7 in 10 Millennials Would Vote Socialist

7 in 10 Millennials Would Vote Socialist

okay. As many of you know, I am not a socialist.
I am a social Democrat. That probably doesn’t come as a shock to people who have been watching
this show or listening to the show for a while. Social Democrats are capitalism lists in the sense that we are not trying to overthrow
capitalism and replace it with socialism or Marxism or communism or some system in which,
uh, there’s no more private property, private businesses, et cetera. We recognize the many,
many, many failings of capitalism, but we want to fix them. And one of the reasons that
capitalism has to be fixed is that it doesn’t work for tons of people, but the interesting
thing about this is that if you want some form of capitalism to remain, you had better
damn well fix it because the longer and longer it goes without working for millions and millions
and millions of people, it makes the system more at risk of being overthrown by some other
system. This was the concept in fact of Marxism that eventually there would be this uprising
of the proletariat that would take down the bourgeoisie. Of course it has not happened
in the United States, but the worst capitalism is the more likely that that becomes. That gets us to today’s sort of news, which
is that case in point, there’s a new poll which says seven out of 10 millennials would
vote for a socialist candidate. I do wonder whether the people responding to the poll
actually know what socialism is because it seems like lots of people talk about socialism
and they don’t actually know what it is, but let’s assume for a second just for the sake
of discussion because the analysis is still an interesting one. This poll was released
yesterday. It finds 70% of millennials are either somewhat or extremely likely to vote
for a socialist political candidate. 50% of millennials have a somewhat or very unfavorable
view of capitalism which is up from last year. Overall capitalism is still viewed more favorably
than other economic systems, 61% positive, but this is a very clear trend line even if
many of these people are mixing up socialism and social democracy. The trend line is clear and this is why social
Democrats who are for better regulated social capitalism need to fix capitalism and by the
way, not that I’m in the vulture capitalist free market, laissez Faire type of camp. If
you’re a VAR, vulture capitalist and you want to keep some form of capitalism, this should
be a wake up call for you as well. This is why you need to be fixing capitalism with
the socially democratic reforms that people on the left of the democratic party have been
talking about for many years. The least damaging thing to a capitalist is to fix capitalism
or they risk some other system actually, uh, becoming something people really and truly
want. You know, when Donald Trump says during his state of the union, we will never be a
Capitol, a socialist country. Uh, he doesn’t know that. As I’ve said before, things change
in countries. They can change slowly, they can change more
quickly than sometimes we believe is possible. Uh, but the reality is that there’s no real
risk right now of the U S becoming actually socialist. You know, college tuition paid
through taxes is not socialism. A Medicare for all isn’t socialism, gun controls, not
socialism, but the right has both successfully and unsuccessfully used the term socialism
as an argument to attack these socially democratic policies. But eventually there’s going to
have to be some accounting because as capitalism, as we know, it continues to fail more and
more people and fail to provide a basic standard of living and allow these just sickening excesses
of wealth to accumulate more and more and more at the top. Millennials who see that
system is failing them. Why wouldn’t they be open to some other system? They don’t see
all of the great things that capitalism is bringing them because it’s arguably not brought
them a lot of great things. So of course they’re going to look at something
else because our version of capitalism is fundamentally broken. So if you really want
to tout the benefits of capitalism, and by this I mean some of the main tenants, right?
Private property, private business ownership, uh, taxation, which tends to be progressive
taxation. Although, you know, different people argue about how progressive it should be.
Lots of the things that we have. If you want to really make the case that it’s working,
you’ve got to make it work for more people. And that includes making sure no one drops
below a certain standard of living. That includes cutting down on the corrosive influence of
money in politics and an influence peddling. The data is increasingly clear on this. Something
will have to be done or other systems, even misunderstood systems, and this is why I said
you know, a lot of people don’t know the different, don’t realize what socialism actually is. It doesn’t matter because no matter what your
assessment is of what capitalism is and what socialism is, if people understand that the
system as it exists is not working for them, it becomes harder and harder to argue that
this is the system that we should keep

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  1. For example car insurance is democratic socialism. Getting roads, bridges, railroads and other infrastructure built is democratic socialism. Surely you capitalists would not want to drive your car on a road built by a socialist society.
    Or would you?

