A LOUD & NOSEY CUSTOMER – Funny New Prank Video!

A LOUD & NOSEY CUSTOMER – Funny New Prank Video!

100 thoughts on “A LOUD & NOSEY CUSTOMER – Funny New Prank Video!

  1. be careful doing that,someone will think you're not the full quid and cart you off to the Looney bin hahaha

  2. I don't know how he hasn't been punched more than the one time that old guy popped him. I love he's willing to risk his health for me to laugh,and laugh I Do!!! Jack Vale we salute you sir

  3. 3:58 i kept rewinding that part😂😂😂
    Jack: You're welcome
    Lady: well ok then
    Jack: alright, hey you have a nice day
    Lady: you too
    Jack: alright!

  4. When you asked if people were getting gas, you should have said you already had some and then farted.
    3:13 great tits.

  5. Some of the customer's faces behind him in line when he started yelling especially the lady standing with the Samoan looking guy behind her

  6. He looks and acts a lot like Chandler from the show "Friends." I don't know If that is intentional or not, but it makes it more fun nonetheless. Very funny mate.

  7. go to the convenience store right before lottery drawing ask people in line if they ever played the home version of the lottery , then pull 1 dollar out of your pocket throw it over your shoulder and walkout

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