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  1. I bought one kettlebell 2 and a half years ago. Since then I've had to buy several more, because I keep getting stronger and need heavier weights. But overall, this is a cheap exercise regimen. Highly recommend.

  2. Another option for used furniture is to see if your local dump has a place where people can leave stuff and other people can get it. It's crazy how many people will throw away stuff that looks barely used.

  3. Expensive things in general i guess??
    You dont need the best of anything.
    Sure its nice but make sure the thing is ACTUALLY what you need not what you WANT.

  4. 12:36
    Life is not all about utility and "how can I get use out of this".

    Sometimes just aesthetics make all the difference in quality of life.

    If the furniture in the unused sitting room and unused dining room are vintage, you have thousands of dollars of beautiful antiques that will hold value while enriching your life.

    In 30 years you can sell them and recoup all of the price.

    Contrasted with anything bought new in 2019 that won't last 3 years.

    Realb, used, high end furniture is one way to not waste money.

  5. I buy most of my cleaning supplies from dollar tree or family dollar. Things like laundry and my personal body soaps and shampoo. I coupon for those at CVS. I always get a $3 ecb. And most of the time a $10 ecb due to what the deal is it.

  6. Damn good practical video. In last few months I have changed a lot. And one line has great impact on me which is by Tony Robbins. He said that to get happiness and success one should be resourceful, not need resources.

  7. Hello Beautiful! Love your work – been a fan for a while but just wanted to say: cute hair today! It’s a refreshing style. Cheers!

  8. 1. Gym membership
    2. Fondue pot
    3. Highly specific ingredients/foods
    4. Bloated cable package
    5. Paper storage
    6. Fancy cleaning supplies for home/body
    7. New/ perfectly matching appliances/furniture
    8. A sitting room
    9. Newest versions of phone/laptop

  9. This video has been so useful. I've beeeeeeen buying things that i don't need and you've mentioned literally all of them

  10. Not bad points, but I didn't even get through the entire thing before I realized this is geared toward people who've always had access to as much money as they could possibly want, and are simply trying to reel it in. This is not real frugality!

  11. my GOD you are really L O N G winded!!!
    stop rambling on & on and maybe you could get more than ONE person who cares

  12. I probably don’t need my cats either. After all, they are an exponential expenditure with the food, cat litter, toys, vet care, etc. But, I look at it this way. Pet ownership has saved many a coworker’s life.😆

  13. I hate sitting rooms they feel they are a need in the south. I tend to get more use out of my space from Japanese style living and when it comes to the newest gadgets I use them til I can't use them no more

  14. I actually use my blender n instant pot all the time. I actually do cook more with these items because it makes it easier!!

  15. I m a capricorn and im wire lile that already.. i agree with u 100 %.. i dont know why people are so stupid and just fall for all the consumer traps..

  16. Thank you for this video! I agree! I love to bake and I get the really expensive one. Time use ingredients but now thanks to this I will go back and use what I have and make other recipes to limit storage space and think harder next time on getting the items! So I really need them or can I sub )(for example I just made a chocolate cake worh stout for my mama for Mother’s Day but wanted to make it for my church but sub the stout since someone might be a recovering alchox and can’t have that so I did! Now I have this Dutch processed cocoa powder I need to use and espresso powder among other items I just get for one time uses!) I mainly get the fancier ones if the person is super important to me and I want to make it the best but if it is just me or just making it for no special occasion then I will substitute it!

  17. My waffle iron is one of the most useful things in my kitchen. Besides waffles, I've made omelets, hashed browns,& quesidillas in my waffle iron. If I make a pan of brownies or a batch of cookies, I might be tempted to eat the whole pan/batch, so I divide the dough/batter into individual portions, & can make one portion at a time in my waffle iron.

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