A Visit to Auschwitz – A First Hand Account

A Visit to Auschwitz – A First Hand Account

Welcome to the Watchman’s Cry Remnant
Watcher. The program that equips the saints and prepares God’s people for the
return of Christ Hello my friends. Nathan Leal here
the website is watchmanscry.com and today I’m gonna bring you a very special
program. Very special because today we are going to go inside of a World War 2
concentration camp. Now I’m gonna have help from Alison. She’s in Germany right
now and a few months ago she told me about her visit to Auschwitz when she
was a student in high school. She told me about it one day and we were talking on
the phone. We were doing FaceTime. By the way that’s how we communicate, using
messenger and we do FaceTime and phone calls and check-in with one another, and
we pray together. We read the Bible. We’ve had very beautiful worship sessions, and in
fact we’ve also had worship sessions with her and her sister, who is also in
Germany. And we worship together and prayed and messengers a really good tool
to do that, and anyway, so I was talking to her and asking her about Germany. I
was asking her about her knowledge of Hitler and the Third Reich and she told
me that when she was younger when she was a student, she went to Auschwitz, so I
listened to her describe what she saw and before I knew it an entire hour had
gone by, and folks as I listened to her talk about her visit to Auschwitz, I was
speechless. I couldn’t say anything. In fact, as she described what she saw I
I couldn’t help it. I was overcome and I started to weep. I wept as she told me
what she saw and she told me about things that I had never heard before, and
when I say never heard, I mean I’ve never heard first-person details about
Auschwitz and what the prisoners the Jews who lived there had to go through,
and had to endure. It’s very important that we as Christians know these things
so I have asked her to come on the program to share her account of
Auschwitz. She’s gonna go into great detail about it. When she shares this
you’re gonna hear some details about it and I want to warn you upfront that what
you’re about to hear may shock some of you. It may hit some of you very hard. Some of you may find yourself struggling to hear her words and I’m pretty sure
there’s gonna be a number of you that are gonna need a Kleenex you will find
yourself weeping because it’s just so unimaginable while she was recording the
interview you’re about to hear I again found myself weeping and then when I was
editing the program and her words it happened to me again there was one part
I had to just stop and because I couldn’t even see the screen my eyes
were so full of tears because it was just so impactful so I just want to warn
you ladies and gentlemen that what you’re about to hear is gonna be
shocking it’s gonna be incredible and it’s gonna be very sobering but you know
folks we all need to hear it I really really believe that every remnant
Christian who is alive right now needs to understand this they need to know the
details about this and they have to make sure that their loved ones know about it
why Nathan why do we have to know it well because we’re in the end times
folks and the Bible tells us that in the end times the people of God are going to
suffer great persecution so I want to share these things because it’s gonna
give a snapshot of what God’s people may face in the tribulation in the coming
time period of trouble so listen to this program in its entirety in this program
is going to consist of several parts it’s going to have the account from
Allison and then I’m going to share a few other things about the Jewish people
in the last days and I’m going to bring forth a very very very important Bible
study it’s very important and it has to do
with the Jews and it has to do with what’s going on right now in today’s
church and also a great deception that is occurring in the church right now so
please listen to this program in its entirety and then at the very very end I
have an announcement to make about Alison and I so please listen for
that and also ladies and gentlemen share this program with everyone that you know
you’re free to place it wherever you want you can place it on other websites
you can put it up on YouTube you’re free to share it ladies and gentlemen share
it with your spiritual leaders share it with friends with family members but we
have to get the word out about what Allison has to share in here well I’m
gonna be bringing Allison on I’ve asked her to come on the program and discuss a
topic that is very important for all of us as remnant in time Christian
believers to understand and to get a hold of and to really figure out our
location theologically on this thing we have to figure out where we stand in we
have to pick a side I want to challenge with that that we have to pick a side
because today on YouTube on the internet there is a movement that is a part of
the same continual battle and onslaught against God’s people against the Hebrew
people against Israel against Jews and I’ve noticed that over the last few
years there is a lot of confusion on the internet and on YouTube because the
devil doesn’t like God’s people the devil does not like the Jewish people he
doesn’t because he hates anything that was of God what are you talking about
Nathan I’m talking about the movement to lump all Jews and to generalize and
stereotype all Jewish people into one group I’m talking about Zionism I’ve
noticed there’s a tendency for Christians who are internet Christians I
guess part of the conservative right who have left mainstream churches and are
now on the internet and get their information their portion their daily
bread from the internet there’s a movement that is labeling all Jews as
Zionists and evil and fake and frauds and Israel is secular and doesn’t matter
and it’s turning into a hatred I have to qualify this we should never generalize
first of all because when we stand before God we’re gonna stand before God
as individuals not as a group one by one he’s gonna look at and examine our
hearts and in the same way we cannot every Jewish person quote-unquote or
every Israelite into one group of a Zionist and so I’ve noticed that that
term Zionism is being spread on the internet and it’s associated with the
conspiracy which yes we can say that we do have research that does prove that
there are evil people in the New World Order there are evil leaders in the
world and some of them are Jewish or part of the Jewish religion but not all
of them are are the devil yes the Rothschilds control banking yes there
are secular Jews just like in Jesus’s day there were secular Jews that
crucified him there were but there were also disciples who loved him there were
also people 120 of them who were praying in the upper room a few weeks later in
the day of Pentecost so not every Jew during Jesus’s time was the devil same
as today so I want to talk about I’m not going to go real deep into explaining
how Jews are not all the devil but what I do want to do I want to also address
part of the argument that Jews are evil includes an attempt to make a new
narrative of history about the Holocaust now I used to see with Aryans I remember
seeing it for decades I remember hearing them saying the
Holocaust never happens or if it did happen it was only a few thousand people
the camps did not have hundreds of thousands if that’s a lie and they
didn’t mistreat and do some of the things the atrocities that they have
been accused of it’s all fake its fake information there is a movement among
the Aryans that did say that yes but now Christians are saying it and I have
heard regular folks that go to church say that or they will link to Aryan
websites that say that and you know folks this is a very shameful thing
because we’re seeing a repeat basically what this is doing is this is
setting up Bible prophecy because the Bible tells us that at some point at the
very end of time at the end of the tribulation Jerusalem is going to be
surrounded by armies Jerusalem will fall under attack Jerusalem will be under
attack and then Jesus is going to show up at the very end of time now if we go
backwards from that we have to ask the question why is Jerusalem under attack
who is attacking them who supports it who is okay with that
well the Bible says the whole world is gonna attack Israel that would include
the United States of America it wouldn’t include the West it would include some
NATO allies are gonna turn their back on Jerusalem on Israel the Bible tells us
that in Zechariah as well as other places why could some fundamental
Christians be okay with that well it’s because in their mind they have been
told something in their mind they believe a certain narrative that may not
be true and when I look around on the internet I see one narrative that is
showing up and that’s the one I’m mentioning right now so it’s two things
Holocaust a nine and then that all Jews are fake I see people use the passage
from revelation there are some who say there they are Jews and or not and so
people will take that verse and say therefore all of Israel a secular and
there is a very popular radio person out there personality who has taken a very
extreme point of view on this thing and that person is convincing a lot of
remnant Christians that this information is all true that all Jews are fake and
also it goes even further that the United States of America is the new
Israel the USA you know Jerusalem you can we can do word games all day long
and do that but they have convinced a lot of people that Israel is full of
Zionists Israel doesn’t matter is recycler and therefore turn your back on
them and and it’s just getting ugly folks so I’m saying all of that because
if you might happen to be listening to some of that information ladies and
gentlemen I need to warn I need to say this and I don’t say this out of
arrogance I don’t say this to be mean or rude but let me just say it just as a
fellow believer as a brother in Christ and as someone who has seen this thing
take place and rise up and as an individual who I’m not an expert on the
Bible folks but I do know some of it I’ve been at this for almost 40 years so
I have to say this folks every one of us need to be careful on the position that
we take in this matter we need to be very very careful because we don’t want
to find ourself on the wrong side of the matter you cannot afford to be on the
wrong side of this matter and to be a part of the crowd that says crucify him
