8 Reasons Trump could never get a security clearance. and how it hurts our nation daily.

8 Reasons Trump could never get a security clearance. and how it hurts our nation daily.

As a United States Sailor serving in the Nuclear
Navy I was issued a secret level security clearance. Because of that I had to have a security clearance
investigation. It was so important, that because there were
some issues somewhere in the chain, my security clearance was delayed and therefore I ended
up on light cleaning duty for 6 months before I could even begin to learn how to do my job. We constantly had regular training on how
to prevent leaking material, how to think like a foreign operative and we even had our
A-school materials given a confidential stamp even though everything we learned was public
knowledge, just to get us practice and make awareness of dealing with sensitive materials
second nature. Graduating A-school was the final test to
determine if we were ready to have access to America�s nuclear reactor secrets. For the clearance investigations, they called
around to friends, family and former co-workers to see if I was a trustworthy and honest person. They checked to see if I had any foreign ties,
or if I had bad credit or financial hardship. They checked to see if I had some dark secret
or affairs that could be used to blackmail me. And they checked to see if I had any foreign
investments or business. They also made sure I wasn�t part of a relatively
more extreme ideology. All of these things could have made me a liability
that could have nudged me to be tempted to trade secrets for cash, ideology or favors. There is another more difficult way to get
access to secret information and that is to get elected because the people decided that
you were trustworthy. For a congress person, it�s all need to
know based on what committee you are on, however your staff must also have passed security
clearances investigations. Judges are required to pass a security check
before they get confirmed to certain level of benches, however the president has a special
privilege and that being, he can make anything declassified at a whim. This means that you assume without evidence
that the president upholds his duty and follows security clearance guidelines. However this president has not done that and
has given top secret information to staff that never passed a security inquiry, appointed
and pressured clearances for staff that never could ever pass a security investigation and
leaked very secret information to foreign governments. If you have never had a security clearance,
none of this may sound all that bad, but if you have ever had access to any form of government
secrets this should alarm you daily with his behavior. Here are the 8 issues that will prevent you
from getting a security clearance and how Trump is abusing the security clearance system
that hurts Americans and the Troops on a daily basis. Special note: Foreign family ties
If you have ties to foreign countries, you will be much more heavily scrutinized in terms
of security. Just having a foreign spouse may get you passed
up for certain levels of security in that you may be compromised by it depending on
the nation as the spouse may be acting as a spy. Melania is an immigrant from Slovenia. This does not in any way mean she is a spy
for slovenia, or any other nation. So in this case he could probably pass a security
clearance for all but the most sensitive material if he were military or an elected official. #8 Digital security awareness
This is something that has become new in the past two decades. Understanding what you can and can�t do
digitally. Colin Powel set the standard for how to use
digital unsecured emails, and Condaliza rice did the same thing. Powell basically told Clinton how to set up
and use a private email server. This was done because the white house email
server was constantly getting hacked. However these servers were in the white house. Hillary ended up doing the same thing but
held them directly in her home. This showed that she was not that great at
security awareness just like many of her generation and the white house security service hadn�t
stressed and provided more secure methods of private communication. Obama had his favorite phone taken away and
had to use a highly restricted secured blackberry, and his technology screened by security experts. Trump and his family and workers now have
tons of private email servers, even after winning based on chants of lock her up. Trump also used an unsecured samsung he likes
to tweet with that he refused to give up even though it is easily hackable especially the
microphone and camera. Anyone else would have their security clearance
pulled or reviewed if they acted like this when it came to digital security but that
can�t happen to a president. As of 2018 he was still tweeting with an iphone #7 Legal entanglements
If you are being sued its not a big deal, you can probably get a security clearance. If you have multiple lawsuits against you
it may make the security agency rethink giving you one. If you have over 1000 pending lawsuits and
