A Love Story About Intimacy & Financial Fraud || Tricks, Signs & Warnings || Who The Hell Is Hamish?

A Love Story About Intimacy & Financial Fraud || Tricks, Signs & Warnings || Who The Hell Is Hamish?

hi everyone so today I have someone incredibly inspiring for you to meet this is tracy hall and tracy hall is part of the who the hell's Hamish story which has had over 6 million downloads and podcasts so you may have actually come across this story but Tracy is actually one of the victims now the reason why I want to share this story with you is because of Tracy actually because her story is incredible but it's her strength and determination and resilience which is really important here and so Tracy to share with you her story in her own words and towards the end of this video I'm going to share with you warning signs advice things that you need to watch out for so that you never become a victim of this type of crime so Tracy thank you so much for coming to show when I heard Tracy's story I almost fell off my chair like I was just blown away and you haven't done anything foolish or silly at all like when you told me your story I was like I could have very easily done exactly what you did can you explain to everyone who you are what happened and I think you're right I think the outcome of this is that just the knowledge that it could happen to anyone so that's why I'm came to you know share his story and help others but I have unfortunately become Hamish MacLaren's last victim in a very long-winded story about his crimes over the past 6 or 7 years but also expanding longer than that I meant Hamish in about March 2016 on a dating app he presented himself as a man called max Tomita and so you didn't know who Hamish was he's met max to these RS so we've been together for 16 months and we have a completely committed relationship we'd been wearing holidays together we're talking about buying a house you know we're planning our future together I woke up one morning and and I haven't heard from him in 24 hours which was very odd to me time ago friend Henson I had called me and said um how are you max worried she said I've just seen something along I'm going to send you the link and you need to call me back straight away and you know it sort of had this headline and you know I was like the age was different everything I had to I had to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together because everything he had told me in that 18 month period was completely so all right so next step was to find out what was going on like who is max to Vito like what's been going on and what is what has he done that's so bad oh yeah so what happened from there on from from there I was given the number of the detectives that had arrested him and they called me back and in the meantime I'm just scrambling just you know looking on Facebook for buddies but he went surfing with him trying to connect with them lived in trying to find he's his family members just you know people that I've met that were connected to him trying to get their numbers through them work places in that time where I was frantically trying to find information I've managed to get in touch with his brother-in-law and I received a text back from him saying taxi please call me on this number Chris and in brackets he had written Hamish is brother-in-law and that's when I called him and I just said Chris and that's the first time I knew his name nothing his age was wrong his background was wrong he's his name was incorrect he didn't have the job that he said he had everything he told me about his life and his world and everything I need to be true was in fact completely incorrect and and you were together with him 16 months oh my gosh yeah it wasn't like a three-month relationship yeah like long yeah a long time now he not only did he Deford you romantically and he also do for you fine actually yeah and can you explain to me how this happened and obviously share whatever you feel comfortable sharing yeah but because when I ask you a question like but how did he get the money and you tell me like oh my god I could have so easily you know it was I would say it was uh probably it was very slow a slow process panting see planting seeds he gained my trust the image that he portrayed and this person that he became for me the max to be sure that I knew was a chief investment officer for a family office hedge fund so there was there was the story that built over time and like countless conversations about financial strategies in superannuation and hedge funds and all of this stuff that over a long period of time you know it becomes part of your conversation say things like you know I just I really want you to be financially independent you work sorry hard and you know just little comments and I guess it all just happen very slowly yeah and you know he he was very vocal about you know the banks and the superannuation and their face and not review often on this but not in relation to me yet elation to other conversations so he started always becoming protective of me yeah and we're in a community relationships so he was you know I thought he was looking out for me and you know it was quite a long time before we even discussed anything to do miles your graduation or my savings or anything and yeah just happened slowly and I guess at the end of the day I I trusted him and I thought he was professional in his field yeah I also thought he had my best interests at heart because we were sharing a lot together this way it's so great that you were coming forward and sharing this story with people were being open about it because there are so many people out there who have had this happen to them as he said to shamed to embarrass to come to me since I decided to talk about it and to be honest it took me a year to decide to talk to Gregg for the podcast he was you know I I knew he wanted to write the story through a friend of mine and I just I was so embarrassed in a show you know and then one day I just woke up and I just felt stronger I don't know what it was it was probably just a combination