6 Places You Have to See Before You Die! | YouTube Nation | Saturday

6 Places You Have to See Before You Die! | YouTube Nation | Saturday

going to watch videos about the most amazing
places in the world. CARLY: Ahh! JACOB SOBOROFF: So the highest
road in the world it turns out, do you know where it is? CARLY: I don’t. JACOB SOBOROFF: It’s in India. CARLY: OK. OK. JACOB SOBOROFF: And of course,
if you’re going to go there, what else should you
bring but a GoPro camera? This is Alex Chacon. Alex Chacon is a biomedical
sciences student. Jaipur is where they started. They went to the highest
road in the world, which is called Khardung La. CARLY: So this is actually
for a larger project called The Modern Motorcycle
Diaries, and he raises money for this organization
called Children of Uganda. ALEX CHACON: Sometimes it
takes removing yourself from everything that makes
you comfortable to make you realize how big
the world really is. CARLY: I think the biggest thing
that this video has definitely taught me is to push yourself
outside of your comfort zone, because that’s one of the
great things [INAUDIBLE]. JACOB SOBOROFF: And to me,
it’s taught me to always wear a helmet while
riding motorcycle. CARLY: The best life lesson. ALEX: Carly? CARLY: Yes, Alex. ALEX: Would you like to take a
trip through Cambodia with me? CARLY: Only if it’s a
journey, a spiritual journey. JACOB SOBOROFF: Welcome
to Angkor, Cambodia. You may surprised,
Carly, but this is Google Maps letting you
walk through the temple. They did this so people like me
who don’t have a lot of money can go run through the temples. CARLY: And so you can
start adding things to your bucket list
of places you really want to travel to
before you die. ALEX: Or if you’re
like me, you could just take it off your bucket
list, because you’ve been. It feels like it,
at least to me. CARLY: It was that visual? ALEX: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro. FEMALE SPEAKER:
Always wanted to go. ALEX: Well, now
you don’t have to. This is Red Bull’s
amazing wing suit video. They’re proximity flyers. Their only goal is to
just go near things. Oh man, this statue is crazy. It stands at 98 feet tall. It’s only 98 feet. Hold on. They need to get closer
now, because it’s not as large as I thought it was. So now it’s an even
scarier video to me. If you want to risk your life,
I think jump out of a plane. I’m living my life through this. That’s actually real sad
now that I think about it. FEMALE SPEAKER:
I’m going to Rio. CARLY: Well, Jacob, I finally
have a use for those 9,000 tomatoes that you
over-bought last month. JACOB SOBOROFF: I’m sorry that. CARLY: This is the
world’s largest food fight that happens every
year in Bunol. JACOB SOBOROFF: I’ve heard
about this, in Spain. CARLY: Yes, there are
over 18,000 people who travel from
all over the world. The crazy thing is that town
only has 9,000 residents. JACOB SOBOROFF: So do people
just sleep– oh, whoa! CARLY: This actually started as
just a random local food fight and just has grown and
grown over the years. JACOB SOBOROFF: I am
being totally serious. There’s a greased pole
in the center of town. And before the
festival begins, it’s a tradition for people to climb
to the top of the greased pole to reach, guess
what’s at the top? CARLY: A sheep. JACOB SOBOROFF: Close. A ham. CARLY: Oh my god, a ham? JACOB SOBOROFF: A ham. CARLY: Jacob, I
have to tell you. I love ham so much. JACOB SOBOROFF: I love ham too. HoneyBaked Ham, or no? CARLY: Yes, all hams. JACOB SOBOROFF: Oh, I
love HoneyBaked Ham. FEMALE SPEAKER: Get ready
to see the door to hell. ALEX: All right. FEMALE SPEAKER: In 1971,
geologists accidentally found an underground cavern
filled with natural gas. In order to avoid the
poisonous gas seeping out, they decided to burn it. They hoped the fire would
go out in a couple of days, but it’s been
burning ever since. They thought, we’ll
just burn it up. In a couple days, it will
all be taken care of. ALEX: You’re sure
these were scientists? This is ridiculous. This shouldn’t exist. FEMALE SPEAKER:
It’s a big fire pit. ALEX: We should put
a big thing over it and just put it out, like
you snuff candles out. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah. ALEX: I could be a scientist. FEMALE SPEAKER: Hey scientists,
get to work on a big snuffer. ALEX: Guys, get one of those. We could helicopter it in. We’re good. JACOB SOBOROFF: Grand finale. Holi festival. This photographer went
to India to photograph this annual festival. It happens at the end of
February or early March, when there’s a full moon. It is one of the most beautiful
things that I’ve ever seen. CARLY: It looks amazing. So pretty much the Holi
festival is a celebration that commemorates the
triumph of good over evil. JACOB SOBOROFF: People rob
gulal and a beer on each others’ faces, and they
cheer up by saying, “bura na mano, Holi hai,”
which roughly translates into, “Don’t feel offended. It’s Holi.” Angela, bura na mano, Holi hai. ANGELA: What? JACOB SOBOROFF: Exactly. CARLY: We’ve done it. We’ve traveled the world. We are exhausted. So we need to go. JACOB SOBOROFF: In like
four and a half minutes. That was quick. Don’t forget. Tell us in the comments where
you want to go before you die. If you don’t die before we
do the next one of these, maybe we’ll include
some of yours. CARLY: And you should
check out the playlist of all of the video that we
have right in 30 seconds. JACOB SOBOROFF: But first,
play us out, World Order. CARLY: Yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING – WORLD ORDER,

