Abortion is a lot like slavery ft. Dinesh D’Souza | #TruthStraightUp

Abortion is a lot like slavery ft. Dinesh D’Souza | #TruthStraightUp

♪ D’Souza: The abortion debate
is really illuminated by by the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
Interestingly, Douglas argues, and this is in the context of
slavery, that each community, each state, should decide for
itself if it wants slavery. Douglas’ arguments are the
so-called “pro-choice” ones. He goes, “We have a big country.
We should agree to disagree.” Lincoln counters
by saying, “You cannot invoke the
principle of choice without regard to the
content of the choice.” In other words, you can’t
use your freedom to take away the freedom
of someone else, in that case, a slave.
The same could be said about the unborn.
You can’t invoke choice to cancel out the life choices
of another human being. I think by looking at history,
we can help understand our own peculiar situation
and learn from it. ♪

67 thoughts on “Abortion is a lot like slavery ft. Dinesh D’Souza | #TruthStraightUp

  1. You mean people have a God Given right to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?" And "Life" is NUMBER ONE RIGHT OF ALL PEOPLE WHO GOD Created? Including Babies? What a noble thought. HOW LONG WILL CHRISTIANS BE SILENT WHILE DEMS SLAUGHTER BABIES BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS?

  2. What makes the abortion issue so thorny is nobody can agree on the basic dynamics of what is going on here. If you frame as "woman's body, woman's choice" that becomes easy to support. But the pro life side doesn't consider the child part of the woman's body, it considers the child it's own individual and therefore has rights and you can't kill it. Where people go wrong is thinking "anyone who opposes my position must be evil and lack morality" when the reality is you have similar moral values and are just applying them differently.

  3. The pro choice position is that "fetus" isnt a human. Thats the hurtle. You can use science to argue it is, but they will deny it. Ironic huh?

  4. hate the whole “my body my choice” thing. you didn’t get preg on your own; and abortion speaks more about our society on a broader scale which is why we all care for the same reason we care about a person we dont know in the city being murdered-it tells us about our society.

  5. Could not agree more, and that is why baby killers choose to harp on the issue of "what defines a human being". If ou laws say it is not human until 30 days after birth, then it is OK to kill "it" any time up to, and including the 30th day. 🤔
    That is where our humanism is failing us miserably.

  6. My friend works with women who’ve had abortions … Like Abortion Recovery. Some have been hiding their abortions 20 years. The pain and guilt never go away!! She tells me, as well as a dear friend, it is a guy-wrenching, difficult process as you name your baby and have its funeral!!

  7. This is a category error in reasoning — not to mention a lack of what the phrase my body my choice expresses. What Einstein here thinks is the word choice applies to something else when choice only applies to a property owner: that is namely a woman who freaking owns the body the fetus must attach itself to. For crying out loud, the fetus does not have the right to attach itself to the mother’s uterine wall anymore than a tape worm can attach itself in the mother’s body. Replace fetus or tape worm with anything else does it have a right to attach itself to an independent life source? Do I have a right to attach a room to the exterior of your home without authorization? No, but I know you will say you don’t have the right to murder me also if I did an unauthorized action. Well if I violently attached myself I bet to defer. In GUN STATES usually in the SOUTH you gun totters love to murder home intruders in the name of protecting your family. In Florida the is stand your ground laws where plenty of murder have occurred so if I attach myself to one of these gun toting murderers you telling me he won’t kill me? I think he will murder me in plain sight and say it was self defense. I guess some human life is NOT SACRED after all. All human life is either always true or it is a false claim. You can’t be pro life and pro death penalty. Understand CONCEPTS and how to reason properly if you think you can do both.

  8. It's simple Democrats like in the past believe that babies are not people like how they once believed that blacks are not people.

  9. Slavery
    a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom.

    Fetus who is a living being is denied the freedom of choice to live by its own mother.

  10. I think you could apply this to the death penalty too. Those convicted made the choice to commit atrocities, so therefore, sentencing them does not deprive them of that choice.

  11. It's just a fetus on earth in a mother’s womb, unless of course, it's a microorganism on Mars, then it's a sign of life.

  12. Well, first off, Lincoln was tyrannical asshole. He had no business declaring war on his own country. I mean really. What kind of person does that? Let's go kill our countrymen because we disagree with the stance on slavery. I'm no for slavery, but to go to war in your own country over it? Stupid. There other ways of resolving the matter. The remaining southern states were on the verge of ending it. Just needed a some time. But oh no. Lincoln had an election to win. The guy was a scumbag and was despised by people in his administration. Secondly, the real debate is whether the unborn is actually a human life. I submit that it is not. The potential for life is there, but not until birth, imo, and according to the Bible. Genesis tells us when the breath of life occurs.

  13. It's funny even YouTube hates this channel because I started watching the video and then it went away and I was at the YouTube home screen and I had to go back in and search for this channel just to continue watching this video. Come on YouTube, it's a little bit too obvious.

