A Hub For Art and Pop Culture in Dubai

A Hub For Art and Pop Culture in Dubai

– What makes you an artist is that you wake up in the morning and you have this creative
energy to produce. (synth music) Dubai has become a magnet
for the most eclectic and talented creative minds. If I could sum it up in one word, I would say potential. (cheerful piano music) – I’m Anna Devis. – I’m Daniel Rueda. – Together, we are
architects and photographers. – Our approach is to play
with perspectives and geometry within an urban landscape. – And as architects, we travel the world, exploring and seeing aspects of buildings. So we can tell stories to the image. – We are on a journey to
meet with other like-minded and inspiring creatives in Dubai. (upbeat music) – We are exploring
Dubai’s foremost art hub, Alserkal Avenue. Bringing together established
gallery exhibitions, workshops, and studios
where grassroots artists are given the tools to begin creating. – To learn how it came to be, we meet with the Director
of Alserkal Avenue. – Welcome. – I’m originally from Lithuania. I studied in the States
and then in London. And then the last stop was Dubai. – I’m looking forward for
us to kind of walk around and introduce you to the
creative community of Dubai. – Alserkal Avenue is
comprised of ninety-one different warehouses. It used to be an old marble factory that belonged to Alserkal family. – I wanted to make a
meaningful contribution to arts and culture. For me, Alserkal Avenue is about bringing the community closer to arts and culture through a variety of art
forms and experiences. (upbeat music) – The art scene is just taking its steps and just starting to create itself. It’s so important that there is someone that believes in a young artist. There’s an incredible homegrown
artistic community here. And really, really talented individuals that are involved in creating the history and really producing fantastic work, that’s now becoming more
recognized internationally. – Hi. We saw the workshop from outside and we’re curious about what you guys do. – We’re here doing sneaker customization. – How does it feel to
be working in this space with all this art around you? – It’s really good. It’s inspiring for us as artists because once you arrive in Dubai it feels like everything
is super polished. Once you get to know the creative scene you realize that you can
do whatever you want to, just need to find the
right place to do it. – To date, we’ve worked with almost twenty artists from all over the world. And so you feel that step by step we are building the
infrastructure for the arts. Not only for the city of Dubai but for the UAE and the region. In the past we produced
about three thousand cultural events open
and free to the public, anything from music to film
screening to an exhibition. And as a result, we saw
a rise in our community. – We had the pleasure to
meet with local artist, Shaika Al Mazrou, who was
exhibiting her intriguing debut works “Expansion/Extension.” Shaika’s challenging the
perception of the types of artwork one might expect to find coming out of Dubai. – I always tend to say this. When you’re comfortable you tend to make boring works. And I like to push myself in this kind of uncomfortable corner. So these come in metal sheets. I see this material and I really want to change their physical properties. You start, you know, squeezing it, changing its norms. – So funny how you use the word “squeeze” when you’re speaking about metal, which is not a squeezable material, so that’s amazing. – Next, we visit JPNF collection. – A private museum bringing decades of experienced artist
prowess to Alserkal Avenue. – We’re very proud of our space. It is really designed
with abstract art in mind. Every decision an artist makes affects the results of their work. – Totally. – So whether it is the
shape of the canvas, size of their brush, – Everything has a
thought behind it, right? – Absolutely. – We kind of relate also. We have this super simple images but at the same time you have
all the work done before. – It’s so important to constantly embrace the history of the context and the local elements before we’re able to create a story of our own. – These local artists are proud of where they’ve come from and clearly see where they are going. To be able to meet with
these inspiring artists felt like we were
discovering the beginning of something special in
Dubai’s artistic scene. (upbeat music) – When it comes to creative talent, it’s so important to create a platform and the springboard where
their work to be shown. It’s this access to opportunity and potential to realize anything that you set out to do. And I think a city like
Dubai allows you to do that. (upbeat music)

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  1. Jeez, since when did everyone become an artist?

    This is just making me feel self-conscious about my artistic abilities.

  2. Dudes: Dubai's money is sweet as hell, what about talking about slaves working to finish the required infrastructure for the World Cup?
    That's a really not-great big story…

  3. Oh look rich people talking about crap as art…..also denying basic human rights to gay, women and slave labor camps makes Dubai a facade….oil money makes everyone blind to reality

  4. Thanks for the nice video, I really have enjoyed watching it. I love the beautiful mix of cultures and accents with artistic vibes. Very cool 😄#Dubai

  5. Anyone wanna support an artist on Instagram? My account is @artis.an . If you like my work, a follow is immensely appreciated

  6. How about you combine your continuing Dubai promotion and your LGBT rights videos, and produces a video all about the oppression of LGBT people in Dubai? Or is that not part of the Great Big Story / Dubai sponsorship plan?

  7. Just waking up in the morning does not make you an artist. Talent, natural and learned, makes you an artist.

  8. Huh, it's like an ad for those with oil money: Go to these commercial galleries for all your art needs in the area. Great.

  9. I live in Dubai but why tho? This stuff always happen, it's nothing new, and the government should atleast give workers care
    In the gulf states, especially UAE and Kuwait, arabs always act like superiors than us but if it wasn't for us, expats(I am pakistani) UAE would be nothing like this that it is now,
    Yesterday, I was eating outside and a Arab family was there with 2 maids for 3 kids, 2 of kids didnt even want to eat from the maids, only from their mothers, this kind of stuff is everywhere for arabs, and then there was news that a rich Saudi idiot wanted to show off his money so he gave money to the mall owners and then shop alone with his family and with his CAR, YES, A CAR, this wont change until the government will

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