5 Things I Love About Vietnam 🇻🇳 Hanoi Travel

5 Things I Love About Vietnam 🇻🇳 Hanoi Travel

In today’s video, I’m gonna tell you
the five things I love about Vietnam! What is going on YouTube? I’m actually
not in Hanoi Vietnam anymore, I’m in Chiang Mai Thailand. I just got here a
couple days ago and I’m really missing Hanoi. So I figured I’d make a
video talking about the five things that I love about Hanoi. These five
things are in no particular order it’s just five things that I really loved
about living in Vietnam the first thing I really loved is that there are no
coins I absolutely hate coins and I love that Vietnam has ditched them and so all
they have is paper currency so it’s much easier to carry all you need is the
bills that are in your wallet you don’t have a pocketful of change weighing you
down and every place I have traveled with I have left with like all kinds of
change cuz you just take it out of your pocket you don’t put it back in when you
go out and then you never end up spinning it so I’m just really glad that
annoy doesn’t have change it’s one of the great things I love about it I know
it’s kind of simple but I just absolutely love it okay so it’s starting
to rain on me out here but I’m gonna try to power through and get this list done
hopefully there aren’t like droplets on the screen but if there are I pause in
advance so the second thing I love about Vietnam is how cheap it is a nomad or an
expat can live comfortably in Vietnam for between eight hundred and fifteen
hundred dollars a month you can find an apartment for three to five hundred
dollars a month you can eat a meal a gourmet meal for under five dollars you
can get a coffee for under a buck a beer for under a buck it’s just really cheap
and now it’s actually starting to really come down on me okay so the next thing
on my list is the coffee the coffee in Vietnam is like the best coffee I’ve had
in the world it’s like strong and flavorful and it
comes in so many different varieties you have egg coffee which is like a whipped
egg with coffee it’s really good really common here you definitely should try it
out what I really like and what the
Vietnamese are famous for is their drip coffee which i think is inspired by the
French and it’s just really strong and they add condensed milk so you’ll get a
little bit of sweetness but you’ll have that strong bold deep coffee
another coffee you can get in Vietnam that I really like it’s called coconut
coffee so basically what they do is they blend coconut milk and they’re really
strong drip coffee and it’s just really flavorful they’ll usually throw some
condensed milk in there that sweetens it up this is really yummy it’s great it’s
refreshing the coffee is just to die for here here in Vietnam you definitely need
to try it okay just a really quick break while the rain has let up if you’re
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okay so the rains coming down kind of like crazy now but I’m still gonna try
to get through this list so the next item on the list is pretty obvious it’s
the food here in Vietnam it’s not super super spicy but don’t be confused it’s
still very very flavorful Vietnam is really a food culture there are tiny
mom-and-pop restaurants everywhere so just find one and go in there and ask
the person what their specialty is or what their favorite dish they make is
and order that nine times out of 10 you’re gonna have a new favorite dish so
just pull up one of those little bitty chairs they have there that are made for
like children and just have them bring you something I guarantee you it’s gonna
be good so if you have any favorite Vietnamese
dishes please comment below and share it with everybody okay so finally the rain
starting to lit up I’m soaking wet but I finally made it to the last thing that I
really love about Vietnam and that’s the people the Vietnamese people couldn’t
have been more welcoming or wonderful they’re so friendly and inviting they
want to share their culture their food their way of life it was just an amazing
experience Vietnam is definitely a country I’m going to return to soon I
spent most of my time in the North in Hanoi and how long and I’d like to
explore the central and southern regions of Vietnam so yeah those are the five
things that I really love Vietnam if you have something that you
love about Vietnam that I didn’t share please comment below thanks for watching you

14 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Vietnam 🇻🇳 Hanoi Travel

  1. My daughters best friend recently moved to Vietnam and my daughter is planning a trip for Feb 2020….when I lived in The Netherlands in the late 60’s my parents had friends from VN who taught my mother dish I’ve never forgotten Nasi Goreng (I’m sure I bother the spelling) but it is a noodle dish that is to die for! I love your videos (I’m a sub😊) and being a military brat I love the title of your feed! Happy travels!!

  2. That's why they all look healthy, young and in good spirits. Don't have that much stress, good food (McDonalds #1 there) lol. Not like American people, were we are stressed, over work etc lol

  3. My favorite Vietnamese dish is Bun Bo Nam Bo – a beef noodle dish that is like half salad and half soup. So delicious!

  4. NOPE!
    Food of course is super delicious. Lots of vegetables & less deep fry. 👍I do not know but I always stop in Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan & China whenever I go to PH. & never occurred to me to visit Vietnam. This country is rich in history !!!

  5. Hey awesome channel you have 😍 just subbed 😉 if you want take a look to my chanell as well 🙃 good luck in the future 👍🏻

  6. Thanks for making and editing this video. We have a Vietnamese section in my city and I go there for their food. I like it better than Chinese food because it is so flavorful. I've passed on the coffee but now I will try it.

  7. I definitely enjoy these videos but I think some cons to contrast the pros would be valuable. Kinda feels like only getting the rosy side of the story. Regardless keep it up, these are great

  8. Diffiniately their history. It is rich. The french,the chinese, the mongols, the americans got defeated by them. Big respect.

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