3 years of Modi Government Analysis | Exposed by Dhruv Rathee

3 years of Modi Government Analysis | Exposed by Dhruv Rathee

Hello Friends ! Modi Government is about to complete 3 years. I am making this video to know what they have done, what changes have occurred, what improved has been done in these 3 years And you also come to know about it. This paid and venal media will only show you useless surveys which will be based on their feelings. But I will talk only facts and data in this video. I will analyse 16 different areas. And I will rate their performance on the scale of 5 points. And then we will calculate the average of all 16 areas and ratings will be given on the scale of 5 points. If you disagree with any rating, and you feel I have rated it wrong It should be different according to you You can tell me in the comments. Let’s Begin Let’s start with job creation and job growth rate. In 2013, Narendra Modi Ji promised in his rally that If you vote BJP, then he will give us 1 crore jobs. But situation is so tough today that the job growth rate in the past 8 years has been the worst You can see in this graph What job creations has been there in 8 different sectors. 10 lakh jobs were created in 2009 Only 1 lakh jobs were created in 2015 It was only 2 lakh in 2016 Additionally, the news coming from IT sector about job cuts, it is going to cause more problems. Experts predict that every year, for next 3 years, there will be 2 lakhs job lost every year. 2 lakh job weren’t even created as you saw in the graph of 2016 The job growth rate can even go in negatives. There are many more problems to come. From this, we come to know that, whatever the scheme government implemented, For employment generation and skill development, has been a complete fail. You can see the GDP growth rate in this chart. How GDP growth rate was in NDA, UPA I, UPA II and Modi Government. There is a commotion that GDP growth rate has become the best in India But it is less than congress if you compare it with them. Modi government is alleged to fudge GDP growth rate They have changed the formula. You can see in this graph at what point they changed the formula. Talking about taxes, there is growth of 25% Indirect tax collection . and 12% in direct tax collection. But at the same time, a lot of new taxes, swachh bharat cess, krishi kalyan cess, i.e. cesses have been increased. The introduction of GST will witness improvement. Which is a good thing to happen. But, the thing which is not good is that BJP opposed Congress and blocked GST bill. There is almost no action taken on black money. And negligible amount of black money was actually returned. Although it was promised to bring back black money in 100 days. Demonetization only happened to return a little amount of money. But the amount of money spent on demonetization was more than that. I have explained this very well in this video, you can watch this. Talking about Naxalism and Terrorism in Kashmir, It was a very poor performance by Government in controlling them. Demonetization was a lie to us. It was said that it would end both of these completely. Leave ending it completely aside In fact, April 2017, For our Soldiers, our security forces, has been the second most deadliest month from 2010 till present. Our 48 soldiers have been martyred by naxals. There are worse conditions in Kashmir too There was voting in Srinagar recently, only 1% people voted It is obvious, people have lost trust in India and it’s democracy. And government is doing nothing to mend it. In fact They are making a divide between nationalists and anti-nationalists, forcefully! It is increasing problems. Problems which can be solved by talks and discussions, are not solved by proper method. Just declare everyone as anti-national, and this has led to only increase in problems. Comparing rural electrification rate, you can clearly see the comparison in this chart among Congress, UPA I, UPA II and Modi government Piyush Goyal blabbers a lot about it on Twitter A lot of records have been broken by Modi government But if you compare it with actual data, Yes, it was better than UPA II, but UPA I was better in electrification. Most of their claims to electrify villages, they have been proven wrong. Many media channels exposed this. that some of the villages which have been electrified on paper have not been actually electrified. Government has the target to electrify all villages before May 1, 2018 So let’s hope that it not only happens on paper, but actually electrifies all villages. Comparing highway building rate, Modi govt.’s performance has been slightly better than Congress. Highways have been made with an average of 16 kilometers per day under Modi govt. Between 2012 and 2013, under Congress, this rate was 15 kilometers per day. And 11 kilometers per day between 2013 and 2014 But here, needlessly, we are told lies. Highway Minister, Nitin Gadkari posted on twitter that the rate was 2 kms per day at the time of congress. Don’t know why they had to lie. To exaggerate their achievements . The work in Energy sector is going very well, In fact, I would say, in all of the sectors, govt is doing it’s best work on energy. There was an LED bulb scheme called Ujala scheme in which 18 Crore LED bulbs were distributed. Government has a target to distribute 77 Crore LED bulbs till 2019 As of December 2016, 18 Crore bulbs were distributed which saved 20,000 megawatt electricity. Last month, India has become power surplus nation. Which means we produce more electricity than what what we consume. This doesn’t mean lights won’t go off, There will be reduced powercuts Because all those grid losses and transfer losses can be the reason too! But at the time of generation, we are generating more electricity than what we require. So, India can afford electricity export. A huge target has been set up for renewable energy in climate meet in Paris Target is for 170 Gigawatts by 2022 Which is a good target. Solar and wind will be focused now. Talking about corruption, top level corruption is not visible Or we can say, never revealed in front of us or never investigated. Arun Jaitley was charged with DDCA corruption case. But they were not allowed to investigate properly. But complaints on lower level corruption has increased. 