and once again be a part of a new crowd that says crucify them
we have to be careful folks because the Bible does say I will bless those who
bless you and curse those that curse you the Bible is clear on that I will curse
those who curse you we don’t want to be cursed folks you cannot afford to be
cursed by God we’re entering the end times and as I look around it looks like
we’re pretty late in the hour the hourglass is running out of sand we have
this new virus that is rising up I’m watching that thing from the wall
I have not formed an exact narrative on it yet but I will be talking about it
soon we see volcanoes exploding we see earthquakes we see poison water in the
Pacific we see the fires in the Amazon in Africa in other parts of the world a
lot of the world’s on fire so we have pestilence we have famine we have
earthquakes and now we have the hatred toward the Jews and in these in times
ladies and gentlemen we need to make sure we are on the right side of this
matter theologically because if Jesus shows up and we are on the wrong side oh
and by the way I’m not going to be on the wrong side so and let me not say we
let me say you if some of you out there are on the wrong side of this matter
it’s like tying a chain around your neck and throwing you into the ocean and you
won’t be able to swim we need to be careful about this folks please be very
careful about this so you know I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about this
and offer a more sane perspective but I have to do it now and it’s really been
bugging me it’s been on my heart that we have to look at this thing from sanity
spiritual sanity and not be an enemy of God and not be an enemy of God’s allies
yes the Rothschilds are out there yes the Rothschild want a one-world
government yes they control the banks and yes there are people from Israel
whether they are part of the seed of Abraham or not whether they are fake
Jews or not yes there are some world leaders and rich people who want this
thing to happen but that doesn’t mean everyone does and that doesn’t mean that
every immigrant that moves to Israel is part of that plant it doesn’t mean that
every one of them kakoen and rub their fingers together when they hear about
the Zionist plan it doesn’t mean that folks so I’m gonna bring on Allison and
Allison is you folks know she’s in Germany and I was talking to her
privately a few months ago and she shared about a field trip that she
he had taken when she was in high school to Auschwitz and she shared with me her
experience with it so I’m gonna bring her on and you’re gonna hear from her
from her own lips because she was there she was a witness there she was in
Auschwitz and when you hear what she has to say about this thing you can hear
from her words ladies and gentlemen that this thing was real
it did happen evil for a brief moment of insanity took over the world and set the
world on fire and killed a lot of people millions of people’s have died the
Holocaust happened it is in history I will not deny it so I’m gonna bring her
on we’re gonna talk about it and also folks as she’s talking try to look
through it through her eyes try to if by the way if you happen to be a trump
supporter I’m gonna say some things and Allison may say some things during the
program that has to do with concern over developments that are occurring here in
the United States because for a brief moment of insanity for several decades
fascism took over the government so ladies and gentlemen we have to pick a
side we have to make sure that we are on the right side of this whole matter on
the correct side biblically ladies and gentlemen now
after Allison shares I’m gonna share some verses and passages of Scripture to
help with the confusion because there are some of you that maybe you’re
hearing these words and you’re saying yeah Nathan but what about this this and
this I did the research we will address that on the other end so if you can take
some notes get a pen and paper and I want to ask this also ladies and
gentlemen please share this program with everybody that you know every Christian
that you know if they’re a Christian who gets their daily bread from the internet
and if you happen to know a few Christians who are confused about this
or maybe they have started leaning toward what I’m talking about
share this program with them if you’ve heard some people tell you that the
Holocaust didn’t happen or if some of you are struggling with it listen to
this program several times and I want to also ask you to share this program with
your young people if you have kids teenagers by the way that’s another
group that’s starting to hear about the Danai of the Holocaust the Millennials
there’s a lot of Millennials out there that are starting to lean the other way
that it did not happen so share this program helped us put this in the ears
of God’s pea all right folks okay so with that I’m
gonna bring on Allison she’s in Berlin Germany right now and we are doing this
through the internet so here we go Allison are you there yes hi hello
Allison it’s good to have you here you know it’s really interesting we’re nine
hours apart it’s the morning here in the States and it’s the evening over there
in Berlin you’re about to go to sleep and America is waking up so this is
interesting but I want to thank you for coming on because a few months ago you
and I had a conversation and you told me about that field trip that you took to
Auschwitz I let the audience know about it so I
want to hear from you some of the things that you shared and that you told me
about I understand that in Germany since world war ii there has been an effort to
educate german students about the holocaust and you told me that all
through high school it’s in every class and it becomes after a while boring
because it’s the same thing over and over and there’s a tendency to become
jaded about it but then you took a field trip right before you graduated let’s
just start from there tell us about your field trip and I’ll just let you talk go
ahead audience get a cup of coffee and just listen to what Allison has to say
because this is just heavy duty what she experienced what she witnessed when she
went on her field trip so Allison go ahead and tell us about it I want to
start out saying that up until now I was working as a dental hygienist for a
Jewish dentist he was my boss and I had because of that a lot of Jewish patients
and these were German Jews that had returned to Germany past generations
after the war a lot of them or most of them have lost relatives either younger
generation they lost their grandparents their great aunts and uncles some of the
older ones lost their parents or were themselves survivors of the camps my
boss’s father who was dead now he survived the camps but lost his whole
family in the Holocaust so these people who have survived and
they’re descendants they’re there and they have the history they can still
speak of the ores that their fathers mothers grandparents aunts and uncles
witnessed so with that said I just want to let you know that if you talk to
Jewish people who have survived you will find out that the Holocaust took place
and this is not some big secret that has been put out there that is false or
something that you know millions of survivors have tried to keep up this is
fact and the reason that Israel even exists the way it does today is because
of the Holocaust so I’m gonna talk about my field trip I was about 19 years old
and this was in the early 90s 1991 and I was going to German high school this was
college preparatory high school and this was my course or my class of political
science and they had started a program where once every year the school would
have a field trip for the upper grades upper classes to go to Poland to see
Auschwitz now Ashford’s is or was one of the camps
one of the many camps that were built by the Nazis probably the most famous one
but there were more there were places called toy blinka or
my da naked other ones there were even some concentration camps within Germany
or the Third Reich back then but the Nazis didn’t like doing the killing in
their own country so they exported the death to other countries and they liked
Poland and that’s where they built most of their death camps so I was 19 and we
went to Poland up until that time once I started high school talking about
her learning about the Third Reich was one of the most important subjects in
school Germany are really made at a point to teach his children and students
about its past so that
from the seventh grade on there was always some way which we learned about
the Third Reich about the Nazis about the Holocaust either it was sometimes in
our German class when we would have literature from that time or poetry
things like that we had even an art class history of course political
science there was always a way to integrate the theme of the third right
into our curriculum so that we learn about it when I first learned about what
had happened in the war and there was initial shock that took place but then
after a while I have to admit that we grew kind of numb towards the subject
because it was constantly beaten into our brains basically served every time
we would go to the next grade the next level there we I would have again
Holocaust right and as a young kid you don’t want to talk about all the time
and it gets redundant and we were sometimes even slightly in rebellion
towards the whole subject because as a kid I was half American half German but
as a German my German part would always be thinking well there has to be more to
German history than the Third Reich and I always felt like there was too much
emphasis on that time and that there was more great history and that German
history it wasn’t just about the Holocaust but you know that Germany had
a rich history that went back thousands years so there was a form of boredom
sometimes with the subject so we have a chance to go to Auschwitz and at first I
wanted to go and you know I was just a dumb kid and I was thinking well it’s no
get away from class and who knows we’ll just go there and it’ll be okay so I
really didn’t expect much I thought after all those years this was in the
early 90s so for you five years later I thought what could be left that could
excite me or what could be there that could shock me I used to be an open-air
museum and that’s gonna be it but yeah it was different something else
awaited me and so we were about a class of twenty and we got on a bus and it
