a really crazy idea

a really crazy idea

(music) Ok, now we’ve been in LA. -It was not only glamour there. -No, actually much misery. -Yes, a lot of people living in the streets. -We have about 200 children here. And actually, we have saved
the life of each of them (music) -Ok, so we have been in Kenya. -Yes, and there was also much misery. But also much that was good -You mean the orphanage?
-Yes, it was fantastic. -Really lovely people.
-You mean the kids? -Yes, but also the people who makes a differnce.
-You are absolutely right. -But, who cares about them?
-What do you mean? -Who is cheering the people
who make a difference? -There you are in something -Maybe that’s what we shall do? -What are you thinking about? -That we can sheer people who help others. -Not a bad idea!
-Wondering how we can do that? -But, you are a filmmaker.
-Yes, and you are a musician. -Why not start a website?
-How? -A place where people can donate money. -How will people know about that? -We can use YouTube for that. -Why not let Bator do the job -What do you mean?
-We make him a star on YouTube. -That’s not so easy. -He gets my old sailboat
and sails through the world. -Ok, but shouldn’t the website
have a filter for searching? Yes, for searching in different themes. -You mean human rights and that stuff?
-Yes, and crises and climate and… -Good idea! And video film! -What are you thinking? -All the projects must be presented in a video film. -Then people really can see what it’s about. -And video reports!
-Yes? -All projects regularly provide video reports -You mean, the donors can see
how the money has been used? -Yes.
-But how much money do you have? -It says 10 bucks!
-Me too! But, then we do it! -What name shall we put on this project? -Something with World? -People? WorldPeople!

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  1. Guys, the title and the description are in english the video should be too… at least offer captions. No idea what the idea was😅

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