60 Days In: Bonus – Tastes Like Freedom (Season 5, Episode 10) | A&E

60 Days In: Bonus – Tastes Like Freedom (Season 5, Episode 10) | A&E

71 thoughts on “60 Days In: Bonus – Tastes Like Freedom (Season 5, Episode 10) | A&E

  1. David let his personal feelings affect the program and he will never understand it he did nothing wrong in his eyes 😒

  2. I bet Vivian killed that pizza in less than 10 minutes. In fact, I bet she can kill an entire bakery in 10 minutes.

  3. Yes, it does feel like freedom after completing the season. I’m glad they all got out of the pods. It was the most intense moment I’ve ever seen in this season of the show.😄👍🏻😅

  4. My opinion: This is the least productive season so far.
    No body learned anything that wasn’t already obvious.
    Abner: I’m the enforcer!

  5. Vivian is my favorite character on this show. She was part of the reason why I watched this season 😋💕

  6. U might have a good time when u come out of 60 days but there has to be guilt in you cuz u know u had to build a relationship with some of those people in jail and now it’s kinda like u ratted them out or just betrayed them..

  7. Man…you'd think they would have taught her some personal hygiene or how to perform it in basic training. She's got that dirty girl look,constantly, like she needs a shower or just got out of bed. And was PT something that was skipped during basic as well, looking like a trash bag full of cottage cheese.

  8. She doesnt know how bad that pizza is for youre lyphatucs system when thats stagnant youll get fungus in the glands bless her

  9. They act like they just did years!!🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😂
    I wonder how much they get paid for each episode??🤔
    Does anybody know??

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