4 Steps To Financial Freedom In 5 Years

4 Steps To Financial Freedom In 5 Years

How do you achieve financial freedom
quickly? Man, I get asked this question probably more than anything else on my
blogs and my email responses. when people are tweeting. All this stuff. People want
to know, “How do you do it quickly? How do you get to that state of financial
freedom?” For those of you that don’t know, my name is Kris Krohn and I am your co
creator of financial freedom. I retired by the time I was 26 years old. I’m a
best-selling author. And today, I’m going to be breaking down 4 steps of what
you can do in the next 5 years to win back your freedom. This seems like one of
the hardest and most difficult things to do. But I want you to understand that
once you crack the code on it, you’re done. Because you can repeat it over and
over and over again. The life that you want to live, manifesting this this life
of abundance and financial freedom and and really what I call having it all.
Having it all is this idea that why not have that beautiful strong, fit,
abled, healthy body? Why not have this relationship with yourself and others in
the rest of the world where you’re deeply connected and you’ve got this
beautiful relationship with them? Why not have a life of abundance where… Listen,
whether you want to be the world’s biggest giver on the planet or whether
you have dreams that are going to take lots of money or you want to put people on
them on the moon. The reality is that you can have it all. All you got to do is
crack the code on one thing that works. Do you understand how cool that is?
You’re so much closer than you even know. And in this video, I’m going to be sharing
with you the key 4 things for you to do that are going to help you win that life.
But before I share them, I want you to understand something. The only reason why
I have them versus not is because I got off my arse, I got up, I stood up and I
said, “I need to make this happen because no one can do this for me.” Fortunately, I
started with great books but then I got mentors and people that supported me in
my journey. And for you, I may be that support that you need to help you rise
up and seize it all. Okay, the first thing that you’re going to need is a wealth
system. Now, I want you to understand something about wealth system. I need you
to understand that there’s a lot of ways to make money out there but you’ve got
to find the one that takes the least time, the least effort, the least risk
that creates the most value for others and makes the most money. If you can find
something that meets those 5 criteria, then guess what? You’ve landed the system
that you just repeat over and over and over again until it’s built up the cash
flow that you want to live life on your terms. Now, as far as system goes, the
system that I leverage that I wrote about in my book, The Straight Path To
Real Estate Wealth. Years ago that I’m still using today. It’s a very simple
system where I leverage real estate investing, I basically buy homes at a
discount in the best markets, with the highest ROI, the best cash flows, the best
growth. And I have a team that does it all for me. Because in the end, I don’t
want to be the landlord that has to do that nor mess it up. And I don’t want to
be the realtor that’s licensed that’s digging it up. And I don’t want to be the
loan officer. I’ve done some of these things before. And one of the things I
learned that is worth writing down is that if you want something done right,
don’t do it at all. And don’t do it yourself. That’s what the experts are
there for. When Henry Ford built his automotive company, today he’s still
credited for saying that the only reason why he’s able to do what he did it’s not
because he was an engineer. He didn’t know how a car worked. What he did is he
knew that the secret was to surround himself with the smartest and brightest
people instead of assuming himself to be that person. Because out the gate, you’re
going to be small. You don’t have any experience, you don’t know what you’re
doing. You got to surround yourself with a winning team that does. Now, my system
was really simple. Buy real estate and do a deal where you could make 50 to
100 thousand dollars on a home. And I was making 50 to 100 thousand dollars on the home. So, for me to
become a millionaire, let’s just say I was making 50,000 a home, how many homes
do you need to become a millionaire? 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000… 20! You
buy 20 homes, you make 50,000 in each one of them, guess what?
You make a million dollars. What if you say that you want to have 5
million dollars and you want a residual income of $400,000 a year. Maybe you want
to have a $35,000 month residual income, great! Then there’s a number of homes for
you to buy. The reality is guys, it’s a system.
You just learn it and you do it. I mean it’s to the point where I even just walk
people through the system. I’ll teach them if they want to know. I’ll just give
it to everyone else. And if you click the link in the description below, I’ll share
with you what that looks like. Okay, step number 2. You need to build a track
record. And a track record means that you need your first 2, 3, 4 or 5
homes to be home runs. My students that I work with, when I get them started on
their first few homes, the most important thing is not the money they’re going to
make on those homes. I need them to be home runs and to know how they made
those home runs happen. Because more important than the money they’re making
on those homes is their track record. Here’s why track record is so important.
It’s because you can sell a track record rather than selling a property. The idea
is infinitely worth so much more than whatever gains you’ll ever make on that
home. For example, when I got in the game of real estate, everyone thought I was
crazy. My wife was supportive but even she
probably thought I was a little bit crazy. She thought I was really putting
myself out there on the edge. I knew that my in-laws thought I was crazy. My family
thought I was crazy. My siblings thought I was crazy. My friend said I was crazy.
And you know what? It took some courage to step out and act and it was because
of the pain in my life that said, “I can’t keep going on the way that I am because
my telemarketing job is never going to get me where I want to go. My college degrees
as I evaluate them are never going to allow me to live anything other than
mediocrity and some level of average life.” And I just I didn’t want average to
be a part of my destiny. So, when I bought my first house, I was alone. And I took me
14 months to figure out how to do it. But then because a system emerged, I did it a
second time. I did it a third time. And by the time us get ready to do it
the fourth time, my father-in-law, not my greatest supporter financially at that
time with this whole real estate thing, spoke up and said, “Kris, what are you
doing?” And I showed him my track record on 3 homes and because of that
record, guess what? He decided that he would put up the money for the fourth
deal. Which was awesome because I actually didn’t have the money and I was
totally stressing. Because that deal made money, my father-in-law made 100% on his money. He decided to do it again and again and again and again and
again. And then I learned about step 3. If I have a track record where
someone will get involved with me, then the third thing that you learned how to
do is you duplicate it faster by getting multiple partners. In
other words open up more doors. Open up more outlets. So, my father-in-law, even
though he and I would go in to buy 50 homes, guess what I was doing in the
meantime with with many other people? We were going to buy 5-10 homes. We were
going to buy 20 homes, we were going to buy 50 homes. And now, I commanded all of this
wealth and all of this real estate. Because number one, it started with
having a wealth system. Just one thing that works. And then number 2 doing it
enough to get the track record. The hardest part of all. And then number
3 duplicating it, going a lot faster by having partners. And the fourth step
is then just repeating it. Friends, those 4 steps are what have brought me to
where I am out today. And I’m telling you I’m on my journey to becoming
billionaire. And if you’re a subscriber, don’t just sit back and watch my journey.
Don’t do this whole idea, “Let’s watch Kris do it.” Do it with me. We can
do it together. If you actually click the link in the description below, I’m going to
share with you how you can access my entire system that made me my first 25
properties building in my first six-figure residual income. Today, that is
an extraordinarily tiny miniscule amount of money. But guess what?
It’s something I could duplicate over and over and over again. So, if you’re
watching this video and you’re thinking to yourself, “Kris, but what if I have
really big goals and dreams? What if I want to make 5,000 a month? 50,000 a month, a million a month? Do I believe that you can do that? Friends, I
have first-hand knowledge. I know that you can. You got to start with the first
step, though you need a wealth system. So, go find one. And if you don’t have one or
don’t know where you can, then go to the description below where you
can find one. My team will have conversation with you. Share with you
what it looks like and we can get you started on building that track record
that is the inception in the beginning of having it all.

