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  1. As God. Whatever word you wanna use. I grant me the following: my desire. Ease. Love and lightness. The well of eternity, as we all remember it. 😀 And my attainment of consistent alignment with my greatest… hmm. My greatest word. Which is fun. My highest belief in one self — self creation through visualization.

  2. Listening to this meditation guide for the first time and words can’t describe the feelings I have right now. I’ve cried and came out of it with the greatest sense of joy and abundance in my life. The one I already have and the one that’s coming to me. I can never be more thankful to Esther, Jerry and Abraham. This is such a blessing ❤️

  3. I opened this and after 5 min 2 recruiter called me and I got an amazing job my ideal job with people who I love very close to home and they love me here at my new job. What daaaa luck !!!!!

  4. This works… 💯 I have been listening for a few weeks I have had a couple of scratchcard wins … just won £100 and had about 4-5 job offers with Payrise 👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽💃🏾💃🏾

  5. After hearing that Esther uses an air conditioning sound to focus and meditate, I found one here on YouTube. I try to quiet my mind, just relax and focus past the loud blowing sound, and in the middle of that noise there is a faint hum. I try to focus on only that boring, sometimes hard to find hum. Trying to find it over and over with my ears.
    Sometimes it’s easier than other days. I don’t really force it.
    I was struggling with an issue in March, I tried this a few days in a row for maybe 1/2 hr each tome. I hear only the hum for a few seconds before my mind wanders and I try to bring it back again. One of these days I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t sit and meditate. I was happy, frisky, couldn’t sit still (even during this very difficult, trying time, I was in a good mood this particular day). So I said forget it. I got up, was going to check my work emails but something put this particular money mediation in front of me (I always have Abraham on in the background, but not mediation ones). So I listened to this one. Afterwards, I had this urge to write. Not emails, but script !?!
    I knew of scripting but I hadn’t really practiced it much, and absolutely never had this feeling to do so, but something was telling me to forget everything else and write about the situation’s outcome I was hoping for, as if it was done. So I did. I wrote one page, very easily, it felt great, I thanked all people involved, wrote about how appreciative I am for them and their part in this co-creation, being thankful for the outcome I received. And then put it away and went on with my day. I just knew after that, it would all work out. I felt calm and happy.
    Fast forward a couple of days – EVERYTHING worked out! Everything!

    This comment is long enough, but it’s quite a remarkable story. Or not so remarkable I suppose once you understand that this is the way it is.

    I have listened to Abraham for years and the teachings have helped me become a happier, more aligned person. But this is the first time this process has happened to me. Follow those instincts. Listen to your inner being. All the best to every single one of you! Thank you Esther & Abraham <3

  6. Been doing this everyday for a month and I am receiving money in my bank account as we speak… Thank you

  7. i listened to this meditation in feb 2015 for 3 months, then forgot to follow it up. That year my Pest control company made record sales, even to the extent that our company infrastructure started bursting at seems, there were abundance of business calls. At he end of that year when i was trying to find out the reason behind this abundance, then it flashed my mind that i had listed to this wonderful meditation for three months. But see how forgetful we as human beings are and i discontinued this meditation . Now again when i have realised it's power and have started listening it. Thanks a ton.

  8. Again I listen to this set of 50 ss I fall asleep and through the night into morning Abraham talks. My vibrations are happy, fun through my days I see my manifestations come as if I already had them on a daily experience. My days are good, filled with abundance in do many ways ❤

  9. Abundance from so many avenues … the stream is so magical when you connect … thank you Abraham, Esther, William and all the Angel Army … Love n Light ❌⭕️🇨🇦❌

  10. This is my EVERY NIGHT listening to add to my vibration of the really good day I just had. Yes, I learned from Abraham every morning is the beginning of my high flying 💿 day. I listened to this on my way to an interview and I had the best interview I have ever had because I found my high flying disc and I milk that disk every day…


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