67% more complaints have been filed. According to report by Central Vigilance Commission And many bills have been passed to make corruption easy. For example, Finance bill, I have explained well in this video. How corruption has become easy due to it,. How corruption has been legalized. Supreme court has scolded Modi government on why they are not taking action on Janlokpal bill Government has no interest in taking action. In fact, The janlokpal bill passed by Delhi Government, is kept blocked by Modi Government. Swachh Bharat was inaugurated with a lot of pump and show, A lot of money was invested in it. Swachh Bharat cess was introduced upon us. And Swachh Bharat logo was put up on new 500 and 2000 currency notes. But how much was it effective? You can decide the best. Look around your locality and neighborhood. How much improvement you could see. A huge amount of money was spent on advertisement. 100 Crores Rupees were spent in the first year of swachh bharat. And the important things, which were to be addressed,for example waste treatment, their funding was cut. All of the garbage produced in India, only 19% of garbage is treated. It is obvious that waste treatment should have been given more funds and more plants should have been built. But it’s funding was cut to 46% Ganga cleaning was one of the biggest promise by Modi Government. First they promise to clean it up till 2017, then 2019 and now 2020 This will go on like this. But from year 2014 to 2016, in these two years, 3000 Crore were spent on Ganga cleaning. And the result It is worse than than before now. You can call this a scam. 3000 crore were spent and Ganga was deteriorated. Conditions are worst in safety of citizens. Looking at recent times, the days in Congress were much better. If you’re walking on road and someone suspected you for eating beef. Gau raksha members will beat you and even kill you. If you’re hanging out with your girlfriend holding her hand in a park, or even your sister And they suspect you roaming with a girl, Then Bajrang Dal members and Hindu Sena members will start beating you. If you do not stand on National Anthem in cinema hall, any blind-follower present there will start beating you. The reason for this chaos is due to fake patriotism spread by the government. due to fake nationalism spread in the whole country, due to their blind followers. They think themselves above the police and police also isn’t able to do anything. Because government sponsored terrorism is being spread in the country. Women safety is equally detoriorated. Every year, from 2013 till present, 1000 crore are donated to Nirbhaya fund. And not a single penny has been spent anywhere. And after getting collected, it 3000 crore now, and it is not being spent anywhere. No action is taken. Rape cess is also going in the same direction. A complete separate video can be made on foreign policy. In short, Foreign policy of India has been the worst. India and Nepal were Long term strategic diplomatic partners from long time. But previous year, Nepal did it’s first military drill with china. Russia and India also had a good diplomacy, but Russia did it’s first military drill with Pakistan. India had to face embarrassment with Mongolia. And we have worsen are relations with Myanmar too. Bangladesh is the only country with positive relations. Railways are experiencing a good performance. Suresh Prabhu has tried many new things. New trains are manufactured with screens. A modern look has been given to railways. Many different things are tried to be improved. But railway fairs are all time high nowadays. And many accidents have occurred in recent years. Talking about Airlines, Lot of chaos was made about Air India Air India made profits last year for the first time. Don’t know who spread this fake news. It was a lie. Air India has made a loss of 6000 crore in last 3 years. But from next year, it is expected that Air India will make profits Cashless economy was a hot topic at the time of demonetization. But if you look at graphs, at the time of demonetization, digital transactions were very high, But as soon as ATMs were filled with cash in 3-4 months, the digital transactions fell to what they were before dmonetization. There was no difference made in cashless India. Aadhar card is also a hot topic, Aadhar card is made compulsory everywhere. Although it has many security loopholes. In total, 10-11 have been leaked. And according to latest leaks, 13 Crore adhaar numbers have been leaked. And in some leaks, if you just google search someone’s name, you can get their phone number, home address Their complete bio data, you can google it. Even after this, Government always denied the security loopholes of Aadhar card. Their details cannot be leaked, they are unhackable . We were consistently lied. Taking the average, we come to 1.6 out of 5 marks. This was the report card of performance of Modi Government in 3 years. Again, I would like to say, if you are not satisfied with any number of ratings, ratings should have been different. Tell me in the comments, with facts. Share this video as much as possible. Because, after 2 days, from 26th May, Modi Government will start it’s celebration for completing it’s 3 years In which they will spend thousands of crore rupees. They will spread their lies from their propaganda channels. Conduct fake surveys from their paid media. To tell people that they are doing an amazing work. So share this video as much as possible. You can click here to subscribe to me for more factual and logical videos. We will meet next time, Thank You

