A Living Culture (Never Alone Insight Collection)

A Living Culture (Never Alone Insight Collection)

[A Living People, A Living Culture] One of the things I think a lot of people need
to understand is, we aren’t a museum piece. The Iñupiat people are a living people, and a living culture. Even though we’re in northern Alaska,
which covers this vast area from Nome all the way over to the Canadian border, is that there’s this extreme value of
interconnectedness and interdependence. It’s a hunting society, a gathering society from thousands of years. This is what creates our culture. That special relationship between humans, and the natural world, and the animals, and that it teaches you how to have a society that doesn’t do too much harm to the world. Love and respect: for nature, for one another, for elders, a very, very fundamental value. Key to life. Our values are something that bind us all: the importance of sharing with one another. The importance of spirituality and the connection to the land, our traditions, how we hunt, sharing of stories and songs and dances. I am Iñupiaq. I am from the Arctic Ocean. Iñupiaguruŋa. I am Iñupiaq. It’s very important to me. It’s who I am as a person. And we’re very proud of who we are,
and we want to continue that.

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  1. Working with our Alaska Native partners was an amazing experience for everyone involved with the Never Alone development. We're excited to share what we learned about the Iñupiaq culture through our collection of Cultural Insight videos which we plan to release over the next several weeks. 

    As we post the videos, please be sure to share them with your friends and we encourage you to give leave us feedback in the comment section.

  2. hi, i have a question what style , if there is a drawing style , let's call it rock cave , you draw intros . I mean the name of the style. Thank you

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