16 thoughts on “4 Steps To Financial Freedom In 5 Years

  1. Kris nice video, I'm 17 years old and I want to became successful and I'm willing to do what ever it takes, but I have a small problem, I'm from Greece and we have an economic crisis, what I must do?

  2. Hi kris, I am only 14 but I want to be really successful in life and I think this is the path I want to go. But I thought real estate was you help people buy homes and go with them to show the place, when you talk though you say you buy home and then sell them I am really confuse on what it actually is. I would really appreciate if you can do a video on what exactly is it between those 2,
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Kris. I’m a 15 year old high school student who plans on doing real estate! What can I do now to learn as much as possible about the real estate business besides watching your daily videos?

  4. Hey Kris, My name is Finian, and I'm 18 years old. I will be graduating high school this spring, and will be attending Wesleyan University in the fall to study environmental science. I've been a huge fan of your videos and am currently reading your book Limitless right now! I wanted you to know that I have taken a lot of what you preach to heart. I have been saving for years, and recently just bought my first mutual funds! I also applied for and got my first ever credit card!! I have the goal of reaching financial freedom too, and I just wanted to thank you for being one of the major people in my life to help me get started. –Finn

  5. Kris would it be smarter to offer 10k or 20k more on a 6 condo building and then that would make it to were I would definitely get the property cause it’s not on the market and it last sold for 60k

  6. People think I’m crazy and it’s kinda making me mad cause I know I can do it. But thanks to you I’m starting to not feel crazy about it.

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