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  1. 6 warning signs, 5 appeared on the job I’m currently work at.. but still scared to quit because I’m need that paycheck .

  2. 6:19 why I’m leaving my current job and my first job because they overworked me and would stalk my social media even on my days off because they wanted to have a family environment but it was toxic!

  3. You're video pretty much hit every single point about my job. Have thought of all those things and my job has consumed my mind. Terrible place.

  4. Thank you very much for this, the thoughts, ideas and evaluation of one self is re-iterated through your knowledge.

  5. find a good job, and do well at it. sometimes you may want to lock the job. and realize its not for you! see if its time to find a new one.
    1. – you find it difficult and unmotivated, yes not everyday is same.
    find something within to to do well.
    2. – you aren't sure what you are judged on. not knowing what its specificallty. this should help you advance and get better!
    you might be judged on a quota and get a performance review!

    when you do what you are asked and get a low reivew and their was no reason, maybe employer wants to keep you in same place or has bias. not good! red flag.
    3. – it effects your health or personal life. some jobs maybe intense and its overtime. good employer realizes that time is isolated and compensated. an emplyer might say take a few days off. if you are always in burn out mode it can make you suffer, an employer who doesn't respect that isn't good.
    many writers had to quite magazines to the point it could take over there lives.
    says this is common in glamor and competitive places.
    4. – unhealthy boundaries with co workers!
    small companies have toxic and collugues should e best friends, make it your life. key sings like mandatory social time, lack of hr, drugs and personal questions.
    boss is a power dynamic and lawsuits.
    a best friend should know you have to quit for the best!
    5 – no more learning and evolving.
    not learning a new skill at the job in many months or a year. a big red flag!
    its bad for your resumes.
    answer why you are essential.
    6 – job is not what you signed up for!
    we are in a eco where ppl are overqualified and underpayed!
    college grads felt rather deceived with what they ended up doing.
    i am expected to do one job, but end up doing 3.

    its easier to get new 9-5 job, one learned graphic design another tutored in a langauge.
    a true professional knows when to leave a job. dont lose years on your life.

  6. Omg, everything u des curbed about working at a small company was on point! I worked at one for 22 yr's until recently and I was so miserable due to pple there just not respecting boundaries and bring very childish and not wanting to not be all up in my budibess which I made very clear was just going to E told to family and friends and no one else. I had no friends there and did not trust mots if the pple there or even like them. Too bad u hadn't left in my own but I do not miss tgat daycare ctr if an office for any reason!

  7. I have just made the very hard decision of leaving my job and this video reminded me that I DEFINITELY made the right decision. Thank you for this. I love you all at TFD!

  8. when i first started my job at, i would come in before start (8-5p business time) and stay late some days. I figured that then the employer was gonna be cool with me coming and leaving whenever I felt as long as the work was done. However, my boss kept noting me leaving early only and never the time I did stay. So thus I now only come during work hours.

  9. Me: I am ready to leave.
    Granny: Hey, I have work for you this time and you cannot leave. (All the time)
    Me: T.T

  10. I don't actually dislike my job. But I want a better opportunity and I know what to do. It's just that I don't have time to concentrate. My current job restricts me a lot both time wise and energy wise. Is it a good enough reason to quit?

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