took us to Poland and we visited some former German cities
because Poland itself basically was moved on the map after the Second World
War and lots of parts of Germany became polish so we saw some of the old German
towns that now had become Poland and saw those and then we went to Auschwitz
which in Polish is need oh she didn’t you and this was in May it was warm and
we stayed in a youth hostel had been specifically built for this reason and
it was a place of contact with other classes from other countries and to
visit a schvitz and talk about a special exchange of students and teachers so our
guide was an older Jewish Polish man who has survived Auschwitz as a boy and this
was the program there there were survivors that had dedicated their
senior years in educating the youth about what had happened so these people
were there they had been there they had survived this place so these were people
who had gone to the horrors and they returned to the place of whore to
educate young people about what had happened
so this older gentleman was very distinguished and very educated very
nice very calm and we were just one of the many classes that he had through
this guided tour through a schvitz so what happened was we went to the oldest
part of Auschwitz house with itself had many parts about three parts ash was
number one was the first designated area for the Jewish prisoners and this was
and enclosed I guess it was a former military barrack these were red brick
houses that it housed the the Jewish prisoners and this is where they started
and had experimented with killing them and detaining them they had first only
been detained and worked to death and until finally the had been a decision to
build another area which was Auschwitz to who was
Cannell where they built the infamous or the more famous part of us which was the
huge camp with the wooden barracks and then there was the other part that was
monoliths and that was the part where the Jewish prisoners and all the other
prisoners that were Jewish you know they were also gypsies there were homosexual
men mostly or just people who did not go along with the system political
prisoners they were sent to Marvis to work in their chemical factory and
produce things for the war but we were first in the first part and that was
these brick barracks and there were rooms that were they had to detain two
people they had started killing them by first stuffing them into trucks and had
taken pipes and had the fuse of the motor kill the prisoners in the back of
the truck they would put them all and they would lead a pipe into the back of
the truck that was of course enclosed opened them up you put the people and
close it up and then they would pump the carbon monoxide into the back of the
truck and they would just drive around until the people died of poisoning in
the back but that proved to be inefficient so that’s why they built the
big camp with the big barracks where they would then gas the people we
entered these barracks at first and there was the infamous slogan over the
gate bike math.pi which is German and means work will set you free because the
prisoners wouldn’t just lay around in the barracks they were worked to death
if they weren’t killed by gas they were worked to death if they weren’t worked
to death and killed by the gas they died of starvation of sickness weakness so in
this part they had firing squads as well they would shoot the prisoners they
would just lead him up against the wall and they would shoot them they
experimented with gassing the prisoners in this part they used one of the the
cellars there and it was like a bunker and they would lead the people down
there and they experimented some of the chemicals there to find out
you know how quickly they could kill people off and if it was more efficient
so when you were at Auschwitz one and you saw what you’re describing like
where they would shoot people did they show you the area where people were shot
and did you see the actual bullet indentations in the wall did you see
that yeah they had a certain area where they would leave the prisoners against
the wall they would shoot them and you could still see the marks of the bullets
and that whole area they explained to us how that took place so yes that was
there that was still there you could see that you can see some of the old parts
of these barracks where they showed us how the people would just be laying on
the ground on straw mattresses entirely a food and just miserable conditions but
even these conditions weren’t as bad as the conditions later on in the second
part the bigger part which was that huge camp the one with the wooden barracks
this is the part of the area where they also had all the exhibitions where they
found and exhibited what was left of the prisoners what was taken from the
prisoners and was what the Nazis used and wanted to keep so people weren’t
shoved into the gas chambers at first or killed through the other ways that they
had been experimenting with what they did was when they kept them forward they
would shave their heads right away and they did this first of all to demean
them to take away their humanity you know just shave the woman’s head shave
the men’s heads and give them those typical striped uniforms that were just
basically striped pajamas that didn’t keep them warm or anything and they had
kept the hair because they’re going to use the hair to stuff things as stuffing
for pillows or for blankets or things like that
so there was a room that was exhibited that had all the hair lots lots of hair
and it was a huge huge mountain of human hair and the worst part was seeing
personally for me the cut off braids of the women and the girls
beautiful beautiful hair laying out just snipped off laying there everything else
you know there was a lot of matted hair but you could still see the different
colors there was blonde hair there was red hair there was brown hair there was
black hair there was all kinds of year and it was hard to look at especially
the the little girls grades some of them still had the ribbons on him and then
there were rooms that had the watches that they had taken from the prisoners
just a huge pile mountain of watches or the glasses that they had taken from the
prisoners and the other room huge huge huge mountain of just glasses that
people had borne and you know you would stand there and look at them and you
knew that each one of those glasses each one of those wristwatches that hair had
belonged to a person who had died in the camp and it was so sobering and it was
it was sickening um there was the goal they had broken out of the teeth when
they had killed the people before they would burn them they would break out the
gold teeth so that they could reuse the gold to melt the gold and use it for
other things and there were huge piles of gold and it was even though the teeth
were still attached to her that’s when I started heating home and you know the
laughter and snickering that had maybe been on the bus before and just the
stupid horsing around of teenagers it completely stopped and we were all very
silent we just walked from room to room to look in and see these huge atrocious
amounts of humanity just displayed there near the leftovers of the dead and that
that was just it was just terrible terrible the hair
shiny there was still shiny glossy hair you know it hadn’t changed hair doesn’t
deteriorate like the rest of the body and it was still glossy and shiny and it
was it was just it was just sickening to think that these people had just died
and they had just shown their heads showing them like animals and they had
pictures of the prisoners displayed as well and they had meticulously
documented all the names and taking pictures of the prisoners in the
beginning and you could see the Haggard faces of the women and the men lots of
them were very young but they looked old they had aged aged terribly while they
were there and they just had these hollow sunken in eyes and hollow cheeks
um they just looked desperate you know desperate and you couldn’t even imagine
what kind of whores they had witnessed or what they were going through so after
those rooms there was us a room where they had and this always has been thing
that has been talked about and so far that have might have been rumors but it
wasn’t the Nazis dude skin the prisoners who had intricate tattoos and they had
used those skins for lampshades and other objects ornamental objects that
display the tattoos we saw these lampshades we saw lampshades we saw
these other objects that have been made out of human skin and could see the
tattoos on the lampshades and on these other objects and that was just that was
just even more horrendous than all the other things that were on display to
know that people would actually sink so low and become so
generate that they would skin their fellow men for the design on their skin
and use human flesh for decoration no it was just so disgusting and terrible and
if we hadn’t been shocked and crying up until that point that one definitely
brought us to tears because it’s just when you see it I die you just you just
can’t believe it you just you need don’t want to believe it you just don’t want
to believe that humans can sinks alone but then you realize that yes they can
and they do and it was just a shock because we had read about things like
that before but you know it was it was something in a history book and it
seemed far away but when you were confronted with it it just hit you it
just hit you and it was hard – it was hard to swallow you were just in shock
so we saw that and our our guide explained everything to us and he was
very calm very calm and he showed us is this bunker that was left
this was one of the first places where they had experimented with the cyclone B
which was the chemical that was used to kill Jewish prisoners and the other
prisoners and this was a bunker it went downstairs and there were heavy doors to
lock this bunker and it was like a very very very large law room and it had
concrete walls there weren’t any windows and I can’t
remember if I sign the overhead pipes you know that mimicked showers or
anything I can’t remember but I do remember that we were there and there
were scratch marks on the walls and on the ceilings our guy explained to us
that these were the scratch marks of the fingernails of the people that had been
going through the throes of death and had been trying to escape when the gas
