9 thoughts on “5 Tips to Write Great Proposals – Funds for NGOs

  1. Its effective side for help poor people who are live in under poverty in development country's.I am glad to download that easily share this side and hopefully to work together with vulnerable community in my arena. Thanks

  2. Thank u for funds for ngos very useful information our Target people for development of lively hood& advies ,we are try to following ——– " I N D I A", NGO , AP

  3. Warm Greetings from Tanzania I`m an evangelistic pastor my vision is to travel to many lands to help people who are needy,poor,widows,venerable child`s and elders assist them to know god first and place a good word in their hands after all help them phyisically to make them change their lives from poverty and make them live like others peacefully. apart from all people of best integrity are a best choice to keep donations so safe in safe hands.I also have a vision to build churches worldwide so that people should have a place for worship. Therefore i need strong support fr my dreams.
    Rev.Alex Brown oneday-Tumbi-Tabora-Tanzania.

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  5. Am a Small missionary from India.I have a great vision for Church planting & Children care .So Please share me.

  6. please am a younger Christian missionary from Africa Uganda with a great vision of saving people's life by constructing a better hospital and a church we have a small NGOs looking for funds here in the US any help will appreciated.

  7. Wonderful tips. I took many notes on what you said beyond the slides. I really appreciated the budgeting comments since I am not sure what to charge or if I can get paid.

  8. Any one willing to help some charitable hospitals to buy some equipments. Pls mail us at [email protected]

    Need some medical equipments/funding to buy for the charitable hospitals in India.

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