countersuits, especially ones involving eleged rape of an underaged girl, failing to repay
banks, failing to pay your workers and you are suing someone for calling your mother
a chimpanzee. Forget it. #6 Foreign investment
Foreign investment is an area where anyone else in Trump�s position would have gotten
turned down immediately. It�s why Jared Kushner didn�t get his
security clearance for nearly a year and a half and only after constant pressure and
many firings from Trump because of this. This is true for many other people in Trump�s
white house staff many of whom have now stepped down after corruption scandals. In the Trump Inc Podcast, Donald Trump was
seriously failing in business in the US until he started working with foreign investors. In many cases he�d just put his name on
a hotel to give it legitimacy even though those places were found to be knowingly violating
money-laundering laws. Trump has also sold properties to Russian
oligarchs in the US for ridiculously higher prices than the property is worth, a typical
money-laundering method for people trying to get their money out of their own country
such as china and russia and they will take the loss in exchange for at least moving some
of their money. This is so that if they run afoul of the dictator
and need to leave while all of their domestic assets are seized they can still flee the
country and then sell their foreign assets and live comfortably. According to many in intelligence along with
money-laundering lawyers, there is absolutely no way he could be ignorant that these are
money launderers. He has also dealt with foreign companies that
are listed as illegal to work with because they are known money launderers including
building a hotel in azerbaijan that is almost certainly a money laundering scheme for his
supposed blood enemies the Iranian revolutionary guard. Deutsche bank and Alphabank, both russian
backed banks are also under extreme scrutiny at the moment for lending him tons of money
for no real listed reasons even when he refused to pay them back for millions in earlier loans. There is no way in heck the CIA would ever
give anyone like Trump a confidential level clearance, much less a top level one and they�d
laugh at the idea of it. However the electoral college handed him one
when he was completely unfit to have it. #5 Trustworthiness
Trump lies. Yeah, yeah I know that all politicians lie. Although most fact checkers tend to show it�s
more that they accidentally have their facts wrong or use spin or sophism than actually
blatantly lying. Trump lies more than any other president in
US history and does it pathologically. He passes some lies off as a joke to see if
they float well with the crowd. If they bomb, it�s just a joke. If they do well he will repeat it no matter
how many times he is corrected. He makes up facts all of the time. Pathological liars can never pass a background
check but the American people gave one to this guy. #4 Keeps secrets
Trump is unable to control what comes out of his mouth. He�s like an impulsive child. He blurts out secrets the second he hears
them. There was a code-word secret about the location
of a source of information given to us by Israel that Trump just leaked to the Russian
Ambassador for no reason. This gave the Russian government enough info
to track down and stop the agent probably killing them. This stopped several nations from sharing
information with the US including Israel. It discouraged people from becoming agents
or informants because we wouldn�t be able to ensure their lives weren�t at risk from
internal leaks. Without this important flow of information,
our troops have been put in harm’s way much more than they ever should have because no
one trusts us. And Trump has had meetings with Putin without
anyone watching or listening on our side or even reporting that it happened until Russia
announces it. This is unprecedented, and we have no idea
what he has said. No one is there to act as a security watchdog
to give the high sign that he probably shouldn�t talk about that like most presidents have,
no one records or transcribes the conversation which would have been a complete scandal had
any other president done that before. In other words, it was really nice having
national secrets that Russia didn�t know before Trump came along. I�m all for transparency as much as possible
but if a foreign nation knows it, I want that to be because its public knowledge for the
entire nation. What I do not want is an aggressor nation
which is home to the internet research council to have exclusive classified information. The agency which attacked and breached our
election systems in all 50 states, trying to purge voters from the rolls, and cause
general mayhem while pretending to be American citizens on social media. They even sent agents to America to take pictures
of Average Americans so they couldn�t have reverse google image searches done. They also made a million dollars in profit
from the Google and Facebook click for cash system while making America dumber and less
informed. As I was writing this I had written that Trump
may have learned not to share secrets that easily over time but there is no way to know