was released in the bunker and he explained to us what happened in the
moments when the gas was released and what happened was is that wherever the
gas was released but people that were huddled together I mean they would just
fill up that room these people were usually naked I don’t know if in the
beginning they would have them in there neutered but later on they definitely
did that they were huddled together and the people that were closest to the
exhaust they died pretty quickly but the ones that were on the outsides and
weren’t close to the exhaust they didn’t die quickly they died terribly and they
would clawed their throats because it would suffocate them and breathe and
hurt they would bleed out of their orifices in their death throes they
would bomb it they would defecate they would scream and howl and
cry and they would try to get away from the fumes and in their desperation they
would claw the walls of this bunker trying to get out and what also would
happened was and this was something that was just nightmarish to me and it
followed me afterwards I couldn’t get rid of this picture was that the people
would climb over each other and they would form a pyramid and this was
anything that was of course organized or anything this is just what would happen
every time that the the strongest would try to get away and they would try to
get out and they would climb over the the ones that were dead or were dying of
the stronger ones would try to get away from the fumes they would have this
pyramid of people climbing over each other trying to get away and they would
climb up the ceilings to try to get out the ceiling through the ceilings so the
whole thing would take about 45 minutes to an hour and then they would open the
heavy doors and they would have other prisoners come in in take out the dead
so you’re standing in this empty room with your own eyes you’re a young
teenager and you’d looked up and you saw fingernail claw marks in the ceiling
they actually did that I couldn’t even imagine it was just that people were so
desperate and in pain and panic dying trying to get away that they would try
to claw their way out of the bunker it was just in comprehensible to me what
was the mood with all the students when you guys saw this we were just horrified
horrified and we cried we cried those that didn’t cry were just silent
and a chalk and just I mean it was just
complete horror to imagine what must have taken place where we were the
knowledge that in that room people had died such a horrendous death the thought
was unbearable and our guide explained to us that even if relatives were pushed
into the bunker together he said when the gas was released there was there was
no family unit anymore because everybody was in the death row and mothers dropped
their babies their children husbands and wives
weren’t husbands and wives anymore they were only crying trying to survive at
that moment and there was no other person at that moment except you you
were just trying to survive on your own and you didn’t care anymore about
anybody around you you just tried to get away I mean people were tearing at their
necks at their throats trying to breathe they would tear at their eyes in their
panic everything it was just absolute horror absolutely horrible what took
place when gas that gas was released so after they had died of course that whole
bunker was filled with stench it was putrid there was blood there was vomit
there was there were feces everywhere people had gauged their eyes out they
had clawed tried to claw open their throat there were bloody nails in the
wall the size of the walls where people had tried to get out so they would have
to drag the bodies out and and clean out the the bunker it would have to clean it
out after after every killing and so they would
with water in Dadaab they would have other prisoners go in there to clean it
and this is what took place over and over and over again over and over again
so in the V camp where we went they had destroyed the the gas chambers there
when the Germans left when they knew that the Allies were approaching and
they tried to destroy any evidence of the killing but they hadn’t succeeded in
hiding it completely and they found the remnants of the gas chambers in they
found the one that they had started with in the first camp and because also of
the stories of the prisoners there they knew when going on the V camp that we
saw that was the one with the train tracks that came in to this big gate
with with the buildings on either side and again you have the I slogan the word
will set you free slogan that was over the the gates and
you would open up you came through the gates with the train tracks and it would
open up and you had the city of barracks there and when we were there they had
only kept I think four or five of those wooden barracks and everything else was
just an open green field a huge open green field which of course back then
was just a huge ocean of muck and mud because of the thousands of thousands of
people that were walking around there wasn’t a green blade of grass to be seen
anywhere during the times the camps were operating it was just the barracks and
the mud and when we were there the Bears that were left we looked at them they
were wooden they were dark they had a funny smell to them they smelled in some
parts like some sort of chemical like disinfectant or something like that and
you had the the levels inside they had two levels or three levels or more where
the prisoners would sleep or sit and they were very very
they had pictures on the inside of what it looked like how many people were
sitting there and they had actual photography on back then of the
horrendous conditions inside those barracks they would maybe have one
latrine and one place where they could wash of course everything was wasn’t
enough for all the prisoners that were there these barracks were cold even
though they had maybe one little oven going it couldn’t keep the people warm
enough so they would be sick they would get sick and they’d be freezing and of
course the Nazis didn’t provide them with enough blankets or killers or
anything so a lot of them would just be laying on the naked wood you know to
huddle together trying to keep warm of course they were always malnourished
they never got enough food and it was just basically left overs of turnips and
hot water things like that so whatever they ate
was either rotten or wasn’t anything that was really nutritious but the
prisoners would eat anything that they put in front of him because they knew if
they wouldn’t eat though be sure death he was always cold they didn’t have sea
clothing they just had very thin layers maybe of this camp uniform this prisoner
uniform and they were always just freezing always cold and they would just
try to huddle together to keep warm somehow and people would get sick
because of it they would just get sick and weak in the summer it would get
terribly hot in the barracks unbearably hot and in the winter would get
unbearably cold so they were always exposed to the elements in a way that
was just detrimental to their health and they were weak they were malnourished
they had to work terrible long hours in whatever area they were sent to in the
fields so they they were just weak weak weak and was filthy it was hard to keep
clean in anyway they only had certain times when they could use the rest rooms
bathrooms latrines or when they could wash and there’s never enough water and
so especially for the women that were there it was hard because you know if
you know women have their period and they could you know they would have
nothing to hold it with and they would just be bleeding into their clothes and
remember he told us of the story that a woman who survived had said that they’d
be laying next to each other on these levels is wooden bunk bed levels and if
the woman had her period it would just be bleeding and she was just trying to
keep the blood from going on the woman laying right next to her trying to keep
warm at the same time so they were just encrusted in and dirt and unhygienic
conditions and these people you know these were normal people who had lived a
good normal life who had the human life and had gone to work and had house or
apartments and had family it had been clean and industrious people and all of
a sudden they were treated like animals and they were reduced to animals the
week did not make it very long so people would also become very selfish but they
would just try to survive any way they could of course they would try to help
each other but in the end you know everybody was trying to survive somehow
and they were beaten regularly beaten they were called out of the barracks and
beaten they were in constant stress and fear of dying because the war the guards
would just sometimes another night just have them all file outside then they
would just pick somebody just shoot him or drag him off or just you’ll kill
people off just for fun and just to keep him scared so they were never allowed to
have a release of stress or fear it was just constant fear of dying and death
became part of their life they knew that they would die and go up and smoke and
they knew about the gas chambers they could see the smoke stacks they knew
that those were their relatives and their friends and the other people going
up in smoke there was a constant smell of burned flesh in the air it smelled
like barbecue basically they said that they couldn’t stand the smell of that
burning flesh because it actually smelled good
it smelled like food they knew that that was human bodies burning the burning of
the bodies cause a fatty emission the human body has quite a lot of fat on it
on the outside under this it’s a fatty smoke that went up and this
smoke would tint the windows of the villages and towns that were surrounding
the camp and the biggest complaint of the people in the surrounding villages
in towns was that they always had this this oily film on their windows this
dark orly film and that was the smoke that was going everywhere so they always
were washing their windows because you always have this oily film on the window
panes what did they do with the after the bodies were all burnt what did they
do with these the leftovers they’re dumping where they would dump the ashes
and the leftover whatever hadn’t burned up they had they’re dumping sites parts
of the ashes they would dump in the nearby river and the ashes would sink to
the bottom of the river and three years to come the inhabitants of the
