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  1. One great thing also is treat yourself on your birthday to all the freebies avaliable. I spent a day just getting freebies including food with some coupons that last the whole week ( I ate completey free for 3 days). It allowed me to treat myself without spending any money all day. Also email companies! They will send coupons (sometimes free product ones) or samples also alot of alcohol companies will send you swag like pens, hats, cups or even t-shirts.

  2. Love the stealthy sponsored links here. “So when you do give in to your consumer urges, make sure to click the link below so I can get my piece of it.” She’s really good at it, too. By mixing the sponsorship with genuinely good ideas … even if none are particularly original … she gives a suggestion of legitimacy to her own personal cash cow. lol

  3. I love watching these videos but the advice really doesn't translate in my life. For context: I had an exam that I worked really hard for but didn't go to plan. My idea of a treat was a £0.99 cheeseburger.

  4. 800 bucks for food?? holy shit how can you spend so much money of food alone? BUT sorry i am biased, i cook a lot for me and my familie and i do also a lot of meal prep and i usually stay below 300-400 Euros and even less so this number is scary

  5. a few ways we save money.
    1.we put all loose change in a jar.
    2.we do our laundry at a laundromat .it generally costs us $6 to wash and dry a 30 pound load. yes,we have a laundry room here,but its super tiny,and the machines simply don't do the job.
    3.I always have emergency rations in the freezer for the lean times

  6. 'Some lovely leather couch put outside for trash because rich people are crazy'
    And thats how you get bedbugs kids.

  7. We need 2 car. But one is paid off. Depends on the state and distant between places. Running around with kids daily. But in Miami would could maybe do without.

  8. Loyalty cards are dangerous. Lol it's not actually a free treat yourself day if you have to spend money to even get the reward. For some people, that facilitates poor spending habits. "Oh, if I just buy this or spend that, I get this 'free' thing!"

  9. This is honestly the most useless channel I've watched. I feel like this is just for privileged middle to upper middle class people from developed countries.

  10. Cash only budget is great. But I lost so many coins and even dollar bills during the month I did that… I’m still finding coins in my laundry now.

  11. Buy gas in the hood. Always the cheapest even if it's right off the highway. I wish I lived in a main city to do some non car commuting it was one of the things I loved about places like NY and San Francisco but I'm also glad I don't have to pay extra for a parking space, haha. I live in the countryside where there is no public transportation just yet.

  12. Love the home goods tip! I love picking up furniture and painting it. You can get such a cute eclectic look!

  13. I found a huge bag of forks, butter knives, and spoons at Value Village for $1.99. Four new ones at dollar store would have cost more for the same amount!

  14. I have three "punch" versions I use to help to overspending

    1. I use rewards accounts to earn points, like punch cards
    2. I use receipt/cashback point apps like Receipt Hog, Fetch Rewards, etc. to get gift cards for places I treat myself with like Starbucks.
    3. I use cashback visa/credit cards that get me gift cards and/or cashback for treating myself.

  15. These are awesome! I am all for saving money and being smarter in managing our finances. Thank you for sharing.

  16. One suggestion with store loyalty cards – unsubscribe from their emails to prevent yourself from being tempted to shop more often than you would normally.

  17. She did say 860 in groceries and dining . I live in Vegas, just took a friend to dinner for a birthday the bill was $187 before the tip and we didn't pay for all our drinks because we know half the staff there. Snd that was one meal, So in NYC it's very possible to spend way more than $860 for 2 people

  18. I use apps like Shop Kicks and Fetch Rewards for the "free money" feeling. It's really easy to get $5 gift cards and if I save them up I can splurge on little things outside of my budget.

  19. Ameriprise car insurance offered by Costco is very affordable for full coverage ins., safeco for home. Insurance is also a great price. I had AAA and Geico prior and I really saved alot of money. AAA has a R.O.I life insurance that is great, its like a savings acct. You get coverage and you get all your premium money back at the end of the term.

  20. I really enjoy the video. However, the lock of hair sticking out on your right is so distracting.

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