have been made to sit down just shut up go away and leave the president alone like that Stormy Daniels Stephanie Clifford chick with President Donald Trump.!

  17. Now let's talk about the 44th POTUS Barack H Obama still to this very day they're just mad because America finally had a president that was not of Caucasian white male descent.!

  18. God has given black African American Society gifts that white people do not have & envy. Even in Christianity blacks are better then white people with Christian music black Christian's sing anointed real true gospel music and have real choirs ,white Christians don't have choirs they have praise teams, musicians and specials and they sing un anointed or half anointed fast paced , medium paced or slow Christian music in a Bluegrass hick a billy Country or rock and roll Style. Even from slavery and segregation ,faith in the Lord a personal relationship with the Lord, and beliefs in the Supernatural movements of God and Oneness gospel truth it's all blacks needed to be delivered.! Blacks did not have to be Full Gospel Pentecostal or Apostolic Pentecostal and talk in tongues an act silly, super religious & half ignorant like the white folks do. White people have to be some kind of Pentecostal and talk in tongues to get even at least a small portion of what God has already given thousands of years ago to the blacks,Jews, Israeli's, Philistines, Palestinians, Persians,Native American Indians and Hispanic Latinos because the caucasian white race is cursed by God & forced to struggle & work extra extra extra hard for everything & go the extra mile to get everything that will not come easy to them naturally for their great evil on Races,ethnicities & nationalatoes that are not white. the things they did to black African American, Native American Indians, Hispanic Latinos and Jews running around stealing land and countries and making cities towns counties and States and US Territories out of them.! And even in Pentecostal Holiness religion Caucasian white Apostolic Pentecostal preachers are called reverend or Pastor because they they are not worthy to be called Apostle or Elder like black African-American Apostolic Pentecostal preachers, in the real Apostolic churches.! white people took the Apostolic Pentecostal movement and ran it half anointed and complacent into the ground with false Holiness standard practices false Ways they have even brought in and water down and modified Amish Doctrine for their false ways and false seperation of Holiness standard practices and they are leading Manny Souls astray while teaching and preaching biblical truth they have strayed from the true Apostolic Pentecostal Holiness culture. A black African American Apostolic Pentecostal preacher named Apostle William J Seymour brought the Apostolic Pentecostal movement to the white people by preaching in a anointed large multicultural Revival before lots of / millions of white people on Azusa Street in LA California.! white apostolics in this day they want to copy African American black gospel music and implement it into their praise teams but they don't want to go with the teaching, preachings and ways of the true Apostolic Church which is predominantly black African American

  19. I've always believed the Indians were of black skin from the saying black foots. My friends say I'm wrong but I believe otherwise. They don't see the holes within the history which the schools have taught and their lies. After looking at the photos it does confirm my thoughts on this were true and my take on this is if history was taught the way it really went down then this country would be at a racial war from the start and never would had survive this long due to the genocide of the blacks it has committed. So the real question is were the Indians black and if so as I believe they were then why havent they just come forward told the truth and apologized and maybe then things could have been better for everyone instead of all this divisions it's caused maybe someone can address this

  20. Those 45 million don't make an economic impact anyways, they're already a burden to taxpayers, they cant do any more damage

  21. Bahahaha you're all idiots if you truly you can do more damage to American society than you already are, the black societies are a cancer to American society and this sickness only grows worse, this video is a tactic in itself to keep you down by making you delusional and overestimate yourselves

  22. Dane Calloway, I want to thank you for researching this part of history that was very obscure to me. I believe my grandfather was a sharecropper that owned his own land. My dad never talked much about his father let along if he owned the land they all lived on. It was several families on that land somewhere in Alabama. I couldn't understand how you could be a sharecropper yet own the land. I just didn't have enough information as to how that system worked. But, you have made this a little more clear to me. However, I am still confused about the slaves and the indigenous blacks. Were they descendants of "Ham" or "Shem" two of the three sons of Noah in the Bible; whom may have migrated to the Americas a thousand years ago circa according to Chief Warhorse, a female Indian Chief. She has YouTube videos out if want to look at them. It sounds like their may be 3 different groups of blacks in America (Turtle Island)? I could go on but my comment is already very long. Please tell me your thoughts.

  23. This is definitely an eye opener, A lot to think about, and definitely makes me wonder what else the federal government has taken from law abiding citizens and hard working people.

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