A Progressive CALLS OUT Progressives | Miriam Isa

A Progressive CALLS OUT Progressives | Miriam Isa

Progressives are getting in the way of progress with the following three very misguided habits. Bad habit number one: If you’re in the perceived oppressor group, you know… (white people) You are totally barred from giving opinions on racial discrimination, religious intolerance, or any other forms of oppression, because what do you know? Oppressor! Minorities on the other hand can say whatever they want! But only about their own tribes. And that is bad habit number two. Black people can weigh in on police brutality. Women can debate abortion rights. But don’t you dare offer feedback, new ideas, or shared experiences to other tribes, because that is out of bounds. In other words: unless you know exactly what I’m going through… Shut the fuck up. Unless of course, we’re talking about white people! (White people.) Because shitty happened number three: Everyone can talk about white people. Especially us people of color. We like to think of it as an immunity card following the last 500 years of cultural and ethnic cleansing. We POCs can point fingers at, ridicule, and villainize white people- no matter their intentions, or their experiences with oppression, or their individual history of being an ally, or their potential to be an ally in the future. You all with me so far? Great! Here’s the problem. These habits… are the wrinkle creams of progress. It feels good at first, but that shit don’t work. Like habit number one about silencing white people: We need white allies. We need them active in the conversation, so that they’re active in the solution. And let us not forget: White people are still the gatekeepers. That’s why MLK spent so much time working with white members of Congress, because Dr. King understood that without engaging white allies, the Civil Rights Act would have never been passed. It’s the same reason why Snoop Dogg and The Game sat down with LAPD right after the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. SNOOP: “Our whole mission today was to move in peace. And not to bash the police, but to come up here and get some dialogue with some communication.” if we want to change police culture… We need the police. Excluding white people from having a seat at the table… that doesn’t create equality. That just creates a reversal of the power dynamics. Actually, Can I take a moment right now and speak directly to my wokest of woke white friends? Okay. What’s up, y’all? Um, I love you. Thank you for your growing racial sensitivity and for fighting against oppression. Thank you for making your parents watch 13th last Christmas. That was really dope. And thank you for no longer wearing those feather headdresses at Burning Man. We all really appreciate it. But also… Every time you mute yourself in a conversation about oppression… While I get that you’re just trying to correct for most of history… in my humble opinion: To mute yourself for being white is to revoke your responsibility as a human being to participate in the conversations where we need. you MOST. Don’t disempower yourself. Support us in empowering ourselves. Get the difference? And now let’s move on to bad habit Number two: Unless you know exactly what my tribe is going through- keep your opinions to yourself. That is exactly what the oppressor wants. Minorities that are separated and siloed, because united we stand. But divided we fall and get conquered. We all benefit from cross pollinating and most importantly from aligning on the issues that affect all of us. Like when Jews and blacks came together during the civil rights movement… Y’all remember that? I don’t. I wasn’t born yet. But I read about it Two persecuted minorities working together to end Jim Crow segregation. That is how you move mountains. How about in the 80s when gay and trans people stopped fighting each other and instead joined forces to fight the AIDS epidemic? Again, I don’t remember it. I was a toddler, but I watch POSE on FX, so I know about it. We’ve got to stop tearing each other down. Like when we call the Gina Rodriguez’s of the world ‘anti-black’ for loving a culture and music so much that with no malicious intent she sings a loaded song lyric- something by the way that JLo did 20 years ago, something that Fat Joe does to this day- That’s not anti black. That’s identifying with black culture, a thing a lot of us Latinx people do, no matter how much melanin we inherited in our skin. You want to see the anti black? Let’s save our wrath for them. When we take down the Gina Rodriguez’s and we push away those fan bases, that doesn’t make our army stronger. That makes us vulnerable. That’s like Daenerys Targaryen forgetting about Cersei Lannister because she’s got a bone to pick with Arya. Cersei and the dead people are coming for you. And also Arya has mad knife skills. You need her in your tribe. Were things perfectly harmonious between Blacks and Jews during the Civil Rights Movement? No. Same thing with gays, lesbians and trans people when they were fighting the AIDS epidemic. But imperfectly united is way better than perfectly divided. So if we can all agree that we need white allies active in our conversation, and if we can also agree that minorities should be joining forces instead of over policing each other, Then can we also agree that bad habit number three sucks? The one that grants us permission to make fun of white people for like ever? The world doesn’t change overnight. Villainizing white people for not being woke enough fast enough… doesn’t make them any more woke. It just pushes them towards Trump. Let’s be better to them than they have historically been to us. And white progressives are our allies. They’re trying to understand their privilege and how it’s enabled our issues. They’re trying to vote the right way. They are having uncomfortable conversations with their MAGA hat wearing family members. Hoping to sway conservative minds toward progress and equality. So when we slander all white people and make them the butt of our jokes – as if they had no feelings – We’re also slandering some of the very people who’ve been our allies since day one, since before it was cool to call yourself an ally. We can’t fight racial profiling… as we are racially profiling. Let’s fight this culture war with respect and love as our weapons, because at the end of the day: if we’re gonna shoot people down on the virtue of their skin color… Then we’re no better than they are now. Whether you agree or not, I want to hear from you. How do you think that we can heal from our divisiveness? Comment below. I will read everything you guys write and also subscribe to my channel. I don’t know where the button is right now, but wherever it is, you should definitely hit it. I’m Miriam Isa, putting us back on course for discourse. Follow me on my socials. @Miriamisa on Twitter. @Miriam_isa on Instagram. @MiriamAisa on tik-tok. Oh my god. It’s so annoying. Can people just stop being named after me? Can I have all of my handles back, please? Or should I just change my name to a name that has never been said like… Eureka Banana Ninja? Are those handles available? Is anyone still watching this video?