  2. Yup. It can be argued that after the Great Depression the New Deal saved capitalism in this country – at the time, many people tried to decry it as socialism taking over when in fact it would have been far more likely for socialism to actually take over had there been no New Deal.

  3. It's not the case the socialist or Marxists want to do away with private property. I don't know of anyone who actually believes this.

  4. American conservatives are so ignorant and delusional they call Hillary and Obama communists. LOL. They are at best Center-right in most other developed nations.
    In my country, Universal health care (of course), free college, and free daycare for all, are policies the CONSERVATIVE party fully supports. So by the US standard, our conservative government is a bunch of communists… Seriously, if an American conservative comes to my country and argues such, people will definitely think s/he has mental health issues. Seemingly only Millennials have some clue about the modern world outside the US.

  5. Historically, Social Democracy actually did want to overcome capitalism — through reforms as opposed to revolution. I think that is something to keep in mind.

  6. Perhaps it might be a good 'teaching' moment to explain that although there are many countries which have had the title 'a Socialist government' that, in fact, were not.
    As of today there isn't a single country that practices Socialism exclusively.
    There are many countries who have adapted socialist principles to better the lives of its citizens, the United States being one of these.
    As to date Socialism has been considered to be anything that isn't Capitalism but in the country that claims to be the bastion of Democracy, because of it's Capitalism, it appears to refuse to acknowledge that other social concepts have been included/adapted into their capitalistic system.
    The sooner that the entire population of America is made aware that such is the case then maybe, just maybe, a large majority of the citizen population will be better at determining the bullshit spewed by electoral candidates who rely on the ignorance of their electorate to be elected or re-elected.

  7. Well, I would vote for a socialist too, but only if I were sure that the country wouldn't become a socialist country. The only reason why I'd do that is because a socialist would fight for the people, maybe he could put in place important socialist policies.
    But I would vote for a conservative before suporting a socialist system.

  8. I know it sounds terrible, but I'm kind of looking forward to when the baby boomers die off. They have a phobia of socialism and they're in the way.

  9. Scary how willing people are to give up their freedoms so the government can run their lives, especially when we see what’s happened to so many other nations that did the same.

  10. I was born dyring world war 2 in the UK after the war was over the country had to be rebuilt, and the Labour party, which is a socialist government nationalised the Railway bought in the National Health Service, nationalized the main service industries like gas, wate and electricity and a mass house building programe so that every soldier and every person in the UK would have a house to live in.
    Since then the Capitalists took over and put everything except the NHS into private ownership, now poeple cannot afford gas, electricity, train fares and all the housing stock has been sold off. Give me socialism any time, by socialism I dont mean Communism as many Americans dont know the difference between socialism and communism, now they are going after the National Health Service.
    Communism is a political system, Socialism is an economic system, Capilitsm is t benefit the wealthy,

  11. I know what socialism is and I would totally vote for a socialist. That doesn't mean that I want the country to transition to a socialist state but a socialist candidate would be more apt to put forward socialistic programs and laws that would need to fit within our capitalistic system. Just because you elect a communist to congress, doesn't mean that we would suddenly be a communist state, it simply means that that politician is more apt to propose further left programs than other politicians.

  12. One trend that doesn't seem to be changing is that the older the demographic cohort is, the more they vote. Millennials are now in their mid 20's through late 30's. I'd also be curious about Zoomers since they are now the youngest voting bloc.

  13. in all actual honesty it really materially doesn't matter what people call it Socialism, Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, for most people Anything would be better than capitalism we really need to stop quibbling about the name and just move to the left by any means necessary. the only thing we actually need to worry about is authoritarian leftism TANKIES OUT!

  14. Because I am a social democrat, I might vote for a socialist in a hypothetical situation because we have common short term goals, such as implementing universal healthcare.