surrounding area would still find ashes floating to the top of the river or the
lakes where they dumped the ashes there was a lot of lush greenery around the
perimeters of the camp where they had dumped the ashes and trees had sprung up
and bushes flowers and everything was very lush and that was because of the
ashes that had been dumped on the outside of the camp and the guy took us
to the to some of those areas where the ashes had been dumped in and that was
the worst part you know you saw all this beautiful green lushness there the trees
and them high grass and the flowers and bushes you saw that the human ashes had
acted as a fertilizer and nature thrived on the ashes human ash was there our
guide he took us to some of those areas and he was explaining everything and we
were just standing there looking at it and just not being able to believe what
had happened and and then he told us you know look to the ground and we looked to
the ground and he said if you look closely you can still see in in the
earth when you moved the earth with your feet and just do that he said just do me
a favor just your foot and just kind of distress the
ground a bit and do you see anything and so we did that and we said yeah we can
see little white specks here and said yes those are bone fragments that you
see her these are bone fragments things that haven’t burned up parts of the
bodies that hadn’t burned up so there were still little bone fragments of all
the people how did that feel to see that what what I don’t even know what say
what I could feel I just was standing there and I saw the little bone
fragments and it was just it was just too much to come it was just too much
yeah I was 19 years old and what had I already seen I had seen death yet or
witnessed anything bad I’d had a good life so far and nothing bad had happened
and then you was confronted with this atrocity this monstrous atrocity that
had been committed in the name of a German people and how many people had
died and have just been incinerated and killed and in a cruel cold death
it was just incomprehensible it was too much it was too much I just was not at
that point I was none I was numb and we were all of us but we just cry it quiet
some were still crying but some had just already become numb it was just
something you know your brain just could not comprehend it just didn’t want to
comprehend didn’t want to accept that this was
human beings could have done this to others and what was so terrible about
the whole thing was that it was such a cold calculated operation and that the
people working there have been very efficient and documenting and very
efficient and keeping track and it was worked like a factory the killing was a
killing industry very efficient they had certain times in which that many people
had to be killed and and what times they had to be incinerated and had a
timetable and had clocked it down to the minute how long it took from for one
person going into the gas chambers to be dumped on the fields
they had it down to a science and that was one of the worst things to know that
this was such a cold calculated operation and you know these guards and
worthless they’re they uh a lot of them were married and they had their families
and they lived on the outside some within the camp’s in certain areas
off-limits and not accessible for the prisoners but they had their houses and
these people sent women and children and men to their deaths and saw the bodies
and they were constantly confronted with dead bodies death and then they would go
home and hug their kids and kiss their wives and sit at the table and have
dinner say great like nothing had happened
yeah say grace as they were back then almost all Germans were Christian and
they thought it was okay they had been blinded into believing that this was
right that this was a good thing and that these humans that they were killing
were subhuman that they weren’t at the same level as they were that they were
lower and they were like rats and that they needed to be exterminated that they
were the cause of all evil in the world that was just incomprehensible to me
that people could believe that and be so brainwashed and then would go along and
do something so horrendous because I just didn’t push them into a machine and
press the button and up hema ashes they had to tell the people to go in they had
to beat them into the gas chambers they had to beat them out of the train cars
they had to beat them when they separated the families they shot them
beat them to death they would just beat them in the middle of the night they
would go in as just starting killing prisoners dragging them out just
shooting them for fun they would seek their dogs on them so this wasn’t
sterile work they came into contact with death of people
of humans children women men all the time and they saw the suffering and they
went along with it and they would even take pride and how cruel they could be
to the prisoners everybody outdoing themselves trying to
prove to everybody else that they were the hardest on them and then they would
go home in the evenings like they had a regular day job at the at the office and
then they would hug their children that to me was just I couldn’t I couldn’t
believe that people could do this people could do that
was there any numbers that you saw Ellison because there’s a you know the
Holocaust deniers say it was just ten thousand or twenty or maybe a hundred at
the most but it wasn’t in the millions I have heard people say that did your a
guy give you any numbers of how many were killed at Auschwitz and then the
other camps combined and what the totals were did you see any numbers or do you
remember him cuz you have to remember that European Jews it was a thriving
community in every city in every town you had Jews you know yeah German Jews
you had French Jews Italians Jews he had Polish Jews he had Russian Jews you had
Dutch Jews Bulgarian Jews you had Spanish Jews there were Jews in every
nation thriving communities of Jews and most of them went to the slaughter like
lambs because to the last moment a lot of them just couldn’t believe there were
a lot of rumors that went around but even the Jews couldn’t believe that
people would do that that they would actually go to the extent of actually
killing them they didn’t believe to the last moment when they were in the on the
ramps and they got sorted or when they were sent into the so-called showers
they still believed in the goodness of men and they still believe that humans
couldn’t be possibly doing this and they didn’t give up hope but humans are fully
capable of atrocities like this what did this do to you after you were there how
did it change your life afterwards and it took me a long time
you two get over it it took me a long time for the first year afterwards I
could not tell anybody about what I had seen without bursting into sobs without
crying just sobbing uncontrollably I couldn’t because there was just so much
core there that I had seen that I had I couldn’t even imagine how terrible it
must have been to actually live through it because just hearing the stories
being there on the scene almost 50 years later was so terrible
I couldn’t even imagine what it must have been like to go through that it
forever changed my thinking and until this day I do believe that it is so
important you know a lot of people they get tired of it me see it’s always about
the Holocaust and when can we finally let it go and this is in the past and
humanity’s change no we haven’t changed at all we haven’t changed at all because
there have been atrocities after the Holocaust and humans don’t change they
don’t and you know even if Germany is modern now and they have quote/unquote
made amends and still they’re deniers and still there are right-wingers here
still there are people that hate Jews still they do and you can still tell
that there’s a certain sentiment in the German population they are just in the
population in general where if they know somebody is Jewish they’ll say it in the
hushed tone like it’s not open you know if people don’t openly talk about it or
just ask questions and so I was working for my boss I made it a point of talking
to my patients and asking them questions I would ask them two questions that were
burning on my mind I would ask them you know like why would you live in Germany
why would you live here after you probably lost a huge portion of your
family in the Holocaust what are your feelings towards Germans now when I came
back from Auschwitz I was so angry and disgusted and I never I was walking
through the streets sometimes and going to school or doing somewhere else and
there were elderly people in there so these 80s maybe and I would look at them
and I wonder how what did you do did you scream Zeke island did you adore Hitler
did you look away when they got your neighbors and dragged him out in the
dead of night out of their houses and apartments did you talk about it did you
hush it up there’s this thing that makes me angry is that the generation that did
it they never really confronted their sins they never really did it was the
succeeding generations that paid the price that were taught and that grew up
knowing what their grandparents or their parents had done but the ones the
perpetrators the ones that I looked away the ones that had voted for Hitler
they really brushed it away they tried to forget shame nobody talked about it
it was all swept under the rug the children and the grandchildren were the
ones that got educated and that felt the shame and the sadness I remember asking
you a few months ago your thoughts on after World War two Germany got sliced
up in the Communists took a portion the West took a portion and I asked you why
do you think that happening and you gave me an answer back then do you remember
what you told me it became a pressed for years for decades families were torn
apart for decades against God’s people and Germany had to pay a price compared
to what the Jewish people had to go through their price was small they had
to judgement came the wall that cut Germany in half there was a price that
had to be paid you know you said people don’t change in you’re right the sinful
nature of man never changes Satan has always been the god of this world and
demons have always existed here on planet Earth to influence man and to
deceive humans and to make something like it’s a good idea when it’s not you
mentioned a moment ago that some of the guards they would mistreat the prisoners
