50 thoughts on “A TOUR OF REYKJAVIK: Iceland's Cool Capital

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  2. Looks like a nice and clean town. Takeaways are a bit expensive and the sky looks real grey. Kind of what I was expecting.

  3. I had connection flight in Reykjavik on my way from Israel to Toronto
    I was surprised Iceland looking like desert…cold desert!Israel is flourishing garden in comparison to Iceland…and prices are much higher in Iceland and Istael much more technology developed.I would definitely prefer visit Israel over Iceland!

  4. Hello, Reykjavik Iceland I have been there, I was working on a ship that docked in that port. The man like to fight. The ladies are beautiful . There is a night club that has 3 levels , music playing on each floor ( live bands ). The clothes and food are expensive.

  5. The GoPro7 you bought in Greece is definitely much sharper and better in quality (also the sound). Waiting for your new video of Chania, Crete.

  6. I so want to go there. I've never been to Iceland before. I can imagine it would be so amazing during Christmas time!

  7. From what I've seen from your very good video and other videos on Iceland, all I get is cold, expensive, …er, cold again, because it really is, very expensive, oh yeah, wet, and sometimes you can go and play in the snow. I have to say, it's not warming to my heart much. What's really good. Why do people rave about it. What am I missing here. What is it that you are not telling us. Why would I spend my hard earned money going to a place that's like some northern village in the UK in the depths of winter on a Sunday.

  8. That was an amazing place to visit. It looked just like that when my wife and I were there with the clouds. I want to go back.

  9. I stayed at that hostel, its just across the road from the penis museum and the bus station.

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