  15. The 1% own the majority of the big "Free" press
    The 1% own the country's healthcare
    The 1% own the military and send them to war for oil/gas and weapons
    The 1% own BOTH Establishment Democrats and Republicans
    The 1% have the Judiciary
    The 1% own 97% of all company stocks
    The 1% own all major media – TV, Radio, Paper and IoT
    The 1% will own education (under Betsy Devos)
    The 1% stifle Climate change action

    If there is no NECESSARY revolutionary change done by a united people to remove the 1%'s grip on government and country, thing only get worse with a rigged Economic and political system for them.

    We must FIGHT to get Bernie Sanders as the Presidential nominee.

    WORD OF MOUTH to inform the un-informed to bypass Corporate media.
    I pester my co-workers who don't know anything and informed them of the Progressive policies championed by Bernie Sanders.
    I do not have any elderly family members who are un-informed or against Medicare for all, affordable housing etc…but if there was I would explain to them the benefits of such policies.

  16. The 1%'s money and grip on government and country is the cancer of society.

    Only a united people can cut out the tumor.

  17. Irrelevant how many millennials would vote socialism. They to lazy to show up to vote. When I go to the polls it's all old people waiting in line.

  18. Really don’t know what socialism is? What are you twelve? The system is not working for them despite providing the greatest standard of living in history? Sounds like a lot of whining. This is not a truly capitalist country as is evidenced by what is spent on welfare, disability, Medicare, food stamps and so on. We are a democratic socialist nation, and have been for some time now. maybe not so much like Norway but well underway. This is a capitalist/socialist mash up that could possibly improve by maybe having free Medicare for all but barring that, I don’t see how trying to adopt a system that works for the majority of the population now would make things any better. Oh wait no one will work and everyone can do art? Haha. A world of artists. I heard that one before. Swift change like that Could in fact destabilize the entire system that could lead to bigger problems, dude. We live pretty damn good in this country. At least everyone, I know, complains but lives relatively free and happy. Have their kids in good schools. Have insurance and businesses. Life is good. I travel quite a bit and France or Norway hasn’t got much on us, if anything at all. You want a social democracy. You got one kid. Just appreciate it and you will see the fruits multiply. Good night.

  19. IMO one clear way to define the relationship between democracy, socialism and capitalism would be to democratically define a fixed wealth curve enforced with tax laws that adjust rates to pull down the amount of wealth you can possess.
    * FLAT would be extreme, almost the claim of communism regardless of practice. I don't think any democracy would vote for that.
    * I don't think any democracy wants a spiralling wealth inequality either.

    At an individual level a fixed curve barely restricts freedom of what you can do as a capitalist at all.. you are just moving on a curve that looks pretty linear at a particular wealth level.. but it means spiralling wealth inequality is simply not a thing, and rich people compete with other rich people, not to find new ways to engage in class terrorism against the poor in order to enrich themselves further.

  20. I'm Norwegian. And we are NOT socialists.

    Socialism is seen as terribly dangerous here in Norway and most people see socialists as traitors.

  21. I just saw a poll that said 50% of generation Z thought approved of the job Trump was doing as president— I hope that was wrong.

  22. @ 1911 – – I don't personally get to choose, nor do you – – time will tell, and I'm sure we'll be comparing notes in November…

  23. I really like this channel but honestly it spams my sub box and makes me want to unsub and just check back once in a while

  24. I'm surprised Bernie didn't switch to the label of social Democrat. Somehow it seems more palatable to the general public.

  25. You cannot plan an economy without an authoritarianism overlay it just doesn’t work it never works it never has and it never will. Norway embraces laissez faire capitalism they just have a generous well fare System. They are commitment to free trade. these countries do not have minimum wage laws and their banking system is largely in private hands. The cracks in the system are starting to show though. Sweden rapidly stagnated as a result of the socialist interventions and the work culture among the youth rapidly deteriorated, particularly in Norway. if Norway had no oil it would be Venezuela they are all rolling back nationalised industries and selling them off and have been doing so since the 90s

  26. Spot on David. Even Tucker Carlson understood this in an interview with Ben Shapiro.

    "If you wake up one morning and find yourself in a society where 23 year olds with 4 year college degrees and initiative can't make enough to buy a car, much less a home, much less get married, much less have children, then why should you be surprised when half of them say they prefer socialism?"

