41 thoughts on “5 Minute Finance Lesson: Financial Statement Basics

  1. a lady infront of a wrinkled bedsheet that looks like a potato sack. Audio sounds like she's ONLY talking into my left ear.

  2. May the creator bless you with health and wealth for making this very usefull and easy to understand video on financial statments. Thank you so very much.

  3. Years ago in my accounting class, teacher handed assignment, I cheated, now here I am watching this video…….😑🤔

  4. We want to use this video for a college course at Santa Rosa Junior College. Would you please grant us permission to caption the video so it has punctuation and clear sentences? If you turn on Community Contributions in YouTube, we could add the better captions to these videos. Alternatively, we can send you a corrected caption file that you can upload in YouTube. One more option is to use a site such as Amara.org that will embed the video and give us an interface to overlay the video with the better caption file.

    All of these options leave the control in your hands. If you take down the video, it will no longer appear in the course, we will just be embedding from YouTube, not downloading the video.

  5. too fast .. cannot keep up , feels like you 're reading the statements not tutoring us .. thanks for the video though

  6. On the income statement, can sales discount and sales return and allowances reduce revenue?
    for example,

    Revenues from sales:
    sales $10,000
    Less: 500 (sales discount)
    100 (sales return & allowances)

  7. omg. how beautiful your voice is . love it
    Thanks tutor for explaining the thing in which i was stucked.

  8. I think it is a helpful video. My only recommendation would be to add a line on the cash flow investing section which would be purchase of PPE (instead of sale) since a growing business is more likely to be expanding and spending money on CapEx versus selling assets.

  9. Hi Cate, Can you tell me why at 3min 22, we see in the statement of cash flows that an increase in receivable means less money ( 2000 $). If it is receivable, shouldn't be +2000 ? thanks

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