  14. You also shouldn't champion "free markets" when the labor in those markets is done by people working in deplorable conditions that would be illegal in the US. Don't take the high road on rights of children until you are willing to go all the way.

  15. This has got to be the worst analogy I've heard in an anti-abortion argument. He's talking about "canceling the life choices" a literal fetus and acting as if that's the same as "canceling the life choices" of an adult, living, breathing human. Like, no dude. Until 20 weeks, the fetus is not a human life. There's no "life choices" to cancel when it's not alive.

  16. It's a great argument for sensible people. However, we're talking about progressives. Progressive, the name itself is an oxymoron. These people, for the most part, do not believe that life begins until after the child has been delivered. As if this argument isn't extreme and deranged enough, there are some that do not believe that it's actually a life until it's self sufficient. You can't have a reasonable conversation with people that think this way. They are completely and utterly irrational. I don't want to talk to them, I just want to defeat them.

  17. It scares me that is single person will give this video a thumbs down. It took close to 800,000 American lives to fight the first civil war to end a fundamental evil how many will it take this time.

  18. "I'll decide what you can and can't do with your body and free will."
    – Slave owners

    "I'll decide what you can and can't do with your body and free will."
    – Pro-birthers

  19. It's no surprise Planned Parenthood clinics are predominantly located near black neighborhoods. That's the racist left projecting their white supremacy to the right for you.

  20. Of course pregnancy is slavery, the fetus takes control of the mothers body causing bodily harm, some of it permanent and the mother has no choice! That is a definition of the fetus enslaving the mothers body!

  21. Of course pregnancy is slavery, the fetus takes control of the mothers body causing bodily harm, some of it permanent and the mother has no choice! That is a definition of the fetus enslaving the mothers body!

  22. In a way, abortion is like slavery, most mothers are in DEBT, because they abandon their children for a job. Before 1972 most mothers stayed home rearing their children, starting in 1972, mothers stayed in the workforce after having a baby. She now had her own money, she started to buy her own car. The price of cars skyrocketed, because of Supply and Demand. The average car cost more than a house did in 1972. How can she have a child, when she is in DEBT up to her neck. DEBT= bondage.

  23. The left love to say that the right wants women to go back to coat hangers and alley way abortions. Not at all. We want them to take responsibility for their social behaviors and to take precautions to prevent pregnancy. This isn't the 1800's. There are many many ways to prevent pregnancies and if they do get pregnant and decide not to keep their baby. They can always put their baby up for adoption instead of sentencing their baby to death for their mistake. The pro abortion group are lazy selfish women that want to take the easy way out and to not except any responsible for their own irresponsible actions. If they knew even alittle science. They would know that this is a living baby and not just a clump of cells. The extermination of millions of innocent babies is a world wide crisis. Why are we letting this continue. Reelect President Donald Trump and he will stack the Supreme court with PRO LIFE justices. Only then will these babies have a chance to live.
    Trump should sell shirts that say "Vote for me if you want them to live". A play on the Terminator saying. "Come with me if you want to live". Because President Trump is the only man right now that can save these babies.

  24. Slavery should have ended in the Christian Nations when Paul wrote the letter to Philemon. Our country lost 600 thousand because of it’s insolence. If the Lord fails to judge this nation for the murder of 60 million unborn children; He’ll be compelled to apologize to Sodom & Gomorra!

  25. Pro abortion people know that they are killing a baby. They do not care.
    So any argument that you bring to their attention, no matter how compelling, will not and can not change their minds. Because it is not about them not realizing that they are killing a life. Rather, they know it. So it is not about getting through to them. Their acts are deliberate and with full knowledge of what they are doing.

  26. Unborn human beings have a soul just as born human beings do. The fact that a soul is invisible is irrelevant, as is the degree of physical development. If there is a human soul, then it is a human being. And when does the soul join with the body if not at conception? To say that an embryo or fetus is simply part of the woman's body is absurd. If you say that, then you have to say that it is also part of the woman's body immediately before birth, which is absurd. This is an issue on which people suppress their consciences (Romans 1:18).

  27. It's a very simple and shut tight case. Except the Left invokes emotional propaganda to institute barbaric policy meant to end the argument. It's convenient to eschew facts when they see fit, and an uneducated society will always choose emotional sentimentality over facts every day of the week. The sad thing is, our social and fiscal political environment has become structured around this, as it appeases the masses and it's carnal appetite.

  28. "I'll decide what to do with your body and free will" – Slaveowners to their slaves. That said, most slaveowners were Democrats, and it was the Republican Party that fought hard to abolish slavery.

    "I'll decide what to do with your body and free will" – Abortionists to their defenceless babies. Again, most abortionists are Democrats, and Republicans continue to conserve the values of America's founders.

    It's interesting that nothing much has changed for the evil Democrats in these last 150 years.

  29. Some people claim that aborting babies is better for them because if they all lived we wouldn't have the resources to feed them, dress them ect those babies. Still are supporters of not using euthanasia in animal shelters that are full and where these resources are lacking. I'm not saying we should kill animals, I'm against that. I'm just showing how some people put the animals above humans

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