  27. A combination of capitalism with socialism would be the best way forward. Government run services like, healthcare, social care, social security, roads, utilities, etc should be publicly run. Anything else is run by private companies, food, clothes, holidays, white goods etc.

  28. In Europe social democracy is part of every countries society core (except for Luxembourg).
    We had it for 50 years 😏🇩🇰.
    Seems to be working fine

  29. Feudalism "didn't work for the majority of people" and it lasted for ~600 years.

    I think "not working for the majority of people" isn't the factor in system change.

  30. Medicare for all is socialist. It’s the government (the people) controlling an industry (healthcare). Public school is the government controlling an industry (education). There’s nothing wrong with certain industries being socialized, but call it what it is.

  31. May be we just think in term of "capitalism" and "socialism" anymore.
    The same way "the left" and "the right" don't means anything anymore in France.
    We should find new terms and forget those both equally bad ideologies.

  32. I think that millenials are a lot wiser in the ways of the world, due to social media. They see how things work in other countries and may think its time for a change. This is the first election that the tech savvy kids born after 2000 can vote in and it should be interesting

  33. The problem is that capitalism has failed millennials. It has only favoured boomers. House prices are further inflated above the average income. Houses that used to be inherited by the previous generations are now sold to equity release firms to fund boomers retirements. Boomers are going to get a shock in retirement when they realise people don't want to work in low paid care jobs while the execs are extracting all the profits for themselves.

  34. It's very important that the message and distinction between social democracy and socialism. I'm glad you are addressing this because it is time for all progresssives that want Bernie to win, and that means Bernie himself too, to state the clear differences and fight back on this idea that we are for a socialist system. Because we are not. In my opinion the best way to describe this is to say we want a more fair and balanced democratic system with a strong social safety net and basic human rights covered by this system. Putting limits and regulations on capitalism is a good thing. That's the only way corruption is going to be defeated.

  35. In Italy there was a party called the Socialist Party, which was the center-left party. Socialism is not Communism, David. It isn’t radical, it doesn’t want to overthrow Capitalism completely. And I’m not talking about Social Democracy, I’m talking about Democratic Socialism(Jeremy Corbin for example)

  36. Yeah all these millennials walking around with their $800-$1000 cell phones, restaurants, gas stations, super markets filled with food and goods on every other corner, access to Amazon at their fingertips which will deliver practically anything they could want in 1-2 days……Capitalism has really failed them…..I mean come the F on people. Is our current system perfect? No. Is there corruption? Yes. However, the vast vast vast majority of people living in America have it better than most everyone else in the world. More people have been lifted out of poverty with Capitalism across the world in just the last few decades than any other economic system has ever done in any time period. It blows my mind that someone would spit on the system currently giving them their luxury(compared to a lot of others in the world) lifestyle and want to change it to system that produces food shortages, rationing and has failed many many times it has been tried across the world. Insanity

  37. David you absolument need to visit Québec. We are the most soc-dem of the provinces. Electricity is nationalized. Alcool commerce is nationalized. Women are the most engaged in the work force with the 5$ a day daycare. Car accident injuries insurance is nationalized. We have a generational fund to make sure we leave money to the Ys, the Zs, etc. And of course pot is legal and the money made from it is used to help all addictions ORGS. University cost are low (4000 a year) And of course universal healthcare. We would never go back. Thx 😃

  38. People who don't own cars still pay towards the roads
    People who don't have kids still pay towards the schools
    People whose house has never been on fire still pay the fire department
    People who have never been in a car accident still pay for insurance every month
    People who don't like or watch sports still pay for the stadiums that are built all over the United States
    97% of FEMA funds that are spent by Republican cities are collected in democratic cities
    Social Security and Medicare are the biggest socialism programs on the planet where we look out for each other and we have a safety net for the extremely poor because a rising tide lifts all boats
    America was literally built on Democratic socialism and 85% of it runs to this day
    Capitalism is just a Ponzi scheme with golden parachutes and quid pro quo kickbacks years down the road with a revolving door between government and corporations all while screaming too-big-to-fail on one hand and yelling at companies for price gouging on the other hand…

  39. Definitely need to fix our broken America. That's for certain. If only we could do it without such hyper-partisanship and toxicity…

  40. Have you ever explained exactly why you aren't a socialist?
    What is it about capitalism itself that you want to keep, but reform?

