Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

44 thoughts on “Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.

  1. wow vox pushing fake news I'm surprised

  2. Honestly I'm pro gun. But im not Republican since I don't hate America or black people. Also I believe in vaccines and that the earth is a sphere

  3. This video doesn’t have a single fact in it.

    Republicans literally win more center left voters than Democrats do today.

    Almost every Democrat is far left.

  4. It's funny how I just watched a video using the same argument but in reverse. I think we're getting played by both parties.

  5. Admit it Democrat’s and republicans have broken politics. Two party, even 3 party systems are stupid and anti American

  6. The most successful one party system is disguised as a two party system that gives the people an illusion that they decide.

  7. Have you ever thought that the reason the Republican party is moving farther away from the median is because, while Democrats have remained Democrats their policy on a more centralized government have only grown stronger witch would explain why Republican have grown more conservative to fight back the on growing command for a more centralized government

  8. I see no bias or ignoring the left becoming closer to socialism every election… I haven’t noticed much difference from the gop. If anything I think they want less to change than anything. That said they never actually make the government smaller which I hate

  9. What this chart shows me is my fellow Dixiecrats from the south are still voting Republican while the Republicans are moving toward fascism. Liberals and Progressives are going the other way because we only have a two party system. We need a Labor party. Stand together and don't vote for a party vote on your beliefs. United we stand divided we fall.

  10. Why start after fdr? Include him and the democrats become the extremists. He threatened to increase the supreme court size because they wouldn’t allow him to pass the new deal. He banned the private ownership of gold. Held on to office for 4 terms and got the country into the war he said he would keep it out by oil sanctioning japan.

  11. Vids like this makes me hate modern politics there is no way to polarize something assimetrically if you polarize one side you polarize the other this is just trying to relive the guilt of one sides

  12. hell clear Vox IS leftist , Republican have broken politics , so Democrat created it . didn't they ! . the left have just already ruined everything . open the boders and congratulation to all Democrats with communism and terrorism flow into the mainland

  13. You know, accepted slavery used to be something in the center of those two lines on your chart. What exactly makes drifting away from that a bad thing?

  14. While I've seen this as a GOP-fueled issue since Bush 1 was in office when I was a kid, it really hit full steam when the Bush 2 administration repealed the rules against fair political reporting, allowing lying, corrupt propaganda machines like Fox News to legally masquerade as actual news organizations. Hyper-conservative media is how the GOP has been able to drag a startling percentage of the American public down with them into their extremist hole.

  15. Neither part is perfect but progressive thought and philosophies ARE. Republicanism, Capitalism, Conservatism, Ultra Conservativism, Neo Liberalism, Les Se Faire Capitalism, Libertarianism, and Theocratism, Fascism are all fundamentally bad thinking. All of it. If you connect your own ideology to the lives of others, you are becoming an OPPRESSOR, a PREDATOR, and all the other bad 'ors' that apply. Progressive thought simply means "To evolve toward a better aspect of Humanity." While the Democratic Party does not necessarily hold to those principals, there are NO Progressives in the Republican Party. And if there are, they are there because of circumstance. In other words, their parents were, they are in a heavily Republican area, or they drank the Cool Aid but still -in their hearts, have progressive thought.

    Regardless of the label you place on the early Americans, the ones who came here were brutal, vicious, slaving killers. they built this country by stealing it from people already here. They enslaved the people already here from Chile to Alaska, they imported Slaves from other countries, and they have a particular mindset of sociopathy, psychopathy, and tribal violence toward people foreign to their way of thinking. I am proud to say that my own family has never done any of the above. Not in many generations of recorded behavior. Even if they did, I would never. And I do not associate with anyone who has tenancies toward those behaviors. Whether it is nationalism, religion, or conservative thought, I steer clear for good reason. That chart is about social norms but it is also about gene pools as much as anything else. And there is a preponderance of that kind of thought from 'those' kinds of people in the south east and south west of this country.

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