of time and focusing on myself and working through all the issues that I kind of experienced in all the emotions and I want to cut amelie you know he's not gonna break me yeah he doesn't deserve that the edge of all people he's not gonna be the one to do it yeah and I just turned around one day and I thought you know what I'm going to talk to Gregg and you're going to get these podcasts going because there are so many people and and what's happening as a consequence is the amount of people that I can come up to me and what I love about your story is you've suffered hugely financially and I'll come to that in a second and obviously you've had your heart completely betrayed but your story is not about wallowing in your own self-pity you pulled yourself together after like that natural grieving time and you've used this horrible situation to rebuild yourself pull yourself together and get back on with it but most importantly and most like I think you what is it so impressive about you is you are openly sharing your experience to help other people to help guide other people to help other people heal but also to help other people become more savvy and more switched on yeah from these absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel criminally yeah so that is what I absolutely love about you and I want to talk about your gratitude as well in the saying but do you mind if I ask like how much did you lose to just three hundred and seventeen thousand dollars oh my gosh so my whole career I've been working for 21 years so it was a combination of my superannuation which is the majority and then I think cannulated so yeah now can you tell me about how you've rebuilt yourself because this is what I think is really important we all suffer some sort of financial setback whether it's something gradually happens or something that happens out in blue but I think if anyone can show us how to Jordan put you both through its years so yeah when you talk to me about where you've done this and also about hot chips which you can solve you know when will happen you know I was in a world of pain and yeah and I think that's natural and I think you go through those periods and you know I I'm a single mum and I think when you have to get bed every morning and make a little person their lunch and their breakfast it it gives you another reason to you know just get up every day and I think that's an interesting concept is having something outside of yourself that requires more of you than you require of yourself yeah you can put your energy and focus in today yeah probably but destruction work was of course a good distraction and during that time I there wasn't much I was doing other than just surviving to be honest but there was one thing that I did almost religiously every day not force myself to doing not easy yeah yeah I get my gratitude general okay and and yeah in some days I was scraping the bottom of the barrel I remember one entrance entry one day with hot chicken salt which is my favorite thing in the whole world it's actually my death for a meal yeah yeah but it's very simple and you know yeah I just you know I look back on that time in my journal and I just I realized how incredibly low I was just that simple finger finding at least just one thing that was good in every day and you know over time it got more profound but yeah not that you want to cactus few a few practice runs before this had happened and and I think just I think hope is a really interesting concept because if you can find something to be hopeful for like that you know that you'll believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day so like you're we like where to for you now like what are you doing what are you focusing on are you open to rebuilding a you open to falling in love again are you trusting in the universe like yeah like how is how are you coming out of this will resilient to the stronger yeah yeah I think you're right like you know no amount of time is gonna be enough so how much put everyone through but that that door is closed now it's been done and I think it was it was a great outcome for me the future what I feel so this is gonna sound really strange but I feel actually quite grateful for going through this like I'm not actually not because sometimes although the most horrible things have happened to me have been the biggest blessing I wouldn't goes five sites the best thing that's ever happened to me but I would say that I just feel grateful because it's open you know I I definitely see the world differently now will you experience a profound growth and awareness and enlightenment that has come from this rendus experience yeah yeah and you know for me not only trusting other people but finding that trust in myself because for a long time I was like how you know how did my intuition I'm kicking how he died like what happened and just not even trust in my own judgment which was probably the hardest thing well I'm a function plan I've been in the industry for gosh I think maybe nineteen years or something like that and I run my own business for 14 or 15 years and your story as I said I could have very easily fall into that into that trap but look what I would like to use now she with everyone warning signs look for like some basic rules to follow so that you know something's not right you quickly can smell a rat so the first thing is is obviously you never share bank details particularly pin numbers um you never give anyone access to any of your online accounts and of course I'm sure you do that yeah this is how clever this case the next thing is is you whenever someone is giving you financial advice or telling you that they need to invest you need to invest with them check their credentials ask for their financial services license every time you see one of my financial videos you would see a general advice warning and you will see my facial planning license listed below of every single financial video if you were a financial planner and you are licensed to give advice you have a license number so look for qualifications also ask for their