7 thoughts on “A Progressive CALLS OUT Progressives | Miriam Isa

  1. Loved the video. Let me first say that I absolutely agree with everything you said. Spot on and that’s why I personally avoid the behaviors you mentioned in the habits.

    However, I think it’s also important that people who seek to be allies understand and to some extent accept the rules, even if I’m personally not going to be the enforcer of such rules. Sometimes being an ally means accepting that you don’t know what someone else is experiencing or that you might not really have anything (productive) to say. That is really hard to accept because we as humans like to talk and show how much we know (irony noted). When it comes to Lesbian oppression, for example, I firmly believe it’s my job to STFU and listen. And possibly speak when spoken to. Similarly I’m okay with being a punching bag at times. For example, during the peak of the #MeToo movement, it was easy to feel attacked as a man. The temptation was to take offense and interject that not all men are bad or rapists but ultimately accepting that we have a problem with women being assaulted means putting my personal feelings aside to address a bigger tragedy. Nothing says “I don’t genuinely care about the underlying oppression” like deflecting the conversation to my personal feelings being hurt.

    So yes, I love this video and I completely agree with your assessment of the consequence of these behaviors. Ultimately I do think many of these habits are counterproductive but I wouldn’t really blame anyone for them. After all, it’s not really black people’s job to charm white people away from supporting Trump, for example. If not supporting a racist is not enough on it’s own then the issue is not bad progressive habits!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. There's no such thing as reverse racism or reverse sexism, there's only racism and sexism regardless of the race or gender.

    We have an example where Ruby Rose was verbally attacked and threatened on social media by the progressive for being bisexual.
    Yes, she was in the centre of attention for a while when she was being cast to play Batwoman, a lesbian character so some progressive folk got upset and shared some insulting memes calling her "not gay enough" and "straight men's gay".
    The same people went after Millie Bobby Brown accusing her of being homophobic without any apparent reason.

    There's also the cancel culture championed by the progressive which demands that anyone accused of sexual harassment be immediately forgotten.

    Those that actually sexually harass someone regardless of the gender definitely deserve all the consequences of their behavior.

    We also have cases where Morgan Freeman was accused by several women reporters for sexual harassment using few comments he made during his interviews in a totally different context,
    Ben Affleck was accused for the same because he hugged a woman 16 years ago.
    They demand from us to hate them.
    The issue here are the double standards.
    On one had we have plenty of female actors and reporters that love flirting with the opposite ѕех during interviews and that's considered "cute", but if the man does it he's automatically a sleazy creep.

    Some progressive celebrities just love to be in the spotlight, especially when they're promoting their films.
    Brie Larson is especially supportive when she has films to promote depending of the film's subject matter.
    She's supporting rape victims when she's promoting Room and fights for equal representation when she's promoting Captain Marvel.
    She even accused a TSA agent for sexual harassment, apparently he asked for her phone number after she smiled to him.

    Before the release of Captain Marvel various bots started to down vote the Captain Marvel 'Are you interested to see' score.
    That was far from any kind of critic or audience score but nevertheless Larson use it as an excuse to attack the critics judging them by the color of their skin saying how they didn't liked her movie, because it wasn't intended for them… All that before many critics even saw the film.

    There's very few causes not yet supported by Jessica Chastain. She's very supportive, as long as the cause she supports is putting her in the spotlight.

  3. Thought-provoking, insightful, and hilarious, Miriam. You had me screaming "yes," then laughing and even tearing up a little bit. Thank you for this message. Though I so often feel that white people, in general, deserve the condemnation directed at them from the people who've been hurt by them, it's counter-productive to tarnish and punish any entire race of people for the actions of some, particularly when you're tarnishing allies in that race.

  4. Hi Miriam! So glad you're back. Absolutely love everything you said. Don't forget about my suggestion to do a video on who would win in a fight between Batman and Wonder Woman. Perhaps get your old pal Joslyn Davis to help you out. I think she would have good insight.

  5. Thank u so much for this I’ve been thinking about this kinda stuff for the longest and I just kept thinking how divided we were getting and I felt like I was in the wrong because it was the race that I identify with that was part of it. But I totally agreed with everything u talked aboit

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