A Brief History of German Nationalism (2004)

A Brief History of German Nationalism (2004)

and now on German nationalism at the beginning of the 19th century there was no such thing as Germany or German nationalism for who okay maybe some but not much at this point in time the territory now known as Germany was broken up into 300 small countries each with their own King making the area the Walmart for reigns royal marriage Munem for her we have conquered all these companies almond for now but now we need a 300 new puppet monarchs and plea Hummer new constitutes your Sackler why don't we just don't combines them into one country misogyny malapa unbelief ailment not in 1806 Napoleon after usually conquering the mini Germany's reorganize them into the Confederation of the Rhine thus drastically cutting down on administrative red tape this newfound country United many millions of people who only had two things in common their language and religion oh yes and they also resented their friendship presence what in 1815 Napoleon was defeated and fell from power the status quo was quickly restored and Prince Matunuck of Austria ensured that Germany was broken up once more at the Congress of Vienna but not so much as to make it easily conquerable again Leon have come please what is so efficient that's still a lot of countries but they won't contain France will be nominal confederation that sounds good ena let's go shoot some nationally so the German Confederation an Austrian puppet state of 39 countries was formed but there was one problem the Austrians hadn't counted on you see Napoleon's unification in forcing the countries to merge together only ferment in sentiments of German nationalism especially in cities with universities like Berlin for as history is shown where there are universities there are student radicals unhappy with the status quo free Germany down with Austria this powder keg finally exploded during the revolutions of 1848 when on March 15th a massive riot broke out in Berlin resulting in a constitution being promised as expected however the revolutionaries were still crushed in heaven and now back to the rest of the presentation

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  1. A big question German unification is such an important topic then too it had not been in many videos but this one is really good, helpful

  2. Why didn´t you just take the picture of the german revolution, it´s so easy to google lol XD Also you should use for the Germans some prussians with Pickelhaube not Bavarians.

  3. …suprisingly there aren't many videos on youtube that cover the historical background of german nationalism…so this was an excellent introlude on the topic…THANX!!

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