and let their dogs bite the prisoners you know I remember that scene in
Schindler’s List were the guys up on the his little balcony and he’s just
shooting prisoners for fun I remember that scene I’ve never forgotten that and
the guards having their dogs bite the prisoners I remember during the Iraq war
when we had this scandal exposed about Abu Ghraib the American prison for
Iraqis and American soldiers let their dogs bite the prisoners and let their
dogs intimidate the prisoners and they messed treated the prisoners and then
you tell me the Germans did the same thing and if we really want to be honest
with ourselves that tells us that demons were behind this thing Satan was behind
this thing hell was behind this thing because those same demons that were in
the German soldiers got into the American soldiers and did the same thing
because Satan is evil and so America in a very very small scale and in a reduced
scale and yes it wasn’t even close to being proportional I understand that so
please ladies and gentlemen don’t write me and try to school me my point is that
Americans contributed and the slime the fog the lather from hell
that evil residue that it’s been on this earth and the demons will slime humans
to get them to mistreat their fellow man he’s done that forever so now here we
are in modern times we’re in the new century of course humans wouldn’t do
that right well no we haven’t changed and again we have the resurrection of
the hatred toward the Jews and ladies and gentlemen how interesting is it that
the god of this world who uses the same MO of death of murder of mayhem of
reducing the ones that are the undignified and the profane ones or
however they want to label you know we take cultures all through time since the
Holocaust in every continent and there’s always people who will dehumanize the
ones that they don’t like we’ve seen this in Africa in Rwanda we’ve seen it
in Asia Cambodia we’ve seen it in the Caribbean we’ve seen it in South America
we’ve seen it everywhere and now here in America we have a dehumanizing movement
occur again in its immigrants its immigrants of color its immigrants from
the as Donald Trump so eloquently put it the sh whole countries
you know those poop ho cunt he said it you know they’re less than because of
third-world there are of color they come across the border so the now they’re
guilty so throw them in a cage and the reports are coming out now that children
have died in those conditions the children have been raped children have
been molested America has mistreated people from the south and who defends it
who defends it right-wing evangelical conservative Christians defended because
their representative that they placed on the pedestal in their hearts in their
voting sticker Donald Trump has convinced them that this is for the
right thing this is to make America great make America great at the expense
of what make America great at the sacrifice of whom ladies and gentlemen
you know if we put on the table and we think of those rallies and they pump
their fists into the sky and they agree with the words coming from this man yes
we’re going to be great at what price at what cost is America being made great
nationalism that isolates everybody else and labels everybody else as not as
important we see it we see it going on and you know the right-wing conservative
Christians evangelicals fundamental whatever they want to call themselves
point their fingers and throw rocks at the evil Democrats because the Democrats
are okay with abortion innocent lives that are killed in the womb yes ladies
and gentlemen it is true that the atrocities happen on both parties and
the Democrats in particular and they will point that out but then at the same
time they ignore they be misplaced they sidestep they looked the other way
when it comes to the attitude toward people who are not red white and blue
Americans of course we’re not at the level of
germán you did in the Holocaust but the dehumanizing that America is doing right
now toward others you know this war mongering that’s going
on with Trump supporters let’s go turn Iran into a glass parking lot let’s
invade Iran let’s have a war so that Bible prophecies can come forward John
Hagee pushes that the dominionist kingdom now fake Christians who
recreated the gospel Christians quote-unquote if that’s what they are
have come up with a new theology which involves destroying another nation Iran
so that Jesus can come back so that Jesus can come back and I can live in
the New Jerusalem and get rapture with my new glorified body let’s nuke an
entire race of people the Persians Iran so that Jesus can come back you know
this is the insanity that is out there in Allison when I heard you talk about
this and here we are again and I mentioned this at the beginning of the
program this movement that is placing Jews as the the hated ones the guilty
ones the imposters the frauds and there’s a movement to say that Jews who
live in Israel now first of all it’s twofold I’m seeing people say now part
of this movement Israel became a nation in 48 but that’s secular Israel that has
nothing to do with Israel of the Bible because Tel Aviv as the gay capital of
the world and a lot of those people are into the Kabbalah they don’t acknowledge
Jesus so therefore they don’t matter and it’s not the fulfillment of prophecy
therefore the Israel we see today is nothing the real Israel’s the United
States in Britain ladies and gentlemen please be very very careful on the side
that you take in this matter please be very careful on where your position will
be in this matter because there’s a lot of folks that are gonna find themselves
just like what you just said to the world just now those soldiers that
German Nazi soldiers killed all day long and they bullied and they mistreated and
they hurt other fellow human beings and they spilt the same kind of blood that
was in them and then they went home and hugged their wives and kids so those
people thought they were doing a good thing they thought that they were
endorsed by God because that’s just the way people are and today we have the
same thing going on and I’ve seen this teaching in study in point
you and whatever you want to call it I’ve seen the youtubes I’ve seen the
websites I’ve heard people talking about it about the kazars
and ladies and gentlemen a portion of you know what I’m talking about
what is that here’s a quick synopsis after the Jews were dispersed in AD 70
36 years after Jesus died on the cross in AD 70 Rome burnt Jerusalem to the
ground and destroyed the temple and all those juice scattered while all of those
Jewish people from the tribe of Judah real Jews moved elsewhere a lot of them
moved north into Europe some moved into Africa but the ones that went into
Europe went there with their Jewish religion so some of them went into and
here’s how the the rumor goes this is the teaching they went to the land of
Koos area where the azar people lived and the king of kazaar this is Northern
Europe the kingdom of kazaar liked the Jewish religion so he converted and then
there was a mandate given to all the people hey from now on everyone has to
be a Jew so now you have people from Israel descendants of Abraham with
Jewish blood in them the blood mixing in with people who converted so now we have
two kinds of Jews we have blood Jews from Abraham and then we have converted
Jews and then over time their children continued the Jewish religion and after
several generations there was a melting pot that occurred so some of the
legitimate Jews from Abraham lived there but then you had the ones that were not
from Abraham and now fast-forward several hundred years into the future
1948 Israel becomes a nation and they give an announcement they solicit to the
world hey if you have Jew and you come live in Israel we’ll give you
citizenship we got to populate our new country come home so people from all
over the world started going back to Israel Israel came up with their policy
on who was a Jew and it’s very stringent people have to prove through their
mother’s line ancestry that they are part of the Jewish tribe of Abraham but
then some of the people who came maybe their mom was called herself a Jew but
the lineage is not from the blood of Abraham it’s just from Khazaria
so as a result today’s Christians who have looked at this some of the
evangelicals who have looked at this have said
okay so the people from kazar that are gone that went into Israel in 1948 and
still to this day are actually just Europeans there Ashkenazi but they have
no blood of Abraham therefore they are imposters and this fulfills the verse in
Revelation that says some say they are Jews and they or not
therefore Israel is full of a bunch of imposters Israel doesn’t matter and
Israel’s bad is a devil and this teaching it’s in the Internet
it’s amongst Christians to deny the Jews and to deny that Israel is a move of God
and Israel’s of God’s miracle and I’m seeing this and I’m watching it with
great concern now ten years ago when I first heard this it messed with my head
and I for a few weeks was confused and I said what it’s not real they’re all fake
but then the Holy Spirit spoke to me one day I said God is this true that
Israel’s full of imposters and the Holy Spirit told me first of all it was a
rebuke it was an admonishment it was a chastisement in my spirit and God let me
know in no uncertain terms and this is what the Holy Spirit said Nathan you
better be careful what you’re doing here this is not a light thing this is
dangerous the Holy Spirit was very clear with me
and then the Holy Spirit showed me this when Israel became a nation in 48
miracles took place and we know this from history after Israel became a
nation they got invaded by their neighbors but God did miracle after
miracle and skirmishes and wars in invasions in battle the 73 Yom Kippur
War the 67 war God showed up every time with miracles Israel prevailed over and
over miracles were God sent Hornets and bees incredible miracles and so the Holy
Spirit said Nathan you better watch this so I repented and then I realized that
this is a very serious thing now before I go on I’m gonna read a passage of
Scripture but Allison you have heard this as well I’m sure from Germany over
there in Europe this teaching about the kazars that tries to minimize what God
has done in Israel is it a movement over there what have you heard about it Muslim population in Germany the
Palestinian Arabs they’d like to this idea as well and a lot of the