credentials where did they study like what what you know certificates what deployments what degrees do they have understand what how educated they are when it comes to investment advice when it I can't this is why I can never tell someone invest here or there I have to produce a 40 page document called a statement of advice if I am going to recommend someone invests in a certain way or the that certain investment strategy so if someone is giving you advice if they don't give you a statement advice that is a red flag you need to have a legal document and these are documents that we created as cruncher planners are legally binding we are legally responsible for every single word that goes in there which is why they're 40 pages and they take a while to complete so if someone's gonna give you fancy advice get a get a documented ask for a product disclose your document ask for a statement of advice and read all the fine print again if you don't see or hear this something's not right next thing is is never write a blank check whenever it comes to opening up an investment portfolio for a client or opening up an account for a client it's never in my name it's always in the clients name so I'll open up a fresh bank account for them in their name I don't have any access to transact on their account and if the check the check is even in the clients name so it will be 2 X Y Zed – and then their name that means that whoever gets their hands on that check cannot use it because it's not in their name so that is incredibly important never give someone a blank check that doesn't have your name on it because that's when they can start depositing it wherever they like the next thing is always invest in your own name never give someone a blank check and never let someone about a bank account in their name with your money money should be deposited into an account in your name this is incredibly important because if you don't do that that person has access to that money and they can do what they like and disappear we learnt that money but incredibly important the next thing is never invest in something you don't understand sure you might initially not understand what the investment is and that's why you need to go away and do your research talk to other people bounce your that you know what the idea is of other people who are qualified the experienced investors and get their feedback but at the end of the day you still don't understand what the investments about do not go ahead until you either understand it or decide it's whether it's right or wrong for you but if you don't understand it simply say no there'll be plenty of other investment opportunities that come your way which brings me to my next point trust you got if something doesn't sound right or it sounds too good to be true it probably is so I would always make sure if something doesn't sit right now something you've got a funny feeling hold off and you know what if you hold off and say that mostly look I'm gonna think about it a bit longer their reaction will actually tell you a lot about their incentives and if there's any conflicts because if if they are a legitimate investor they'll say like ok no problem of course I don't want you to invest in something you understand me as a financial planner I would never let a client sign any document if I suspect they don't understand what I'm recommending because they're not going to see the benefits of it but if you if they start to react badly that you haven't made a decision or you know they get angry or frustrated that's an alarm bells something's not right and then the final thing is check your bank accounts and your investments and your superannuation accounts check all the balances check where the money's invested but most importantly check the transactions there may have been a fraudulent train action on your account that dates back a couple months ago but if you don't regularly check them you could very easily miss that and that person gets away with it and can go and do this to other people so I recommend on a regular basis you go into your accounts and make sure that they're being managed properly that they're invested properly and all your transactions are your transactions not other people playing around with your money because that is just absolutely wrong all right thank you so much for coming in and sharing this all right I wish I hadn't have met you before all of this happened I mean honestly if I had have had a financial advisor which I absolutely should have had at the time this wouldn't have happened because I would have bounced the idea of my advisor and they would have smoked the wrap that I couldn't before you have a bunch of phone now and she seems like she's doing she's amazing she's helping you rebuild you a lot yeah that makes me so happy because I know you are in actually very good yeah thank you so much for coming in and if anyone is interested in hearing that Tracie story I will link all the amazing podcasts in the video description box below and put anyone eating is experienced something like this or needs to listen to the warning signs at the end of this video please make sure you forward this video to them or going to share it on social media we need to make more people aware of these types of people that are out there and the very manipulative clever deceiving tricks that they use to lure people in and all right everyone make sure you go and check out Tracy's Instagram account because I'm really hoping Tracy's going to put together a book sharing her experience in her story with everyone because this is something that people need to be aware of so check out chickens hot chips with chickens I now feel like going in getting something like everyone else thanks

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  1. I find it hard to believe that someone could be so mislead! Ladies (and men) always a good idea to get to know your partner's parents/siblings, friends etc before diving into a committed relationship. Integrity in people seems to be on the decline.

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