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  1. English subtitles are now up, sorry for the delay 🙂 Also, just google the headlines of clippings I'm showing on screen, they're the sources

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  14. Hi! Dhruv i am binge watching your videos from few days. No doubt you are a powerful impressive speaker. Your facts and data is turning the people's opinions. But your fact presentation confused me and lead me in ambiguity.
    No doubt you are using standard resources for those data.
    (I haven't voted yet . I am not a supporter of any party. But as an Indian , Student , I am also a observer of my country. )
    What is my observation and experience of our country before and after 2014 are as follows:
    1. Activity status of India: Things were in constant and deteriorating phase before 2014. For many years even in my state technology, lifestyle were not improving. After 2014 whole country rejuvenates and from technology , Facilities to quality of lifestyle starts improving.

    2. Road projects : Under construction Roads, Flyovers were impossible to complete at that time.
    But today Every month a new road , flyover is inaugurated.
    3. Digitalisation: The cost of 2g and 3g internet is too heavy , that all of today's famous youtubers of india would never be able to earn from youtube. Even i think you even would not have 10 k subscribers.
    Many upcoming Youtubers would not even dream of this profession.
    Many app- based blooming startup of India would not be able to flourish. ( Online mobile games , Entertainment apps , Inshorts, and many more)
    The comfort we are having today by watching great videos like your one's , Netflix, Amazon prime video, Jio cinema, Zee5, hotstar etc. and most importantly great online uncountable courses to every corner to india while lying in our bed would not be possible.
    Online piracy is reduced to a great level today. Even i don't remember the last time i need to download pirated movies as online platforms giving us too much Entertainment within very nominal prices.
    4. Digital Payment: Today in my college (situated in hills) rarely any student and faculty, workers uses Cash for any payment . We all uses digital platforms Gpay , Phone pay etc , Paytm . Even it is a wonderful user experience first time in my life that one can earn money after sending money, paying bills , buying devices, clothes( via scratch cards , cash back, even sometimes assured cashback)
    Even before 2014 , majority of people doesn't know what digitalisation is.
    But today's rate of Digitalisation in India is at peak.
    5. Clean India: Before 2014 at least in my state a clean state is only in dream back then. Trash was everywhere. Govt wasn't even able to install Dustbins. But today each road consist dustbins, Waste disposal car comes to every street.
    6. Status in World: Yoga , a great indian true way of living (*which in my opinion is the universal solution of all problems of humankind and world*) was not that popular. But today world face india towards Yoga and celebrates Yoga Day.
    Before 2014 i have rarely seen world praising Indians .But today India is so much popular all over the world , even Rate of great successes by Indians are increased at a great pace. Even you are one of them. 1M+ subscribers.Congrats.👍🏼

    7. Electrification: I don't know about the factual data but power cutting is almost stopped in my locality and wherever i used to travel in country.

    8.Corruption: Before 2014 india was very famous for corruption. Even every people think of corruption as a very great way to earn more money . But today people are taking corruption very negatively not a pride.
    9. Jobs and Education: Inaugaration of new rails , Airport , Bridges , Colleges , Hospitals , every month and opening of new startups, software ,app based etc every day definitely create and provide jobs .
    🙇 Too long to write , but it's just a vomit after watching your great videos. Loved your videos but can't sto p myself to write as i think you are not showing bright side of India after 2014.
    Because your factual data contradict my experiences. I have really seen the neccessary change in India, which was really deserved by India after many decades of Pessimism.
    Today psychology of Indian is changed , (which is very important as nor any government neither a single person can change India but only great character and psychology of every indian can do this) For ex back then youth used to focus on govt job by hook or crook , but today startup ,sports , following passion is main trend in youth. Etc……..

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    Thank you

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  28. I have an question for you brother
    In the upcoming and present years modi government are launching different schemes which have very little usage but in reality is to beat their opposition in election not for public welfare ..
    So as a citizen of India how we could stop this ?

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