2 thoughts on “4. American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

  1. (WE INTERRUPT THIS EMAIL TO BRING YOU THIS SPECIAL NEWS BULLITIN!) Today in Bagdad Taliban insurgencies attacked the American embassy with an arsenal of deluxe dildo's and vibrators. 237 American soldiers have fatally turned gay. Spy operatives in Bagdad report feelings of gayness between Taliban and American forces. Illegal touching and tongue wagging has been reported and several arrest were made in an attempt to avert homo erotic treason between the churches.

  2. It's weird and implicitly racist to talk about states and nations while neglecting the general wellbeing of the people within them, and to talk about power politics from a non-compassionate viewpoint. (drones are more effective than Obama) (it's too bad both Iraq and Kuwait can't both lose the war) I'm under the impression that we're a global community and murdering our brothers and sisters overseas or economically sanctioning them so we can feel a boost of ego, self importance, and power/wealth is generally bad.

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