29 thoughts on “60 Days In | 7 People Volunteer to Go to Jail

  1. So true if you treat people like animals they're going to act like animals. That's for the outside too.

  2. Bunch of morons volunteering for this really someone has to be a lowlife to volunteer to do time.

  3. Can’t we all just get along lmao nope divide and conquer everyone is fighting the wrong people end the criminal banking family’s

  4. That fat fuck abner mr chicano went and slapped ikaika a young 18 year old kid u fat fuck abner,should have left the fat fuck in there so he could do his time for assault and neraly inciting a riot

  5. America now turning there prison nation into a TV show for the world to laugh at….. I wouldn't expect any less than dirty yanks to do something like this.

  6. So you collect pills to smoke or melt them in with jolly ranchers to suck on..??
    Why not just TAKE the pills?
    Smoking clearly would draw unwanted attention.
    And melting candy and sucking on them is a waste of time.
    That shit isnt true.

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