A Day in Rocky Mountain National Park w/ Colorado Martini

A Day in Rocky Mountain National Park w/ Colorado Martini

I love this place
we’re in Rocky Mountain National Park right now. a wonderful place to
bring your family today on Colorado martini living you need to count how many times I say
beautiful in this video Here is number one. it’s beautiful so it’s a beautiful day in Estes Park
Most of the tourists left last night. it just amazed us how many people
come up here for the 4th of July just to watch the fireworks
but we’re looking on to Rocky Mountain National Park it’s just above the city of Estes Park, Colorado and we’re gonna go and check it out today so once you get into Rocky
Mountain National Park make sure you look to the left and you look to the right
because you are looking for elk and bighorn sheep
there’s quite a few elk in the park it’s your best chance of finding elk
year-round but if you’re outside of the park usually the roads coming into Rocky
Mountain National Park you can see a lot of elk and especially in the fall
there’s two roads that will bring you in to Rocky Mountain National Park from
Estes Park and that’s highway 34 and highway 36
we prefer coming in 34 because we don’t have to go through the downtown area and
we go right down to the Stanley kind of up and around and we do a loop and come
out the 36 there’s other entrances into the park but those are the two big main
entrances entrance that’s on highway 34 when of your first stop should be shaped
like it’s not really a lake it’s more of a meadow after the winter rains also a
great place to find bighorn sheep they’re here at different times of the
year and if you’re here during the airs of a ranger
where they have some interpretive walks that talk about the sheep and it’s just
wonderful and it’s one of my favorite places to take it pictures and have a
picnic we we stop here and everything before we go on the rest of the park it
just a wonderful place there is no picnic tables here but we
usually just see down the back of the car because it’s just so beautiful that
it was just no matter where you sit it’s wonderful without let’s take a look at
you like during the summer months you cannot walk
out to the graphed area because it’s protected because of wildlife but in the
winter time the signs usually aren’t up and you can walk around and it’s just
beautiful and here comes mr. martini well hello mr. martini I’m mr. prairie
dog today okay now the one thing about Rocky
Mountain National Park there are no lodges here like there are in our other
national parks but there’s plenty of campgrounds another thing about Rocky
Mountain National Park there’s many visitor centers that you can stop by and
take a look at some of their beautiful displays and talk to a park ranger on
what hiking trail is best for you so when you come and enjoy the park make
sure that you stay on the trails and not trample through the meadows hint hint
and pick the wildflowers hint hint it is illegal to pick the wildflowers
remember this is the habitat for wonderful animals and you’re stopping on
their food to get around the park is there plus
system there’s bus stops and many of the major
areas so just pass sheep lake is the Fall River Road area there’s a wonderful
waterfall kind of water structure back in here the parking can be really bad in
the summertime so come early in the morning plus your pictures are the best
in the morning there’s also Fall River Road back here
it’s close to cars but you can hike it and possibly ride your mountain bike
back there so it is a beautiful area back here it’s one of our favorites and
as you can see it is absolutely beautiful so we’re at the alluvial fan in Rocky
Mountain National Park starting to rain very common here too
rain in the afternoon in the summer but where it takes one of the trail subnets
really cool so let’s go take a look so this trail we’re actually going over
the rocky section but there is a trail and is rocky you could probably take a
wheelchair but it is has a steep incline so you could get it to a certain point so as you see you can not get a
wheelchair up here or if you have issues walking
I wouldn’t recommend coming up here all the way so we’re walking up to where we
can see the waterfalls better well the trail starts getting rockier where you
can climb the rocks and go up to the waterfall so as you can see you have to
have that good hiking boots it’s not a flip-flop trail three where your
flip-flops going in the Park Lane as you can see moves in very quickly always
make sure that you have a place or some type of light rain jacket thunder
lightning can roll it very quickly so if you go hiking and you’re going out far
make sure that you’re ovulate back by noon or get on your way back by noon
because you know where to get caught in a lightning storm which is very common
here in Colorado it’s afternoon they usually start around three or four
o’clock it was blue sky about an hour ago and as you can see
they move very fast and especially their Rocky Mountain National Park so this is
the old Fall River Road and this was the original Road that took you across the
park it says road closed but that’s just two vehicles but as you can see some
people are hiking on it and you can also ride your bikes if you want I challenge
you Roger bike up that hill so it’s old folk we walk over in the Indo Valley
Snoop Dogg speed endo Valley what he calls weed oh don’t call sweet is endo
you do we such an education or in the end o Valley
we’re here to educate there you the snoop so we’re going to be ascending of
this mountain here to get to the other side of the park and that’s where the
turnoff for Trail Ridge Road which is not for the faint at heart so if you
have problems with vertigo in and we’re gonna meet up with highway 36
and then we’re gonna go down a fair lake road which is one of our favorites to go
down so let’s go take a look okay so we’ve just turned off to the road to
highway 36 and it’s a very popular area to park and go hiking and you can see
why it has a very Alpine look to it and it’s like being in the out three cone he’s doing his Big Horn now now if you do go up Trail Ridge Road the
views are spectacular its above the tree lines
science program at the highest road in America and it is absolutely beautiful
up there and there is a visitor center also so this is moraine Park this is where we
have the best luck finding a large elk herd especially in the fall they’re out
in this meadow on the south side of the road
some of my best elk pictures have been taken in this meadow so this is Marine Park that elk a lot of
times are out in this meadow there’s a creek that goes through here and it’s
just beautiful it’s a wonderful place to picnic but today there’s no elk and there is a campground further down
this road so we’re on the road going back to Cub
Lake it’s absolutely beautiful back here it’s a nice place to sit by the creek go
fishing there’s a campground back here but it’s it’s just absolutely beautiful
this is the entrance on highway 36 we find it to be a little more crowded fish
you can see why because everybody goes through the town downtown area of Estes
Park on Highway 36 so we always come in 34 and we’re going the opposite
direction of all these people so that’s our big suggestion is come in highway 34
it’s the highway that’s right next to the Stanley Hotel and then exit on
highway 36 going back to Estes Park you copy yeah that’s why work going he’s going it
going we’re smart we get up and do to park in the morning so it’s 11 right now
in the morning and you can see and it’s a holiday weekend of course so this is
what you’re in store for and there’s not a ton of parking in the park so take a
shuttle into the park you can pick them up at the Visitor Center in Estes Park
you can also pick them up at the visitor centers that are just outside the park
entrance make sure when you’re driving around that you look for elk and bighorn
sheep they’re what’s most of them abundant in this park park I see a wild
animal right now make sure to check out the links in the description they help
support this channel and thank you so much for coming by you have no idea how
much we appreciate it

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