  41. So basically the "echo-Boomers" want what the "Boomers" have and want the Federal Government to use force to take it?
    That's basically the tantrum happening in America and it's immoral. It's why I'll never vote for a Socialist, especially Democratic Socialist.

  42. Mild economic reforms are smeared as Socialism by the right wing and also by centrist Democrats so I think what people are really saying is that they want "free at the point of service" healthcare and college. People want better wages and a guarantee of basic human rights such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education. It's not either or Capitalism vs Socialism, it's a sliding scale and it's off balance right now.

  43. 7 out of 10 Socialist are lazy fucks. The other 3 are just part time workers.

    In all seriousness Socialism would destroy a country that's already a trillion dollars in debt. Dumb and envious people think business owners and CEO of profitable companies who sacrificed everything to get to the top should pay the bills of those at the bottom. Sad part about it is that it's you weak retards that are triggered by things like "clapping" and "Trump winning" and "men aren't women" are suppose to be future of this country when your generation doesn't even want to do hardly any work for it? I can't wait till this country goes back to the normal "say anything, do anything" mentality that we use to be. Not this cowardly, selfish, steal-from-the-rich, communist-socialist, hippie shit.

  44. I think it's reasonable to infer that the 7 in 10 millennials who would vote socialist are just as much of a social democrat as you are, they just don't know what social democracy is, the general public don't understand these labels, they think universal health care is socialism; that's the type of stuff they are advocating for.

  45. because it's not actual socialism, and the so-called 'free market' is anything but that and has been proven to be nothing but anti consumer all of this time.

  46. The lack of economic understanding of free markets, the astronomical amount of envy for the world's producers, innovators, and scientists… It all makes me incredibly happy that I'm over 50. I pray for a peaceful reunion with my maker before the Communists take over!

  47. @Orange – – and she didn't then, and wouldn't now, have had a chance in Hades – – guaranteeing MORE Republican conservative judgeships – – as has happened – – people need to think this through and get their heads screwed on…

  48. American could never be socialist, capitalism is so engrained there is just no way it could ever happen. Social policy however has shown wide acceptance w/in capitalism.

  49. If it is participant in bourgeois electoral politics as its primary function, it isn't socialist.
    If it isn't revolutionary, then it's social democracy; and categorizing social democracy as a form of socialism is erroneous.
    Social democracy is Liberalism- i.e. capitalism.
    "Democratic socialism" is Liberalism that appropriates some socialist language while corrupting the revolutionary principles, theory and Practice of Scientific Socialism; seeking reforms and concessions within the already existing capitalist framework and stripping itself of any revolutionary potential.
    In other words, voting for DSA candidates is not building socialism.
    If it isn't dialectical & historical materialism; if it isn't Marxism;
    then it isn't socialism.
    Firefighters, the police, the military, government subsidies, reforms & regulations, welfare, and bourgoise politicians- and the elections they run in- are NOT socialism.
    Socialism is not a static state of affairs;
    Socialism is a process by which we achieve communism.
    It is the lower phase of communism.
    All of that being said, I hope americans study scientific socialism, i hope they study history outside of the bourgoise, capitalist lense, stop listening to & believing
    corporate, state media, & biased, bourgoise historians, i hope they study real existing socialist states, their achievements, their material/historical conditions, and their suffering at the hand of (particularly U.S.) imperialism.
    I hope americans figure out what socialism and communism truly are, and i hope they see that our choice for the future of humanity is a simple, yet grim one:

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