Palestinians that live in Germany they put that out there and the Christians
listen to that and they believe it so this is just one of the things the
rumors that are put out there to take away Jewish right of the holy lands of
their god-given country and this is a way to diminish their rights to say that
they aren’t really truly Jews and that they have no place there there is a
satanic spirit that all through time has hated the descendants of Abraham there
just has Satan has come up with his methods to get people to hate Jews and
yes it’s a spirit ladies and gentlemen there is a spirit that if these thoughts
are entertained the devil will take just a little bit it’s an open door it’s a
breach in our protection to know the truth and when Christians play around
with this information that deception comes in and the deception is not only
just a minor huh curiosity the deception includes hatred I’ve noticed this I have
noticed this over and over and over that there is a hatred toward the Jewish
people let me give you an example a few years ago I did the DNA swab to find out
my ancestry and the results came back that I had some European Jew and in me
actually I had heard that I had Sephardic Jew because in Spain the part
of the Inquisition made a lot of Jewish people leave Spain and Portugal and
that’s why a lot of them came to the United States by the way side note a lot
of Hispanic people have Jewish blood in them and they don’t even know it so I
did the DNA swab and then I posted it on Facebook a few years ago and I was
amazed that some people responded with hatred out of the blue it was accusatory
and there was a Jew huh oh yeah and it was just mean it was ugly there was some
Aryans I got emails from people you think you’re better than us now that you
have Jew and you Nathan really and this thing has not left so ladies and
gentlemen that’s the other reason I say be careful and in the position you take
because taking the position that questions or minimizes or tries to
reduce the Jewish people to something that’s evil the evil Zionists Rothschild
knurled order they’re all into it the Bible tells us not to give the devil an
opportunity and this is how the teaching goes what they say is the the Zionist
movement which is true and I said that at the beginning of this program there
is a Zionist movement by high-level Israelites or Jewish people where
they’re Ashkenazi or whether they’re of the blood of Judah or not there are
high-level individuals who are rich and wealthy who do want the New World Order
but they’re not the only ones there’s people from every country there’s people
from Japan from China from Europe there’s Russians there’s they’re all
over it’s everybody you know the people study the the Illuminati the 13 families
of the Illuminati and they’re not all Jews and we’ve heard about Asians that
are a part of that they’re not all Jews it’s the world but if we go back to when
Jesus was here it was the high-ranking Jews as well who crucified Him but the
the teaching wants to say that Israel is not legitimate
it’s secular and the United States of America is Israel the new Israel the new
Jerusalem let’s see what the Bible says about that
and I’m gonna share a passage of Scripture and then we’re gonna wrap this
up and we’re gonna close but ladies and gentlemen if you have your Bibles
Zechariah chapter 12 I’m gonna prove it right now that Israel today does matter
and Israel today is prophecy and the people living in Israel are not all
imposters and that Israel is very important in Bible prophecy
now the teaching about the kazars claims that Israel is full of imposters who are
not from the tribe of Judah meaning Jews but let’s see what the
Bible has to say about this because if we are in the end times and most of you
listening would acknowledge that that means that if we fast forward in the
next few years at some point Jesus is going to show up he’s gonna split the
eastern sky and where is he gonna show up he’s gonna show up in Washington DC
in the mall and the Capitol Mall is he gonna show up there or is he gonna show
up in Belgium the seat of Europe or is he gonna show up in
in Germany no the Bible tells us that Jesus is going to show up in Israel
today’s Israel his foot is gonna touch the Mount of Olives that is on the map
that’s part of Israeli real estate to this date so if people try to say
Israel’s secular and doesn’t matter well Jesus is gonna put his foot on that
piece of real estate and then he’s gonna walk through the eastern gate that
exists to this day and has been sealed up for hundreds of years and he’s gonna
set up his kingdom in Jerusalem which is today Israel some people want to say
it’s secular yes that’s true it’s full of people who are blind to the gospel it
is full of a people who have been blinded to what Jesus did but Paul tells
us that Israel will be saved at some point we do know this so yes they are in
rebellion yes they’re blind but they’re still a part of the big picture that
God’s doing now in Zechariah 12 it tells us that at the very end of time
Jerusalem’s gonna be attacked by the whole world and in the context of what
the Bible tells us I want to point some things out as far as the imposter and
the fake Jews look what it says we’re here in verse 1 the burden of the word
of the Lord against Israel thus saith the lord who stretches out the heavens
lays the foundation of the earth and forms the spirit of man within him
behold I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding
people when they lay siege against judah and jerusalem make note of what I just
said folks Judah is one of the tribes when God says Judah he’s talking about
the people from Judah not imposters not kazars
actual blood descendents of Abraham Judah from the tribe of Judah it says I
will lay drunkenness when they lay siege against judah and jerusalem that means
at some point in the future jerusalem will be attacked and it shall happen in
that day that i will make jerusalem a very heavy stone a cumbersome stone for
all peoples and all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces i’m
gonna stop there those who would heave away jerusalem those who would heave
away secular israel conan code today i hear this on radio
programs and there’s some very popular people out there there’s people out
there who who claim to give the truth they say they are given true things
they’re sharing current events and they’re saying that Jerusalem today is
secular doesn’t matter in the new Jerusalem’s the United States some of
you folks are believing this that the United States is Israel the United
States is the New Jerusalem is Jerusalem this passage right here says all who
would heave Jerusalem away will surely be cut in pieces folks make note of that
if any of you have this thought in your mind that Jerusalem is in some other
part of the map and you’re heaving it away in your mind that’s what I’m
talking about about being careful because the Holy Spirit told me Nathan
you better be careful because this is a prophecy right here and God is not the
respecter of persons God is not bias and it doesn’t matter who they are if
someone wants to believe a lie they are gonna stand before God and ladies and
gentlemen please don’t let it be you please don’t be in the wrong side of
this theology please I say this from the bottom of my heart this is dangerous
God says right here I am going to cut these people in pieces it goes on though
all nations of the earth are gathered against it okay that means even the
United States of America someday is going to come against Jerusalem make
note of that folks in that day says the Lord
I will strike every horse with confusion in its rider with madness I will open my
eyes on the house of Judah I will open my eyes on the house of Judah in other
words the apple of my eye God has been just holding them in a
reservation he’s been holding them aside God has placed Israel in the quiver of
his prophecy for the future but God is seen right here at that point I am going
to then show my favor toward Jerusalem toward what did it say right here let me
read that word again I will strike every horse with confusion I will open my eyes
on the house of Judah the house of Judah ladies and gentlemen that means
descendants that means blood descendants ancestry living in Jerusalem living in
Israel if we’re in the last days and in the
next few years Jerusalem gets attacked and if we we turn our back on Israel and
they are attacked that’s this prophecy right here and God
says I am going to remember the people from the house of Judah meaning the
residents and citizens who live there today are from the house of Judah that
means they’re not just fake cos are imposters now yes there are a few
possibly who emigrated there who were not of the house of Judah but this
prophecy is talking about descendants that means in Israel today are true Jews
they are not imposters so that verse in Revelation that people try to use
against Israel does not apply here and then look at verse five people say Bibi
is a kazar he’s asking as a Jew he’s not a real Jew yes he has bad politics yes
how acknowledged folks he has bad policies yes he has turned his head and
the neighboring Palestinians have been mistreated yes that’s all true
let’s just admit it put it on the table yes they have done bad things just like
the Jews in Jesus’s day the leaders did bad things but the citizens the
residents weren’t all evil but getting back to Bibi
now whether it’s him leaving Israel as a prime minister or somebody else the
leadership in the Knesset in the Jewish Parliament the lawmakers it says right
here verse 5 and the governors of Judah shall say in their heart and the
inhabitants of Jerusalem are my strength in the Lord of Hosts their gut ok for
those who can receive the truth right here God is pointing out very clear
terms to offset those lies that are out there and I’m reading the verse right
here to show and to prove that those people aren’t imposters God says the
governors of Judah meaning whoever the Prime Minister is the people in
leadership in Jerusalem in Israel in quote/unquote secular Israel at that
time the leaders are descendants of Judah they are actual real blood Jews it
says right here the governors of Judah ladies and gentlemen this is the Bible
the governors of Judah and then it goes on in that day verse 6 I will make look
God says it again if you folks don’t get what I’m trying to
right here let me say it again this is the Holy Spirit verse 6 in that day I