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  1. Wow, look at that, all of them are white males in their 30's who don't know how to shave, shocking, they're the ones who will buy a prius and say look at me, I'm saving the world, look at me, I planted a vegetable garden, I'm saving my neighborhood. They're the reason why rents on a one bedroom go for $1,500 a month, they make almost six figures, their girlfriends make 75% of that, their receptionists, janitors, cafeteria workers make 8 bucks an hour, and most of them aren't even from this area, they move to this area, right next to the airport, and than complain about the planes, they move next to the train station and complain about the trains, they move next to a farm and complain about the smell, and because they make so much money, we change the flight paths for the planes, we change the schedule for the trains, and we shut down the smelly farm that has been in the family for decades. And speaking of smelly, I remember a time when people actually got dressed up to go to work, when did that change?

    Well, I've been to the Garden of Eden, Where the fuck have you been?

  2. the place I want to see before I die is Japan for it's sunset, tunnel of wisterias and many other things that make it beautiful

  3. The pope is the anti Christ
    his jesuits control the new world order
    the Illuminati
    The plan is to force all humanity to worship the pope that's satans dream come true
    the lord Jesus warned us

  4. There are two places that a Catholic should hope to see just before he dies.  The Confessional and the Sacred Host he is about to see.

  5. It's amazing to live and see so many that will believe an Obama , a Muslim that says he is a Christian , and so many that don't believe in God. ( Why isn't Obama a Christian , Mr . Bones ?  Because you cannot be a Christian and say you are in favor of Abortion )    Well if Obama is all you have, then you might as well end it all now.  Suicide is only a Sin and a straight trip into Hell if you are a Catholic.  If you don't believe in God, you don't believe in Satan or in Hell , so why put up with the agony of this Life on Earth.  And this Life is but a twinkle. You begin to die the moment you are born. And the Graveyards are full of the Young . Especially when we take their lives with Abortions or snuff them out with drones.  If this is all you have , this life to look forward to, I pity you .

  6. This is just my opinion.
    The greatest ones are the glasses (any of them though Meta looks a bit ahead in tech and oriented to professionals, while Atheer/Google look more oriented to everyday use – why Atheer uses a keyboard instead of voice?) and the gesture detection (Leap motion) – of which Meta and Atheer make use.
    Then the rings (Ring/FIN) are good while we wait for better gesture detection. The Eye Tracker is interesting but it is difficult to control the eyesight (eg. one can easily be distracted and look to another place, or just blink). Wearable gadgets are not new – they just add more features, and the Panono Camera is nice but I don't like the idea of watching everyone from above (moving the tablet to watch the picture is actually quite engaging – I tested by shooting a movie around me and then watching while replicating the movement).
    The Oculus is cool for gamers but I prefer enhanced reality to VR. And the hover movie is fake, though in some (many?) years it may be available – the problem is that there are no "anti-gravity" devices so far, because the gravity force (as opposed to electromagnetic forces that can attract or reject) is always attractive.

  7. before any of u die go to Palestine and see how they are treated by the Israeli military. How abusive Israel is to Palestine

  8. Wow, neat concept for a video – totally ruined by YouTube Nation.  Sorry, but the hosts come off as insincere, fake, and douchey.  YouTube, please get out of the business of creating content.

  9. There's an almost abandoned town in Kentucky that has been burning underground for over 100 years!

  10. So many places I wish I could go see. My top few have to be Egypt, Japan, and the crystal palace. For obvious I will never get to go to some of them unless something happens to change that in my lifetime.

  11. South Korea for sure. 😀 I would also like to visit parts of Europe. Russia would be cool and Brazil seems like a blast!

  12. I have been to Rio and seen that statute of Jesus and it's mind blowing!!!!! But theat guy should shut his pie hole and let us enjoy it./

  13. I would want to go in space. iss or maybe get to be the first people that will walk on mars. iss is more realistic

  14. go to Detroit for the legendary run down the east side with your wallet out
    if you make it you are a Detroit-er

  15. I want to skydive with a wing suit near the Statue of Liberty. Not like 2 feet way like 12 feet away

  16. My wife said for our anniversary she wanted to go somewhere she'd never been before. I took her to the kitchen.

  17. I don't get it.  If I watch this video then I've already seen the places.  Would I then be ready to die?  My suggestion to you then is to not watch the video!!

  18. i want to see the exclusion zone in russia around chernoybil and when japans is done id like to go there too

  19. For the Spanish food fight, I would love to be jumping around with wet women in modest clothing, and be "pushed" onto them in all the craziness…

  20. i would like to make a buckit list to go to manny places like new york to see the statue of liberty

  21. Holi is pronounced like Holy, not like Holly, and the rest of it, I am just not going to touch, but, yeah. Cool video though. 

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