23 thoughts on “A Political Phenomenon

  1. Y’all should know 60 min what the phenomenon was… This rabid POS, “RENEGADE” WAS PLACED IN OFFICE to continue the Nazis genocidal regime via YOU, 60 min, via Poppy Cock, via CIA, via Roth’s, via Payseur’s, via Isis ,via Isis, via Isis, via Osiris, via the Lucifer .

  2. This man damn near destroyed AMERICA, thank God he's gone,and we now have a great PRESIDENT, Donald J Trump, WWG1WGA.

  3. Sorry guys,please dont jump on me…..but shes not attractive at all without the bells and whistles…..

  4. Love how he represented the USA. With enough respect integrity and mental stability to shake foreign enemy's hands with a smile and willing to do what's necessary if his hands was forced.

  5. Whenever I look at successful people like him I always say Why can't I be like that, he was a senator a law student and president of the United States & I failed my exams & I work part time in a store😂🤣

  6. That was rude of the people on that train to not try to keep the door open! I hate when people are so rude like that!

  7. "10 years from now we may not be in a position to recover the sense of respect around the world that we've lost over the last 6 years "

    Well here we are and in only 2 years Trump managed to sink lower that Bush.

  8. It really must cheese off some people that this guy will go down in history as one of America's great leaders, it is a fact that in their minds they find it impossible or very hard to digest.

  9. yea I see michael here. @ 9:05 …they fooled us ..
    HE IS GAY. and she a tranny.
    No prgnancy pictures because men cant have babies.

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