will make the here it is again governors of quote/unquote Judah like a fire pan
in the woodpile and like fiery torch in the sheaves they shall devour all the
surrounding people on the right hand and on the left but Jerusalem shall be
inhabited again in our own place Jerusalem so this is a prophecy of the
end times ladies and gentlemen we cannot argue with the Bible and Allison and I
have had private discussions on how we see this anti-semitism rising up once
again and my friends please do not let it be within the four walls of your
house please do not let it be a theology that you accept in your household
because God when he comes back he’s gonna be making note of this God is
inventory in the hearts of men right now and he is inventory in the church and
God is allowing deception to be in the world Jesus said very first thing that
he mentioned in Matthew 24 be not deceived be not deceived many will come
in my name meaning in the name of Jesus saying I’m the Christ the Christ means
anointed so many will come in the name of Jesus saying I am anointed and
deceived many we have that happening today by these so called pseudo fake
fraudulent imposter charlatans preachers and YouTube commandos who call
themselves Christians who try to portray themselves as knowing things of the
Bible when they don’t know and they’re just repeating garbage from Satan
doctrines of demons that stuff is out there folks so it’s up to every one of
us to make sure that we are in the right side of theology we have to make sure of
this ladies and gentlemen so Allison I just needed to say this I just needed to
share this because this could be very very serious would God turn his his
protecting angels away from people who have it wrong in the end of time I think
so with God say okay if you’re gonna believe that then I will give you over
to those thoughts and then satanic evil can invade the person’s house because
they are believing the lie so today we have to be very vigilant more than ever
ladies and gentlemen please make note of everything I just said
anyway Allison I want to thank you for sharing that and ladies and gentlemen I
want to segue to another matter that I need to share with
all of you. As you know my life changed a year and a half ago and if you’re a
regular listener, you know what I’m talking about God has restored my life and He has brought Alison into my life. He has
shown Alison, He has shown me that we’re going to be doing very important work in
ministry that’s going to involve two continents. It’s gonna involve Europe the
German people as well as here in America and so Alison is going to be the future
of my life, and you folks know this I announced her already. We’re
gonna move forward with a remodeled ministry that is going to involve a lot
of things that we’re excited about. Alison’s gonna be moving here. She’s
wrapping up her life in Germany in Berlin she is in the process of packing
all her stuff and she’s gonna get a container and bring some of her things
over, and I’m very concerned ladies and gentlemen, because this virus
coronavirus that has shown up just in the last several weeks, based on what
we’re looking at with forecast and I’m trying to understand it, I’m trying to do
research. I do not want to just throw out news that’s not true with hearsay or
rumor. I want the truth but as I’m looking further into it I’m hearing more
and more reports that this thing is real and this could turn into a worldwide
plague. It could stop travel it could shut down entire countries and they’re
already talking about it shutting down China air travel so with that said,
because of where we are, I do not want to delay getting Alison over here. I don’t
want to put it off into the spring or the summer. we got to get her over here
as soon as possible so I want to extend this request to all of you ladies and
gentlemen. I want to ask that you would seek God and take the matter to prayer
about helping to contribute to get Alison over here we’re bringing her son
over moving from another continent is very expensive those of you that have
done it you know what I’m talking about those of you who are expats you know
what I’m talking about it’s very expensive it’s cumbersome it’s stressful
etc., so Allison is in the middle of that right now and in the next few weeks the
schedule is for her to be moved out by next month in February and then
come over here and then when she arrives here in the first week of March.
Alison and I are gonna have a private ceremony with family and we’re gonna be
married and then we’re gonna move forward with the Ministry of Watchman’s
Cry and there are a few other things we have plans and we’ll be sharing those
with you there will be another portion of ministry with a different direction
but we’ll be talking about that in the days ahead but for right now this virus
thing ladies and gentlemen is a very large concern so I want to ask every one
of you that are listening as I’m saying this please don’t think it’ll be
somebody else. I need all of you to really really search your heart and to
see the benefit of what Watchman’s Cry is going to be bringing for God’s people
for the remnant and for all of you. We’re gonna bring programs we’re gonna bring food we’re gonna bring bread that will minister and nourish and
also we will bring warnings and we’re gonna bring a lot of information in the
days ahead I’m very excited about it. Alison’s
excited about it. I’m working on some books, some teaching materials, we’re
gonna have a youtube channel, as well as having some meetings in the future and
we will be talking about that in the future, with periodic conferences, those
are all being worked out, so for right now with this virus thing, I don’t want
to see air travel shut down in Europe, and we don’t know how bad it’s gonna get
so we need to get Alison out of Germany with her son so I want to ask all of you
to seek the Lord about contributing to help us make that happen. With that said
you can go to the website there’s a PayPal link at watchmanscry.com or
our physical address is Watchman’s Cry P. O. Box 157, Priest River,
Idaho 83856 so ladies and gentlemen please seek the
Lord about that, and uh…Alison how is it coming with your planning. I know that
you have a lot of things you’re taking care of with the paperwork and
government work, red tape, passports, all of that, how are you doing? (Alison) – Well you know sometimes certain government offices take longer but we’re coming along
there’s a lot of stuff to be done here I have to decide what to take and what not
I’m taking care of my sons papers and my own papers here so yeah
there’s a lot to you there’s a lot to do and I’m currently saying goodbye to a
lot of friends that I have and I’m saying goodbye to them and spending the
last moments with my family here that’s what’s going on
yeah it’s bittersweet I’m sure right bittersweet leaving friends and families
but then there’s an excitement as well to do the Lord’s work you’ve shared that
with me… yes it’s tough but I’m really really looking forward to coming to
Idaho and finally fulfilling what God has laid out before me, and to be with my
future husband, and to work in the ministry I just can’t wait. There is a
sadness, yes, I have to say goodbye but there’s excitement about what’s to come
and you know you’re gonna be my husband, so I’m very very happy about that. Very
happy praise God the Lord restores and Alison and I are excited, we have had so
many brainstorming sessions we have discussed some of the things that the
Lord is going to be doing in Watchman’s Cry and the directions we’re gonna go and
we have so many exciting ideas Alison has shared a bunch of ideas, by the way I
am so thankful for her, she’s really gifted. Alison’s gifted in the prophetic.
she’s gifted in some of the gifts of the Spirit, and I’m excited to see what God’s
gonna do because she’s had prophetic works given to her over the years and
God has shown me some prophetic dreams that were personal you know I’ve shared
over the years that when God talks to us for me at least 30 percent of the
prophetic dreams that I get are actually for the people for the general public
but 70 percent are personal they’re for me whether they have to do with
direction of ministry or sometimes their correctional sometimes there are
chastisements and that’s what God does for all of us God has given me some
prophetic night visions about the feature of watchman’s cry involving
Alison so there’s gonna be some very exciting things come a great move of God
people are gonna be ministered saved healed it’s gonna be incredible ladies
and gentlemen so I thank the Lord for Alison and again folks and remember
watchman’s cry and help us to get this thing done this has to occur very
quickly Allison is dealing with some of the moving companies and the people
involve then she’s given some verbal commitments
but at the moment the funds aren’t provided for so help us do that help us
get this done in and then we can move forwards so with that please share this
program with everybody that you know this is gonna be up on YouTube share it
let your friends know and also folks when you listen to these programs on
YouTube please subscribe and hit the like button because that helps the
YouTube algorithm to help the program to be moved up there are enemies of
watchman’s cry out there and it’s interesting that when I put up a YouTube
that’s an hour-long sermon within 30 seconds or 1 minute there aren’t
negative likes there’s people out there trolls that whenever I put something up
they don’t even listen to it and they click negative and so when YouTube sees
that that’s not a good thing so when you see us on YouTube click the like button
and subscribe so with that thank you for listening to this program god bless you
and Alison a man ladies and gentlemen so stay vigilant stay safe and we’ll see
you next time bye-bye Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder
consider all the world’s thy hands have made I see the stars I hear the Rolling
Thunder thy power throughout the universe displayed then when I think of God his son not
sparing sent him to die I scarce can take there are the cross he bled and died to change away when Christ with joy and then the plane my god

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  1. Most of the leaders or all are puppets part of Satan’s Beast System deceiving the masses including trump, thank you for message love all of you take care

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