what he is saying to heads of state in private because we have no records or transcripts. Then he posted top secret photos of an Iranian
base that we don�t even share with our closest allied nations. He apparently also gave surveillance footage
to Turkey that they used to slaughter Kurds much more efficiently. He can�t keep secrets yet gets mad at the
leaks in the white house in the early days of his presidency. #3 Extreme ideology
Hate groups are not given security clearances. End of discussion. Any ties to groups associated with violence,
even if it’s just family members can get you rejected from security clearances. There is some evidence that Trump�s Father
Fred Trump had ties to or was an active member of the KKK and was arrested for it at one
point. Donald has done a great job of dog whistling
without directly sympathizing with hate groups by constantly feigning ignorance. His parent�s ties would have made the CIA
think twice and perhaps even deny him a top clearance requiring much more scrutiny to
see if he had since left that ideology behind sufficiently. His calls for violence against protesters
at his rally mirrored the speeches of the 1920�s America first fascist movement and
the silver shirts in even using the �America first� slogan. A minority of the voters decided he was just
the right amount racist that they could agree with. #2 Following lawful orders
Following lawful orders to the letter and intent is essential to being someone with
a security clearance. They need to know you are taking the information
deadly seriously. In the navy, cryptographers have to go through
a special camp where they have to undergo simulated stress and see if they crack. If you knowingly shred documents the court
distinctly told you to save instead of carefully keeping and organizing the required documents,
that is directly disobeying a direct order. Stalling the court with false claim after
false claim and openly flouting court orders to turn in documents is what happened in the
Trump housing descrimination trial and he refused to treat the government like they
had any authority over him. If you can’t follow orders, you can�t get
a security clearance. Now he gives the orders because he was able
to dupe enough people into voting for him. #1 Infidelity and Kompromat
This is a big issue that will ensure you can�t get a security clearance and what Robert Mueller
all but verified in his hearing that that Russia had dirt on Trump. His foreign and shady investments, his top
election staff who were unregistered agents of foreign nations and his years of philandering
and cheating on his wives. With that kind of pattern of behavior, any
worry about being caught and exposed for cheating could easily make you susceptible to blackmail. Kompromat is used by nations to coerce you
into spying or doing illegal activities for them. Trump has so many skeletons in his closet
constantly being turned up there is no way to know what kind of kompromat other nations
have. His ties to Jeffrey Epstein also hasn�t
helped. So in closing, there is no way in any universe,
the US government would ever even consider giving Donald Trump and many around him a
security clearance and daily he is hurting us and our troops by having the highest clearance. As I write this our nation has less and less
secrets that dictatorial foreign nations don�t know all because we have a president who not
only couldn�t pass a security clearance but treats sensitive information like juicy
gossip he just can�t wait to spill, endangering our nation, our troops, our allies, our safety
and our democracy.

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  1. Thanks. What will it take to make the Republican base understand how dangerous Trump is to the country? It's important for the House to make a perfect case before the public so that the bulk of his followers abandon him, freeing Senators to do their duty and remove him from office. I note that most red state Primary deadlines don't close until next March so expect the Congress Reps to maintain their lockstep unless the Trump poll support collapses.

  2. Trump lied that his father was born in Germnay when he was talking to the Germans… just because. He never realizes that we just need to google fred trump to see that he lies.

  3. Is it possible that Mr. Trump isn't as bad as some people and parts of media claims he is, and that you are constantly being lied to? He does after all, according to several surveys, have support from 40 to 45 % of US population, so he must be doing something right, right? There's been efforts to remove him since before he got elected, yet he's now your President, and has been for soon 3 years. The rate things are going, he even has a good chance of being reelected next year, despite the embarrassing public display some people call impeachment. So instead of complaining about every single thing he does, how about you find a candidate worth supporting, someone who wants to do their best for the country and its constituents instead of lining the pockets of themselves, their family and friends.

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