A political disaster for the open-borders crowd: Varney

A political disaster for the open-borders crowd: Varney

50 thoughts on “A political disaster for the open-borders crowd: Varney


  2. Israel relies heavily on border walls which they electrify. Give the Dems the solar farms they want so badly, construct them near the border, electrify the fence (or at least the top half to protect animals) and sell any power that's left over to the Mexican towns on the other side – to pay for our construction and maintenance of our border walls. Let's get to work!

  3. No one is calling for open borders. Fox should either drop the word "news" or gain some semblance of dignity and stop spreading partisan propaganda that only serves to drive a wedge further between the political ideologies. It's honestly shameful.


  5. Enjoy 30 million+ illegals who will be granted amnesty. Then robots will make everyone jobless. Trump isnt getting it done. No one will.

  6. I’m Canadian; I lock my door at night to keep out bad Canadians. Doesn’t make me racist, just means I want to keep my stuff.

  7. Democrat will not want the babies ripped out of the illegal’s parent’s hands when they were in dangerous the babies . but they would want the babies ripped out of mother’s womb in pieces. I only state the fact .

  8. Of course, after Trump called the Democrats bluff on accepting illegal aliens into the sanctuary cities, in which the Democrats said no, now a section of MSM might actually be seeing things for what they really are. Democrats are hypocrites, and all the runners against Trump are a bunch of clowns.

  9. Politicians STOLE OUR SOCIAL SECURITY money.. Yet SOME fkn how they can give OUR MONEY to ILLEGALS!! No more entitlement!!! NO free healthcare! No welfare $$$ !! THEY HAVEN'T PUT ANYthing in.. It's OUR MONEY!! Send ALL illegals BACK to THEIR HOMELAND.

  10. In 2020 the only thing I’ll remember is how the demonazis stood by and did nothing to stop the invasion of our country. I certainly would not trust them to run the country. I pray for Trumps re-election 🇺🇸

  11. The horrible tragedy of creating nation states and their artificial borders is that it allowed politicians to prevent freedom of locomotion, free will, denial of God given gift to freely choose. Now we are seeing the folly of such restrictions. We are stuck. We are in a Catch-22, a damned if we do and damned if we don't situation. Political government is violence; it is the bane of humanity and then people vote. Voting is an act of violence. Go figure. If government does not intervene in our lives then we can choose to discriminate and reject those we see as dangerous and do so without fear of the thug government sending in the goon squad to discipline us. Yes, we can build the wall to try to prevent illegal aliens from entering the US which is of course a way of discriminating via force. Walls are breached, such as the Great Wall of China, the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, Babylon, Jerusalem, Masada…walls only work until someone finds a way around, under, over or through them. Best to look at the root cause of the problem of illegal aliens rather than treating the symptoms.

  12. I do not understand how 600 million or 6 million or 6 dollars can be given to illegals and not a penny to legals due money for years and proved their cases and damages over and over again. I know for certain the People did not vote for this kind of Representation. Ignore the People's concerns and acknowledge every other Country dilemmas except America dilemmas. I did not see that on any ballot I ever voted for. The Politicians keep promising our vote counts. Our vote count to be mocked, threatened, teased, and no serious investigations. Where is that posted on the election ballots? This is a definite disrespect to humanity and our hard earned right to assemble peacefully and contest the negativity we are faced with everyday for no reason…

  13. Start using bounty hunters to arrest illegals who have been ordered to leave the country. Charge illegals $500 for asylum applications and use the money to help pay bounty hunters. That way, Americans can make money helping to enforce the law. Appoint a special counsel to investigate sanctuary cities to see whether public officials are colluding to violate immigration law or colluding with the Mexican drug cartels to collapse our border. If Democrats can get a special counsel in search of a crime and say that Trump is a Russian asset, then he can do the same thing in immigration.

  14. We need a Cesar Chavez democrat. We should stop paying taxs in democrat states. Ever wonder why measles is making a comback? This is a health crisis too.

  15. TRUMP is run by the rabby of isreal. FACE IT. He s another puppet used by them. Get invaded, get disarmed. create chaos within the usa. Wake up people. Yeah right what wall? gate 28 is WIDE OPEN to them. some part aren't finish so they cross over. etc… it's all on youtube by some true americans having a catchy eye.

  16. Not only are you invaded from the south but you are also invaded from the east. mexicans and muslims, its a tough battle for all of you.

  17. We are being invaded. That needs to be discouraged. Personally, I'd prefer machine guns and napalm because of the success of that being discouraging.

  18. Democrats have already lost 2020, they are a pathetic party trying obstruct Trump but only ruining our country.

  19. Send every illegal alien to the DemonRat's sanctuary cities. If not, then Shut the border down now!!!
    Send in the military armed to the teeth to confront these invading hoards!
    Wow! It's absolutely disgusting that illeagal's and invading hoards of so called "refugee's" and the massive influx of illeagal's from our southern border can get their existence basically paid for by taxpayers, and commiting voter fraud by illegally voting in our elections, all with the DemonRat's blessing, yet actual citizens of the United States can't get help that they desperately need and are disenfranchised by these illeagal's and imported Invading Hoards of mossleem's via the traitor obummer. We must Cut off all aid to illeagal's and the DemonRat's self entitled special imports aka "mossleem's" and help our own citizens first. Until then, we should have no funds available to ANY non citizens. It is WAY past time to think of our own people first and then we can think of helping legitimate immigrants, and not illeagal's or DemonRatic "special imports".
    The DemonRat's will continuously try to disarm the American People (Law abiding citizens) so that we will have no way to defend ourselves against the DemonRat's and their pet illeagal voters. These Invading hoards from the middle east and eastern Africa along with the seemingly endless stream of illegal aliens from beyond our southern border, and are known for criminal acts along with violent behavior. Yet these are the DemonRat's special "imports" and the DemonRat's don't want us to be able to posess adequate firearms to defend ourselves against their "Special Imports" if need be. But mainly the DemonRat's are desperate to ban firearms and to disarm the law abiding citizens by any and all means. Because as the DemonRat's all know, an adequately armed populace will not get into the boxcars willingly. I'm also curious as to how these DemonRat's plan on disarming the criminal element? What am I saying, they've never had a plan to do that. LOL
    The DemonRat's have consistently demonstrated that they are pure evil and the American People mean Absolutely nothing to them. With the DemonRat's, it's not really about gun control, it's just about control. They (The DEMONRAT'S) really need to learn the meaning of the words "Shall Not Be Infringed". God Bless Our Constitution!!! And May God Bless America!!!
    And Always Remember, the Second Amendment is the most important amendment. As all of the other amendments could never be guaranteed without the Second Amendments teeth.

  20. I am FOR border security. I am AGAINST ILLEGALS flowing in. I am for the wall WHICH WILL NOT WORK BY ITSELF! You conservatives are IDIOTS. Trump is a liar!!! I am not a democrat but even they do NOT WANT CRIME TO COME IN. IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! THEY WANT ILLEGALS FOR VOTES???? ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID???? We can't get regular citizens to go vote and you think illegals are gojng to go vote??? Conservatives are STUPID. Simply STUPID!!!!!!!

  21. Thank God some Liberals have woken up.

  22. Basically they realize we will be shooting at these invading people very soon. Make sure your on the right side of history.

  23. Immigration on the levels that we've had since 1965 is why wages are so low and the cost of living is so high. It's simple supply and demand that is at work in virtually every market that there is. Immigration hurts average folks.

  24. America within it's self is already in a Crisis and, it's a shame too watch Americans being pushed to the side with nowhere too turn as Dems are willing to serve illegals with U.S Taxpayers 💰!

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